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3D Reality Tracking in Realtime - Team Hendy-Sigit


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Combining image processing techniques like human detection and motion tracking with 2D-to-3D reconstruction from camera positions, the system can track human and objects for realtime and offline analysis, such as advanced security or construction project monitoring.

Published in: Technology
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3D Reality Tracking in Realtime - Team Hendy-Sigit

  1. 1. 3D Reality Tracking in Realtime HENDY IRAWAN, SIGIT ARI WIJANARKO TMDG 9 STEI ITB
  2. 2. Human Detection
  3. 3. 3D Objects Recognition
  4. 4. Movement Tracking
  5. 5. 3D Trajectory Reconstruction
  6. 6. Multiple Cameras
  7. 7. Camera as IoT Controllable Devices
  8. 8. Use Cases  Smart Healthy Home  Customer Behavior-Optimized Marketing  Smart Security: 3D Behavior Tracking  Smart City: 3D Vehicle Tracking  Construction Project Productivity Tracking  Experimental Furniture Relayout
  9. 9. Smart Healthy Home  Auto turn on/off AC based on who is inside  Auto regulate AC temperature based on customer preferences  Combine with weather detection  Remind user to drink water  Remind user to walk  Daily activity plots to aid doctors to diagnose habits  Never lose your purse, keys, or wallet  iPad/Android app to set preferences
  10. 10. Customer Behavior-Optimized Marketing  Know which positions work and which don’t  Offline analysis of marketing campaigns and location-based advertising  Theft behavior analysis and prediction
  11. 11. Smart Security: 3D Behavior Tracking  Realtime crime risk analysis  Theft behavior analysis and prediction  Replayable crime scene investigation  3D motion history archive for backwards-in-time observation and analysis
  12. 12. Smart City: 3D Vehicle Tracking  City transportation infrastructure planning  Route planning and intelligent re- routing  Avoid traffic jams  Help police chase criminals  Help crime investigators track criminal offenders arrival and escape route  Can be combined with RFID plates for more detailed tracking
  13. 13. Construction Project Productivity Tracking  Track vehicles/resources and labor movement in a construction  Monitor time to perform work for all resources  Analyze Productivity Index  Automated resource scheduling based on work timing  May include traffic congestion calculation
  14. 14. Experimental Furniture Relayout  Architects and interior designers can refurnish homes more easily  Furniture companies can better understand current and potential customers’ needs  Customers can play and experiment with their homes interactively