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Our daily life, by Fanny and Dina (France)


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Our daily life, by Fanny and Dina (France)

  1. 1. The Story of Our Daily LifeLet’s speak about our daily life!Fanny and Dina are the directors of this PowerPoint!
  2. 2. Between 7 and 8 amAt this time, it’s time to eat!This is an idea of a basic breakfast in France. Some pupils surely take one like this one in the morning to have much energy for the day and to be happy but its very varied according to teenagers.It’s surely one of the most estimated moment of the day.
  3. 3. Between 10 and 11 amThis place is the place in front of our high school, its where we go when its the break.We can go there in the morning, lunch break and in the afternoon. We have a courtyard too, but we prefer going to this place because we feel freer during the breaks and moreover, we can go everywhere in the town!We love very much these moments!
  4. 4. Between 12 and 1 pmThis place is the cafeteria where all the students who have school dinners eat.We can eat from 11:30 am to 12:30 am or from 12:30 am to 1:25 pm, it depends on our timetable.We can have breakfast too at 10:30 am.The food is tasty but its possible that sometimes, its very disgusting! Often we love go to our cafeteria because we have very hungry!
  5. 5. Between 2 and 3 pmThis place is one of our classrooms where we work.As we are only 18, it’s a very big classroom for us but at least, we can sit where we want and we love it!Sometimes, it smells bad in this classroom, we don’t know why but we think it’s because of other classes… but we have a lot of fun!
  6. 6. Between 2 and 3 pmSometimes, we don’t have class during this hours and we like to go in our library during this time to read books, work on our homework or simply to relax.These books are from our library but nobody reads them because all the students find it boring, even us!
  7. 7. Between 5 and 6 pmThis desk is THE table where every student works on their homework.We spend much time to work on it as we wish to have a good mark and we hate when it’s time to begin our work because we know that we’ll spend much time before we can relax, but fortunatly, our desks are not made only just for working and we can do some of activities that we love to do like listen to music, draw or surf on the Internet!
  8. 8. Between 8 and 9 pmThis object is probably one of objects that all teenager love very much: the TV! It’s an essential object for us because we need to watch TV especially when we come back to the high school to relax of the day.
  9. 9. BonusThe computer is an object essential in the life of everyone!!we can go at computer only when we have free time because we are very busy because of the school but it‘s better than nothing, right? Moreover we have the week end for that.