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A day in a teacher’s life


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A day in a teacher’s life

  1. 1. A day in ateacher’s lifeC.R.A. Río Aragón(Spain)
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Fernando. I workas a Primary teacher inBerdun’s SchoolI live in Jaca, a tinycity placed 32kmfrom Berdún. I thinkit’s interesting toshow you my liferoutines during aschool day…So let’s start!!!
  3. 3. Time to have breakfast and getready for a teaching day08:15
  4. 4. I wait until Ibon picks me up. We try to practice “carsharing” when there is a coincidence of routes. Ibon isgoing to Salvatierra, and he passes through Berdun.9:15Most of the times wespend the traveltalking aboutComenius!
  5. 5. 10:00It’s when childrenarrive at school.They are alwaysvery happy andthey start the classtalking about theirexperiences fromprevious day orfuture eventsGoodmorningteacher!Uh!, thisbag isgettingheavier
  6. 6. 12:00 Now it’s time to have a rest inthe playground until 12:30They have a snack and play while I cantalk with the rest of the teachers andcoordinate all the school’s issues.It uses to be a good time tohave a sunbath but today itisn’t the day!
  7. 7. 12:30 Religionspecialist enters in myclass. It’s when I can godownstairs to teachEnglish for 3, 4 and 5years. Time for playing!!!Ugh!, thatmuppetreally scaresme!!
  8. 8. 13:30Children finish their morning lessons and its time for having lunch.Some of them go to their houses and the rest go to a private housewhere two women from the village cook the food everyday.Government only pays the menu for children who come from anothervillage where there’s no school. They also have free time until 15:00.I always eat what I cooked theday before. After lunch, I havetime to prepare classes oractivities.Hey!, don’t thinknaughtily!, no siestaafter lunch….
  9. 9. From 15:00to 16:00From 16:00to 17:00It’s time for science. Theylove it because they firstlisten the lessons and theyuse to work in any projectrelated to scienceOn Tuesdays and Thursdays Isend my pupils with Luis for artsclass and I bring his pupils to myclass for English lessons.
  10. 10. See youtomorrow!!Too muchhomework…17:00 And that’s all!. Pupils comeback to their houses or stayat school for post-schoolactivitiesI wait until Ibon picks me up andwe come back to Jaca.I hope you get an idea about how a normalteaching day is. There are people who thinkteaching is always the same, but it isn’t!,Each day is a differentadventure!