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Our daily life by Lisa and Gwen


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Our daily life by Lisa and Gwen

  1. 1. Th e s to r y o f o u r d a ily liv e s By Lisa & Gwen.
  2. 2. At 7 a.m.• Lisa has to use many cosmetics, espacially for her big hair ! Gwen prefers having a shower in the morning, it is the moment after waking up.• Lisa : I am verry in a hurry because I am always late !!! And I am tired too ...• Gwen : I’m sleepy and exhausted at this moment of the day ...• We dont like this moment because we juste woke up and we have to go to school for 8 hours of lessons ! We’re not very happy ! (Joke)• During the week, we have to wake up at 7 am instead of 11 during the weekend !!
  3. 3. At 8 a.m. • At 8 am, we have to take the bus to go to school ! It is so annoying to wait for the bus, especially when it is late ! Fortunately, we have the music ! Particularely Damien Saez (a french singer who we looooove !) It is a disgusting moment because we have to stay the bus in the coooooold ! More over, there is a lot of people in the bus! At this moment, we are ... Indifferent !
  4. 4. At 10 a.m.• Now it’s morning break ! We’re relieved !! We can see our friends who are in differents classes, we can talk with them, especially to tell gossip. During 10 minutes, we’re satisfied and blissful. We can also take a breakfast at the canteen. We chose this photo because at every break, we go to the playground, and there are many of our friends.
  5. 5. At 12 a.m • It’s lunch time ! Every day we eat with our friends. We are always starving !!!! Sometimes, we eat out of the cafeteria, and we go buy something at the bakery, at the pizzeria, or in the little supermarket (when the weather is nice, to do a picnic ;D ) We can eat at 11.30 am or at 12.30 am, it depends of our timetable. Lunch time is a joyful moment, we’re waiting for it every morning !! ^^
  6. 6. At 2 p.m.• At 2 pm, we have to come back in class. This moment is difficult because we are in total digestion and we really want to go to sleep ! But we can’t, we are here • We take a lot of notes ! Sometimes, we’re in the computer room for exemple… To do the e-twinning project !• During the weekend, at this time, we are out with our friends, often to go shopping !
  7. 7. At 6 p.m. After the school, we directly go to do sports.Gwen: I’m full of energy ! I go to the gymnasium to doTwirling Baton, which is a mix of gymnastic, dance, andbaton manipulation. I have training on tuesdays andthursdays during 3 or 4 hours, and sometimes during theweekend. Lisa : When I go to dance Hip Hop, on wednesdays, I’m really happy because I looove Hip Hop (Ok, sometimes I’m a little bit tired because my training lasts 1.30 hours, until 8.30 p.m.)
  8. 8. At 9 p.m. • After the dinner, we use the laptop to go on social network and MSN (Discution Online). We can speak again and again, and again with our friends !  We can look some movies or videos. We have sometimes some homeworks on internet (in English, we have to create a blog). We listen to music too. It’s the better moment of the day, because we are relax, and after, there is somebody who call us …. Our bed !
  9. 9. Thank you !• We hope you had a good reading, and we hope you learned some little things about our daily lives ! Talk you soon !! By Lisa & Gwen