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Robin, Matthieu, Nastasia tell you about their daily lives


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Robin, Matthieu, Nastasia tell you about their daily lives

  1. 1. At 7:am, I start my day by getting back to sleep,waking up late, taking a quick shower and leavingto school. Thats not the best part of the day, I hate being forced to leave in a hurry. At least Im well awaked after that.
  2. 2. • At 10:am Im in class, debating with my classmate about important theories such as "How many nuggets can we put between two slices of bread". After the end of the 10:am class weve got a break, this break is one of the best moment of the day. I usually talk to friends I dont see much, Its a relaxing moment.
  3. 3. At 12:am Its lunch time. Theres a self-service where you can get healthy and variated meals. Iwouldnt say its disguting but its not fine cuisine neither, thats why when Ive got more than onesingle hour to lunch I go home. But there’s some special day when we have french fries.
  4. 4. Most of us are leaving school at 5:30pm, walkinghome for those who live near and taking the busfor others like me who live far from the school.Finally finishing the day of class is a good thingbut then goes the bad part, the bus full of peoples.
  5. 5. • I usually dine around 9:pm. After finishing my homework, I get downstairs to eat with my family in the kitchen or in front of the television when theres something to watch. Its always enjoyable to get together because we dont see each other often.
  6. 6. • At 10:pm Im in my room most of the time, when Im not partying on week ends with few friends. Its a relaxing moment, when I can focus on my own though, play guitar or listen to music.
  7. 7. • Im going to sleep around 12:pm, when its not later. Going to sleep is definitely the best part of the day, but it also means another day is starting. When Im sleeping I like being in the dark, without any noise except the rain sound on my curtains.