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Thor Muller & Lane Becker Presentation


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Presentation given by Thor Muller and Lane Becker at Future of Web Apps, London, October 2007

Published in: Business, Education
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Thor Muller & Lane Becker Presentation

  1. Customer service is the new marketing Thor Muller, CEO Lane Becker, President
  2. The expectations game
  3. The sacred hospitality code
  4. A drink before introductions
  5. 8 waitstaff per guest
  6. This is a great approach to customer service
  7. This is a great approach to customer service But it doesn’t scale.
  8. There’s more than one way to succeed in the marketplace Customer-focused Product-focused Operations-focused Four Seasons, Zappos, Craigslist Apple, Google, most web Telecommunications, cable, startups some widget companies?
  9. The best way to deliver excellent customer service is... stop trying
  10. Here’s what “trying” looks like...
  11. Here’s what you end up with
  12. 3% of US employed in related support roles (That’s the population of Florida!)
  13. It’s often worse for startups
  14. The surprising solution
  15. Secrets of the Concierge 1. Put conversations at the center of the business 2. Reduce your sphere of control to increase sphere of influence 1. Smash the silos
  16. 1 conversations at the center of the business “Markets are conversations” -The Cluetrain Manifesto
  17. Disconnected tools lead to customer disconnection Trouble Contact FAQ Ticket Forum Wiki page System } Disconnected support tools
  18. Instead, use support tools on top of discussions Trouble Contact Ticket page FAQ Forum Wiki System Conversations
  19. “Customer interactions are our best branding opportunities” Tony Hsieh, Zappos
  20. Reduce support tasks while increasing engagement from 50% issues unresolved (with trouble ticket system and dedicated staff) to 50% answered by other customers...
  21. Timbuk2 customer service page
  22. Timbuk2 customer service page
  23. Embrace critics
  24. Twitter’s responsiveness spawns evangelists
  25. Twitter’s responsiveness spawns evangelists
  26. Foster ideas wherever they come from
  27. Dangers: the Digg Revolt
  28. 2 Reduce your sphere of control increase your sphere of influence
  29. In your hands, but out of your control
  30. Don’t create systems that place constraints on customer interactions
  31. Harness the natural flow of feedback
  32. Stop building FAQs that break
  33. Your story is your customers’ story
  34. Danger: people are messy
  35. The special role of company representative Photo: Heather Champ
  36. 3 Smash the Silos (Think like the network)
  37. The “it’s not our problem” problem
  38. A customer-centric view
  39. Expose content for discovery
  40. Nobody’s in charge anymore!
  41. Dangers: Competition
  42. So ask yourself: What would a concierge do?