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Refworks Website


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RefWorks Proposal for Edu612

Published in: Education, Technology
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Refworks Website

  1. 1. Carol Will Educ 612 May 7, 2009
  2. 2. Goals  ◦ To introduce students to basic components of bibliographic management software called RefWorks. ◦ To help students learn how to use RefWorks in connection to their research assignments. ◦ To get students to see benefits of using RefWorks.
  3. 3. Students required to use references in their papers;  organization of references is crucial not just for bibliography but for organizing thoughts in writing. RefWorks can save source citations and links to their  locations in the catalog and databases so they can be found later. RefWorks can automatically format  bibliographies, saving time. Students and faculty can collaborate by sharing their  references with RefWorks.
  4. 4. Students will choose activities and will be active  in finding out things for themselves. Interactive learning – Hands on; self-motivated.  They will choose sources that they can use for  their subject research - relevant. This is a hybrid course: in conjunction with live  instructor; it is not meant as a standalone course.
  5. 5. Undergraduate students.  Graduate students.  Anyone who hasn’t used basic RefWorks. 
  6. 6. Set up a personal RefWorks account and set up a initial folder.  Search the library catalog from within RefWorks and import a library  item (book, journal, etc.) into Refworks account. Import at least 3 articles from 3 different library databases into  their RefWorks account. Format 3 articles into a reference list in their chosen citation style.  Share RefWorks folder with another person in the class or with the  instructor. Import an article from Google Scholar into RefWorks account.  Take some tutorials provided by the RefWorks software company.  Find other sources of help in using Refworks  (youtube, slideshare, etc.)
  7. 7. Find RefWorks tutorials at suggested places  Online. Captivate videos (although why invent the  wheel); there are tons already or use Jing! Quizzes?  Shared activities such as share references.  Post to blog or wiki.  Use Web 2.0 tools such as blog, slideshare,  youtube.
  8. 8. Online form evaluation.   Concept map drawing.  Blog postings or wiki?  Share bibliographies.  Share ideas and links to RefWorks help.
  9. 9. Still working on content; interactivity is not easy.  Still working on design – realized that it had to  conform to Umass standards for websites. Also still learning Dreamweaver which can be  slow to learn. Help! Any ideas?  It was really nice to meet you all!  