Touro University-California                             Course Title EDU 749                             Term: Fall 2011  ...
•   Explore your own area of interest. Select an area of technology that intrigues you,      learn about it, teach the cla...
PowerPoints, all scaffolding materials                •   Dedicate a page or series of pages to your Masters              ...
converters            HW:            Convert a variety of file formats -- an assignment that is never            turned in...
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EDU 749 Emerging Trends in Technology


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EDU 749 Emerging Trends in Technology

  1. 1. Touro University-California Course Title EDU 749 Term: Fall 2011 Instructor: Steve Gibbs Contact information Email:; Office Hours: Before/after classes & 24/7 via emailDates: 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, 12/6Location of Class: American Canyon High SchoolMeeting Time: 4:30 - 9:30Course DescriptionEmerging Trends in Technology prepares teachers to be technology leaders by exploring state-of-the-art programs and innovations that are reshaping education in the 21st century. Thecourse will explore the wealth of online learning environments and adopt methods for localimplementation. Web 2.0 services, Metaverses, Virtual Learning Environments, socialnetworks, peer-to-peer networks, Usenet groups, and the world of peripherals and handhelddevices will be explored. Students will each select a specific new technology to explore. Theywill become experts on their chosen area and present a training seminar to the class. Studentswill establish long-lasting networks for staying informed of the newest trends. Readingmaterial will include RSS feeds, podcast and blog subscriptions, plus two print magazinesubscriptions. Students will be expected to seek out the best new ideas in education andtechnology and present on their discoveries as a regular part of classroom activities.Course Objectives/CCTC Standards 1. Students will become technology leaders 2. Students will become knowledgeable of emerging trends 3. Students will discover state-of-the-art resources for classroom use 4. Students will master a specific, complex, and challenging trend 5. Students will successfully share what they have learned 6. Students will complete their Touro Masters portfolio onlineRequired Texts and ReadingsReading will come from online sites associated with individual students chosen topicOne new magazine subscription, preferably Wired Magazine, or other education andtechnology title (with teacher approval)Key Assignments 1
  2. 2. • Explore your own area of interest. Select an area of technology that intrigues you, learn about it, teach the class what you learn • Create a web presence - design a website for your classes • Create your MA portfolio on wiki or personal website and on Taskstream • Understand multimedia files and formats, plus encoders, decoders, and converters. You will convert various file formats • Design a classroom activity based on an emerging trend. Create a student- prototype and a presentation to the class TOPIC and ASSIGNMENT/ASSESSMENT SCHEDULE Date Topics/Session 1 The central purpose of EDU 749 is to be alert to emerging trends in educational technology in the present and throughout one’s career. We will discover and share throughout the course. This final elective will also provide an opportunity to bring together all of your MA work into a comprehensive online Masters Portfolio. Activities: • Course introduction: Emerging Trends • Explore what is current on that day • Student presentations on an Emerging Trend - explain, discuss, assign due dates • Establishing an online teacher presence • How to select and purchase a domain and host • Begin building free classroom wiki This portfolio will be a combination of individual creative design and standardized elements. • An introductory video of you introducing your portfolio and your masters project • Clear, consistent navigation and table of contents • All files and hyperlinks to all assignments in all classes available for viewing via widgets whenever possible and by downloading • All major files will be available in native formats and PDF, and HTML if possible and practical • Organization centered around individual courses and a special Masters Project section • Each course site will have an introduction and explanation of what was studied. Link to all assignments. Explain the assignments where necessary for clarity • Include links to files and URLs provided by your instructor -- the class website, syllabus, handouts, 2
  3. 3. PowerPoints, all scaffolding materials • Dedicate a page or series of pages to your Masters Project. Use cross-referencing: Link to all project-related files, even if they are linked already to individual class pages • In your own creative way, make the presentation of your project a multimedia experience -- include animation, video, audio. It should be vivid, logically arranged, and easy to navigate • Organize your sidebar to include links to all wiki pages and all other important, necessary URLs. Use the Horizontal Rule between Wiki pages and outside resources HOMEWORK: Begin gathering resources; research; either establish Wiki, Taskstream, or personal website Get your new portfolio caught up with all files and linksSession 2 Activities: • Student Presentation on Emerging Trend • Share classroom wikis. Discuss layout options and decisions, difficulties, successes and failures • Work toward completion of Masters Portfolio • A look at Taskstream HW: Complete MA online portfolio except for current and pending projects Establish a Taskstream account and familiarize yourself with the interface Begin designing your Taskstream MA portfolioSession 3 Activities: • Student Presentation on Emerging Trend • Share masters portfolios. Discuss layout options and decisions • Build a Taskstream Portfolio HW: Work toward completion of your Taskstream MA portfolio.Session 4 Activities: • Student Presentation on Emerging Trend • Adobe for education -- a close look at what Adobe provides to educators in the form of services, lesson ideas, support and software. We will explore ways to integrate Adobe into classroom activities • Multimedia in the classroom -- a close look at how multimedia can enrich an existing unit or be used to create a new one. We will study file types, players, and 3
  4. 4. converters HW: Convert a variety of file formats -- an assignment that is never turned in Continue working on your three online projectsSession 5 Activities: • Student Presentation on Emerging Trend • Movie making in the classroom. Bring a movie camera and a Firewire cable to class... if you have them. We will group up and share, so a few cameras and cables will be sufficient. • We will in groups create a few 2-minute movies. Groups will transfer their footage from camera to PC, edit it, render it, and upload it to the Internet for sharing. • We will look at hosting sites for educational video streaming, podcasts, and the various -Tubes (YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube)Session 6 Activities: • End - Workshop to complete all unfinished assignments. • Closing remarks • Farewell 4