Infographic: The Digital link to supply chain


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INFOGRAPHIC: the digital link to supply chain

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Infographic: The Digital link to supply chain

  1. 1. THE DIGITAL LINK TO SUPPLY CHAIN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES DRIVE EFFICIENCY OF SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS Digital Tools Enable Effective Internal and External Collaboration Digital Technologies Ensure Data Consistency Electronic Data Interchange platform helped Levi Strauss & Co. to reduce manual tracking and tracing of inbound shipments by Digital collaboration enables Zara to design, produce and deliver new apparel to stores in 98% ~14 days , compared to 9 months for competition S WEVER, SUPPLY CHAINS IN MOST ORGANIZATION HO LACK DIGITAL MATURITY Survey of Supply Chain Professionals on Digital Maturity 11% 69% of companies are ‘Beginners’ of companies are ‘Digirati’ Supply Chain Organizations Realize the Importance of Digital but Don’t Take Much Action 49% of companies experience immense pressure to digitally but transform their supply chain 65% of companies don't have a clear digital supply chain vision and strategy Lack of People Capabilities is a Key Factor in the Low Digital Maturity of Supply Chains 57% Only of companies acknowledged a competency gap Poor Alignment Between Technical and Supply Chain Teams 40% of companies think their technical and supply chains teams are aligned in terms of vision, priorities, and actual fulfillment of business needs HOW TO SCALE-UP THE DIGITAL MATURITY OF SUPPLY CHAIN? Build Supply Chain Organization and Governance Model Digitize Supply Chain Performance Management Integrate Functions Across Supply Chain Leverage Reusable Technology Components Define Digital Supply Chain Strategy Sources: 1. IPR Plaza, “Zara: A Case of Rapid-Fire Fast Fashion Strategy”, December 2012 2. Aberdeen Group, “Supply Chain Visibility Excellence”, March 2011 3. Digirati companies are companies that leverage digital technologies to transform. They have executives that share a strong vision for what new technologies bring, invest in and manage digital technologies quickly and effectively, and gain the most value from digital transformation 4. Beginners are companies that have been slow to adopt advanced digital technologies 5. Capgemini Consulting – MIT Sloan Management Review, “Embracing Digital Technology: A New Strategic Imperative”, 2013 Reach out: Interested in reading the full report? Visit Follow us on Twitter @capgeminiconsul or email