Ambassador Training 2014


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This presentation reviews some proposed changes to the BYU-Idaho Ambassador program.

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Ambassador Training 2014

  1. 1. BYU–Idaho Alumni The mission of BYU-Idaho Alumni is to perpetuate the 'Spirit of Ricks', the university's legacy of caring and service. We accomplish this by facilitating valuable connections among students and alumni, allowing them to serve each other and join in our educational mission.
  2. 2. BYU–Idaho Alumni BYU-Idaho Alumni, 3 Volunteer Opportunities 1.Alumni Ambassadors 2.Alumni Professional Mentors 3.LinkedIn Super Connectors
  3. 3. BYU–Idaho Alumni Current Mission: The mission of BYU–Ambassadors is to share the ‘Spirit of Ricks’ with alumni, students, and others in their local communities and LDS stakes. BYU–Idaho Ambassadors accomplish this by: 1. Serving as local contacts for the university 2. Encouraging students with high standards and values to attend BYU–Idaho 3. Assisting current students as mentors and as a resource for internships 4. Connecting with local alumni, encouraging their continued support of BYU–Idaho
  4. 4. BYU–Idaho Alumni Challenges: 1. Roles are too vague 2. Most campus entities have not used our volunteers 3. Having set representatives in each stake not manageable 4. The alumni population is growing very rapidly and using volunteers to make personal contacts with alumni is not realistic 5. Not all Ambassadors are in positions that support mentoring/networking
  5. 5. BYU–Idaho Alumni Proposed Changes to Alumni Ambassadors Simplify and sharpen the focus of Alumni Ambassadors to support new students by: • • Serving as local contacts/liaisons for prospective, admitted, and registered first-year students Connecting with first-year students and their parents by hosting a pre-arrival welcome event (i.e. personal in home visit, cottage meeting, etc.; coordinated with Admissions and Student Support)
  6. 6. BYU–Idaho Alumni Why the Focus on New (First-year) Students Can we help students understand the unique privilege of attending BYU-Idaho? Can we help them (and their parents) realize the value of making the best use of their time and resources while at BYU-Idaho? Facts: •All 4-year degrees at BYU-Idaho are 120 credits •By taking an average of 15 credits students can graduate in 8 semesters (4 years)
  7. 7. BYU–Idaho Alumni Reality:
  8. 8. BYU–Idaho Alumni Why the Focus on New (First-year) Students Average 140 Credits = 9+ Semesters
  9. 9. BYU–Idaho Alumni Why the Focus on New (First-year) Students
  10. 10. BYU–Idaho Alumni Potential Enrollment Solutions (brainstorm) 1.Pathway to online degree programs 2.Encourage students to earn credits while in high school (concurrent enrollment, AP, etc.) 3.Have more students take advantage of off-track online offerings 4.Limit students to 7 semesters on-campus, requiring one semester’s worth of work online 5.Reduce tuition for online credits 6.Increase 7.Your tuition for credits post 120 ideas?
  11. 11. BYU–Idaho Alumni President Clark Quote here "A steward is someone who is responsible for some of the Lords assets, his resources, some part of His kingdom. The Steward is responsible to take care of them. To be faithful and wise with the charge he or she receives from the Lord." -President Kim B. Clark
  12. 12. BYU–Idaho Alumni How are students responsible for some of the Lord’s assets, His resources, and some part of His Kingdom? 1. 70% of each student’s educational costs are subsidized by the church, equaling about $6,000 per semester (or $12,000 per year and $48,000 for a 4-year degree) 2. The majority of campus facilities, including building costs and maintenance, are paid for by tithing funds 3. Nearly all of the employee salaries are paid for by tithing funds
  13. 13. BYU–Idaho Alumni From Admissions to Graduation and Beyond Get Connected Prospective > Admitted > Registered Pre-Arrival Encourage > Congratulate > Welcome Alumni Ambassadors Graduation Freshman > > > > > > > > > > >Senior Recent > > > > > > > > > > > Emeriti Current Student Current Student Alumni Advise > Encourage > Network Network > Support > Collaborate Alumni Professional Mentors Helping first-year students get off to a great start!
  14. 14. BYU–Idaho Alumni New Simplified Roles of Ambassadors Get Connected Prospective > Admitted > Registered Pre-Arrival Encourage > Congratulate > Welcome Alumni Ambassadors 1. Prospective Students – Serve as a contact resource 2. Admitted Students – Congratulate them on their admission to BYU-Idaho 3. Registered Students – Host a welcome event for students and parents • Share stewardship message (sacred responsibility to make the most of their time here) • Invite them to participate in Get Connected • Share personal feelings about BYU-Idaho and ‘Spirit of Ricks’ • Identify any unique or compelling circumstances to share with the university
  15. 15. BYU–Idaho Alumni How Ambassadors could be organized by regions, zones, and districts, rather than organized by LDS stakes. 1.Regions managed by Alumni Staff 2.Zone Reps would be responsible for training district reps and reporting 3.District Reps would make Ambassador welcome event assignments and distribute student/parent packets
  16. 16. BYU–Idaho Alumni • Pacific Northwest Region • Pacific Northwest Region (OR, WA, AK) (OR, WA, AK) • Washington NW Zone • Washington NW Zone • South Puget Sound District • South Puget Sound District
  17. 17. BYU–Idaho Alumni ?’s
  18. 18. BYU–Idaho Alumni Future Training Events We will no longer hold a formal training conference in the summer, rather we will have 3-4 webinars annually. We still encourage our volunteers to visit us whenever they return to campus and we will host them for several activities associated with BYU-Idaho Days and Education Week. • • • • • March 7 -- Adobe Connect Webinar May 22 -- Adobe Connect Webinar June 20, 21 -- BYU-Idaho Days August 30; July 1-2 -- Special Event for those attending Ed Week November 6 -- Adobe Connect Webinar