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A small introduction to Makerstreet

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Makerstreet Propositie Ms

  1. 1. Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  2. 2. Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  3. 3. The biіgger piіcture.We believe great digital products are born when people with passion for what they love to domost are making them. This simple concept is exactly why we’ve created Makerstreet.Makerstreet is a collaborative, Amsterdam based, network of digital agencies. Each agency has asingle focus, one mindset and it’s own competence; e.g. design, coding or copy. This ensurespeople whom truly love what they do love working at these agencies. That in turn ensures thehighest quality of work.Makerstreet delivers all these competences at once and on target.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  4. 4. The Agenciіes.Copyrighters at TXT love to get the message across in as few words as possible.Interaction designers at Soda Studio love making things simple and usable.Designers at Resoluut love handcrafted visual identities and interfaces.Frontend coders at Touchtribe love perfect technical execution of user interfaces.Techies at Techtribe love to develop and implement digital solutions.We all love high-end digitalMakerstreet - high-end digital.
  5. 5. Strategy by makiіng.Great ideas aren’t bound to those who have “strategic consultant” written on there business card. Agreat business strategy is one that is actually feasible in real life and thus needs to be tested withcustomers. This is why we begin with the end in mind and prototype to perfection.Our clients deliver the knowledge of their business, customers share there insights and we deliverthe knowledge of digital. Together we forge strategies that actually take off. digital expertise customer insights business goalsStrategy isn’t rocket science but a cultivation of collaboration.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  6. 6. Our two methods1: Project drivenIn a project one - or a combination of - agencies works with our client. The process is relativelystraight forward and highly adaptable. We love agile and user centered but acknowledge thereliability and predictability of more traditional approaches. Usually we combine and tailor the bestof all approaches to adapt to specific needs.Bottom line is we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients and adapt accordingly.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  7. 7. Our two methods2: startup mentalityThe way we are organized brings a certain culture and way of doing. This culture is highlyentrepreneurial and driven by innovation. To share this unique combination with our clients on alevel that exceeds projects we deliver a highly virtualized and formatted innovation program.In this program we crowd source from throughout the organization by inspirational presentationsand speakers and implement gamified idea generation methods. The best ideas are “bootcamped”to adulthood and eventually launched.The biggest spin off however is the new vibe and culture this 3 month business innovationprogram delivers.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  8. 8. Proof of the puddiіngObviously we are proud of our work and love to share it with you. To do this properly weencourage you to actually use the product or service created. Second best would be an up closeand personal talk with one of our makers. Probably more practical for now are some mutuallyrelevant highlights listed below.For more cases and in depth case studies please visit one of our | | | | Techtribe.nlMakerstreet - high-end digital.
  9. 9. Bookiіng.comA great example of digital design for innovation.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  10. 10. cross platformBiggest news proposition of the Netherlands redone from the ground up.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  11. 11. AchmeaRebranding there biggest label Zilverenkruis, introducing content campaigning at corporate with Volgens Nederland and creating a newname in online insurance with InShared are some highlights.Makerstreet - high-end digital.
  12. 12. Cliіent matriіxMakerstreet - high-end digital.
  13. 13. Contact usPlease feel free to contact us at or info@Makerstreet.nlThis document is created for Microsoft byMicha CommerenCreative Director+31650250625Micha@Makerstreet.nlMakerstreet - high-end digital.