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2019 09 10 General Leo Meeting


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2019 09 10 General Leo Meeting

  1. 1. General Leo Meeting S e p t e m b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 9
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies: ● Please remain quiet during the presentation ● Please Clean up after yourselves ● NO food or drink down the sink.
  3. 3. If you haven’t already; Sign up as a member at!
  4. 4. Thank you to those who volunteered for: ● Canada Day event at ECC ● City Fair Event ● International Orientation Day ● Grade 8 Orientation ● Photo Day
  5. 5. Upcoming Events...
  6. 6. -Grade 7 Band Rental Night- Chair: Alexei Date: Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 Time: After school - 6:30ish What: Volunteers will be helping set-up, guide grade 7s to their instrument sessions, and guiding parents to the gym if interested in renting an instrument. Don’t forget to wear Leo shirts!
  7. 7. -Terry Fox Run- Chair: Mehmet When: Wednesday, September 25th Time: Block B What: Photography
  8. 8. Volunteers: Elyssa, Digi, Vincent, Cherry, Leanne, Christeena, Alexi, Raine, Harnee, Sheree, Francine, Tyler, Sam, Ausena 2.0, Jane, Mehar, Andy, Aleksandra, Cara, Alec, Jones
  9. 9. -B.A.R.C.- Chairs: Christeena, Jaehwan, Doug Senior Consultants: Jaiden and Leanna When: Thursday, September 26th Time: Blocks A-D *Wear Leo Shirt*
  10. 10. VOLUNTEERS: Jaehwan,Jane,Sampson, Sabrina,Travis, Renee, Xzyanah,Aeisha, Sheree, Aleksandra, Alexei, Alexi, Francine,Harnee, Karman, Red, Tyler, Vincent,Andy3, Silvia, Nasiya,Alec,
  11. 11. -Clubs Day- Chairs: Digi and Cherry When: ● Wed and Thurs (25th & 26th) after school for making posters ● Friday, September 27th during lunch hour ● Friday, 27th during block B (set-up) and Block C (take down) What: Advertising the different clubs at our school
  12. 12. VOLUNTEERS: Block A: Sheree,Harnee, Andy 2 Block B: Xzyanah, Aeisha, Renee,Alexei,Cara, Silvia,Aleksandra, Raine, Christeena, Andy 3, Nasiya, Mitsilal, Meron, Lunch: Jaiden, Xzyanah, Aeisha, Renee,Alexei, Red,Alexi,Sheree, Block C: Jaiden, Elisha, Alexei,Dubus Poster Committee: Christeena, Vincent,Digi,Cherry,Alexi, Raine,Meagan, Aleksandra,
  13. 13. Sponsor Teacher Comments...
  14. 14. Band Rental Night Terry Fox Run BARC Clubs Day