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Leo club meeting jan. 14, 2020


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Published in: Education
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Leo club meeting jan. 14, 2020

  1. 1. General Leo Club Meeting Jan. 14, 2019 By Andy and Aleksandra
  2. 2. Upcoming Events
  3. 3. VPA Dance Show: Senior Consultant: Kison Chairs: Christeena and Raine Date: Wed-Fri, January 15-17 Time: 4:30 - around 9:30ish Dress Code: Semi formal (White top & black bottom)
  4. 4. Volunteers: Wednesday: Christeena, Kison, Raine, Meagan, Aleksandra, Patrick, Cara Thursday: Christeena, Kison, Raine, Meagan, Aleksandra, Andy Friday: Christeena, Kison, Raine, Meagan, Aleksandra, Cara, Andy
  5. 5. International Orientation (S2) SeniorConsultant:Elisha& Irene Jr.Chairs:Silvia& Yui Date:Wednesday,Jan.22 (SemesterBreak) Time:Arrive9:00am Note:VolunteersmayhaveCoreCompetencies, Literacy10 Assessmentor NumeracyAssessment thatday
  6. 6. Volunteers: Joseph,Michelle,Leanna,Patrick,Sampson,Ria, Denisse,Harnee,Sabrina,Aeisha,Jessa,Aleksandra, Alexei,
  7. 7. Byrne Creek Open House Chairs:Tooba & Christeena,Harnee Date:Thursday,January30th SetUp:4:30 Event:6:30-8:30ish?
  8. 8. Volunteers: Jenny,Bodria,Katie,AJ,Nico,Sana?, Sugdiyona?, Tooba?,Karman?Jaiden,Irene,Elisha,Mehar, Jaehwan,Andy1, Aleksandra
  9. 9. Valentine’s Day Rose Sale / package / delivery Chairs:Denisse,Renee,AeishaandChristine SalesDate:EarlyBird~ Feb3-7Regular~ Feb10-14 Time: - Sale~ DuringLunchHours - Packaging~ Feb12 & 13 (Wed& Thurs)Afterschool - Delivery~ Feb14 (Fri)B block
  10. 10. Volunteers: Lunchtime:Michelle,Leanna,Joseph,Aleksandra,Patrick,Jed, Francine,Joy,Loraine,Sheree,Raine,Christeena RosePackaging(Wed&Thurs,Feb12& 13): Michelle,Leanna,Joseph,Meagan,Sabrina,Harnee,Samuel,Jessa, Aleksandra,Ruby,Raine,Christeena,AndyL.,Francine,Joy,Agatha Delivery(BBlockonFeb14): Jenny,Bodria,Harnee,Sabrina,Jessa,Ria,Ruby,AndyL.,Vincent, Agatha,Francine,Joy,Maxine,
  11. 11. Sponsor Teacher Comments!
  12. 12. Sign Up Sheets VPA DanceShow International Orientation ByrneCreek Open House Valentine’s Rose Sale