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Leo General meeting PowerPoint 08/10/19


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Published in: Education
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Leo General meeting PowerPoint 08/10/19

  1. 1. General Leo Meeting By: Sheree and Jessa
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for: ● Anti Racism Conference
  3. 3. Upcoming events
  4. 4. THANKSGIVINGDINNER Sr. Consultants: Elisha, Irene & Jaiden Chairs: Alexei, Xzyanah, Aeisha & Patrick Junior Chairs: Aleksandra, Andy, Jessa & Harnee What: Thanksgiving Dinner for Internationals, Students and Community. When: Thursday, October 10th Time: Right After School - 9PM
  5. 5. Volunteers Christeena, Raine, Sheree,nasiya,mitsilal,Andy, Tooba, Sabrina, Vincent, Angela, Muhammed,Harnee, Jessa,Dubus, Patrick, Red, Sampson,Kison,Alexi, Muhammed, Juhi, Anjali, Loraine, Samuel,Weibin, Meagan, Simran, Mehar, Joy,Maxine, Silvia, Digi, Jane,Cherry, Bruce, Meron, Mayu, Chisa,Yui, Sura, Katrina, Michelle,Leanna, Cara, Miranda,Sean T., Markus, Julian, Ishan T., Elijah, Ludvik, Justin C., Jeremy, Zepaniah,Jed,
  6. 6. JAPANESE INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE Chairs: Renee & Ruby Jr. Chairs: Aleksandra & Harnee When: Wednesday, October 16 Time: Block A-Lunch Where: Byrne Creek Community School What: 79 Japanese students will be coming to our school and experiencing our A/B Block due to tutorial day,
  7. 7. Volunteers Francine, Sheree, Digi, Sampson, Kira, Estafania, Cherry, Tina, Karmanpreet, Jed, Michelle, Leanna, Cara, Angela, Elisha, Aeisha, Alexei, Xzyanah, Harnee, Silvia, Jessa, Kison, Tooba, Mitsilal, Alice, Yui, Chisa, Joy, Ian
  8. 8. HALL WEEN CARNIVAL Senior Consultant: Elisha & Jaiden Chairs: Alexi, Silvia & Raine Jr. Chairs: Harnee & Samuel When: Thursday, October 31 Dress Code COSTUMES!/or leo shirt
  9. 9. Volunteers Samuel, Sheree, Meagan, Weibin, Daniel, Sura, Christeena, Sabrina, Raine, Red, Mansimran On Tuesday, show up at 8:30 am to prep for the day of.People in the haunted
  10. 10. Haunted house Senior Consultant: Alexei& Ruby Chairs: Aeisha,Renee,Loraine, Alexi Jr. Chairs: Sheree,Meagan,Jessa
  11. 11. volunteers When: Oct28th- Oct30th After school(days ofset-up) Volunteers(forsetup): Samuel, Sheree,Meagan, Weibin,Daniel, Christeena, Sabrina, Raine,Red, Mansimran, Sura, Francine, Harnee, Maxine, Joy, AJ, Leland, Beatriz, Bodria, Yui, Jenny, Katie, Ian, Jessa, Gresham, Jerry, Sampson, Manal, Rahaf, Ariza, Rachel, Debbie,Aedrie, Juhi, Denisse, Jaiden, Xzyanah, Miranda, Katrina, Irene, Talha, Justin V., Ruby, Tooba, Cindy,Alexei ,Daniel*NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS On Thursday, show up at 8:00 am to prep for the day of. People in the haunted house should show up earlier to get makeup done or put on costumes.
  12. 12. SENIOR’S TEA // COMMUNI-TEA Senior Consultant: Alexei & Irene Chairs: Digi & Mehar Junior Chair: Aleksandra Date: Friday, November 22nd (Pro-D) Time: 8:30AM - 3:00PM (Seniors come around 12pm) Where: Atrium Volunteers: ALL EXECS!!!
  13. 13. Bonsor Big BooChairs: Christeena and Sheree (Contact Jaiden) When: ● (Orientation) Oct. 21st ● (Actual day) Oct. 25th Where: Time: ● (Orientation) 4-5 pm ● (Actual day) 4:30 pm Bonsor Community Centre Volunteers: Harnee, Christeena
  14. 14. Sponsor Teacher Comments