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09 24 19 general leo meeting


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Published in: Education
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09 24 19 general leo meeting

  1. 1. General Leo Meeting By Loraine and Alexi General Leo Meeting
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for: International students’ Luncheon, Band Rental Night, Grade 8 MyEd BC & Meet The Teacher Night!!!
  3. 3. Upcoming events
  4. 4. TERRY FOX Chair: Mehmet When: Wednesday, September 25th Time: Period 2 What: Photography
  5. 5. Volunteers: Elyssa, Digi, Vincent, Cherry, Nasiya, Leanne, Christeena, Alexi, Raine, Harnee, Sheree, Francine, Tyler, Sam, Megan, Jane, Mehar, Andy, Aleksandra, Cara, Alec, Jones, Loraine, Meron, Bruce, Angela, Andy 3 (28)
  6. 6. B.A.R.C. Chairs: Christeena & Jaehwan Senior Consultants: Jaiden & Leanna MC’s: Irene & Jaiden When: Thursday, September 26 (Building A Respectful Community)
  7. 7. FINAL LIST OF VOLUNTEERS: Jane Lee, Sampson Fang, Travis Armstrong, Xzyanah Gonzales, Aeisha Ngilay, Sheree Ospig, Aleksandra Radoja, Alexei Villareal, Alexi Caguiat, Francine Facundo, Harnee Anton-George, Red Biasura, Vincent Wootthijaroen, Silvia Ban, Nasiya Buloe, Elisha Pizarro, Jessa Clata, Mitsilal & Sada Weldhimanot, Christine Ramoran, Mansimran Rai, Raine Gueco, Sabrina, Daniel, Silvia
  8. 8. CLUBS DAY Chairs: Digi & Cherry When: Friday, September 27th Volunteers required: Wednesday and Thursday after school for making posters. Friday 2nd period set up, lunch hour hosting event, period 3 take down. What: Advertising different clubs Time: Lunch hour
  9. 9. Volunteers: Block A: Sheree, Harnee, Jessa, (3) Block B: Xzyanah, Aeisha, Renee, Alexei, Cara, , Aleksandra, Raine, Christeena, Andy 3, Nasiya, Mitsilal, Meron, Alec, Jane, Leo, Mansimran (16) Lunch: Jaiden, Xzyanah, Aeisha, Renee, Alexei, Christeena, Red, Alexi, Sheree, Sabrina, Francine, Andy 1, Bruce, Meagan, Alec, Patrick, Jessa, Simran, Tooba (19) Block C: Jaiden, Elisha, Alexei, Dubus, Sabrina,
  10. 10. THANKSGIVING DINNER Sr. Consultants: Elisha, Irene & Jaiden Chairs: Alexei, Xzyanah, Aeisha & Patrick Junior Chairs: Aleksandra, Andy, Jessa & Harnee What: Thanksgiving Dinner for Internationals, Students and
  11. 11. Volunteers: Christeena, Raine, Sheree, Nasiya, Mitsilal ,Andy, Tooba, Sabrina, Vincent, Angela, Muhammed, Harnee, Jessa, Dubus, Patrick, Red, Sampson, Kison, Alexi, Muhammed, Juhi, Anjali, Loraine, Samuel, Weibin, Meagan, Simran, Mehar, Joy, Maxine, Silvia, Digi, Jane, Cherry, Bruce, Meron, Mayu, Chisa, Yui, Sura, Katrina, Michelle, Leanna, Cara, Miranda, Sean T., Markus, Julian, Ishan T., Elijah, Ludvik, Justin C., Jeremy, Zepaniah, Jed,(All Execs are EXPECTED to come!)
  12. 12. JAPANESE INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE Chairs: Renee & Ruby Jr. Chairs: Aleksandra & Harnee When: Wednesday, October 16 Time: Block A-Lunch Where: Byrne Creek Community School What: 79 Japanese students will be coming to our school and experiencing our A/B Block due to tutorial day, you will eat lunch with them with your friend group
  13. 13. Volunteers: Francine, Sheree, Digi, Sampson, Patrick, Kira, Estafania, Cherry, Sabrina, Tina, Karmanpreet, Jed, Michelle, Leanna, Cara, Angela, Elisha, Aeisha, Alexei, Irene,
  14. 14. HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL Senior Consultant: Elisha & Jaiden Chairs: Alexi, Silvia & Raine Jr. Chairs: Harnee & Samuel When: Thursday, October 31
  15. 15. HAUNTED HOUSE SET-UP Senior Consultant: Alexei Chairs: Aeisha, Renee, Loraine & Alexi Jr. Chairs: Sheree & Meagan
  16. 16. Volunteers: Samuel, Sheree, Meagan, Weibin, Daniel, Christeena, Sabrina, Raine, Red, Mansimran, Sura If you don’t want to miss a class, that’s fine. Just tell us which block On Tuesday, show up at 8:30 am to prep for the day of. People in the haunted house should show up earlier to get makeup done or put on
  17. 17. SENIOR’S TEA // COMMUNI-TEA Senior Consultant: Alexei & Irene Chairs: Digi & Mehar Junior Chair: Aleksandra Date: Friday, November 22nd (Pro-D) Time: 8:30AM - 3:00PM (Seniors come around 12pm) Where: Atrium Volunteers: ALL EXECS!!!
  18. 18. Sponsor Teacher Comments Sponsor Teacher Comments