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2020 02 11 General Leo Meeting


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Happy Valentine's Day everybody

Published in: Education
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2020 02 11 General Leo Meeting

  1. 1. February 11th, 2020 General Leo Club Meeting February 11th, 2020 By Travis & Xzyanah
  2. 2. Chairs: Denisse, Renee, Aeisha and Christine Sales Date: (UPDATE) 10th - 14th) Time: During Lunch Hours Prices: 1 for $4 ( Friday $5) 6 for $24 12 for $38 Serenades for $2 Valentine’s Day Rose Sale
  3. 3. Volunteers: Michelle, Leanna, Joseph, Meagan, Sabrina, Harnee, Samuel, Jessa, Aleksandra, Ruby, Raine, Christeena, Andy L., Francine, Joy, Agatha, Wei Bin, Cherry, Alexi, Silvia, Loraine, Xzyanah, Red, Sheree, Daniel, Vincent, Kison, Muhammed, Andy 2, Jed, Ryan, Abbie, Yui, Elisha, Jenny, Kylene, Cindy (39) Rose Packaging (Wed & Thurs, Feb 12 & 13):
  4. 4. Volunteers: Jenny, Bodria, Harnee, Sabrina, Jessa, Ria, Ruby, Andy L., Vincent, Agatha, Francine, Joy, Maxine, Alexi, Nico, Cherry, AJ, Beatriz, Irene (gr 8), Katie, Sheree, Daniel, Loraine, Ian, Christeena, Aleksandra, Linh, Kaoriko, (26) Delivery (B Block on Feb 14):
  5. 5. Diversity Dance Senior Consultants: Alexei & Xzyanah Chairs: Sabrina, Jessa & Sheree Date: March 3rd, 2020 Volunteers: (2-3): Silvia, Kaoriko, Christeena Details: Coat Check - Volunteers will only be doing coat check, once everyone has signed in, volunteers can go out and have fun in shifts, but they have to keep in mind they are there to volunteer, once it’s close to closing time, all volunteers will have to be helping. *If you are not volunteering, and would like to go, tickets are sold at the office for $10?
  6. 6. Chairs: Alexi and Francine Date: Feb 27th What: Coat Check & Food Volunteers: Digi, Aleksandra, Cherry, Sheree, Loraine, Joy, Sam, Meagan, Raine, Harnee (Capped off, no other volunteers) Winter Formal Gr.11-12 Dance:
  7. 7. Vancouver Sun Run Senior Consultant: Alexei Chairs: Christeena & Silvia Date: Sunday, April 19th Where: meet @ Edmonds skytrain station Cost: Student-Early bird pricing (Nov.1-Feb.7):$22 Overdue!!! Regular fee (Feb.8-Mar.13):$32
  8. 8. Participants: Irene, Elisha, Raine, Agatha, Weibin, Francine, Aleksandra, Karmanpreet, Alexi, Sam, Kison, Alexei, Harnee, Kylene, Sheree, Loraine, Daniel, Felix, Vincent, Kison, Cara, (24)
  9. 9. Vancouver International Children’s Festival Chairs: Irene, Mehar Date: May 25-31 ● Free snacks and treats ● Free Friday night show for three shifts worked (this does not include the training/orientation) ● Free t-shirt for three shifts worked (this does not include the training/orientation) ● one Free wristband to the Activity Village for each day you volunteer. ● Signed Confirmation outlining that you volunteered “x” hours for the Festival. ● School credit for hours volunteered ○ Work Experience forms and Work Experience Evaluation forms completed, you need to volunteer a minimum of 21 hours. ● Reference Letter upon request for volunteers who contributed a minimum of 30 hours
  10. 10. Sponsor Teacher Comments
  11. 11. Sign Up Sheets Rose Packaging Rose Delivery Vancouver Sun Run V.I.C.F