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2020 01 28 General Leo Meeting


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Published in: Education
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2020 01 28 General Leo Meeting

  1. 1. LEO CLUB MEETING By: Karman & Joseph
  2. 2. Thank You once again to those who volunteered for: VPA Show and International Orientation!!
  3. 3. Upcoming events
  4. 4. Byrne Creek Open House Date: Thursday, January 30th Chairs: Tooba,Chisteena & Harnee Time: 6:30-8:30ish Set-Up @ 4:30! Volunteers: Jenny, Bodria, Katie, AJ, Aleksandra, Andy L, Tooba, Karman, Elisha, Jaiden, Mehar,Jaehwan, Cherry
  5. 5. Valentine’s Day Rose Sale Chairs: Denisse,Renee, Aeisha&Christine Sales Date: February 3-7th Time: during Lunch Volunteers: Michelle,Leanna, Joseph, Aleksandra, Patrick, Jed, Francine, Joy, Loraine, Sheree,Raine, Christeena, Alexi,Andrea Prices: 1for $3.50 6 for $20 12for $38
  6. 6. Valentines Day Rose Packaging & Deliveries Rose Packaging: Date: Wed-Thurs,February 12& 13 Volunteers: Michelle, Leanna, Joseph, Meagan, Sabrina, Harnee, Samuel,Jessa, Aleksandra, Ruby, Raine, Christeena, Andy L., Francine, Joy, Agatha, Wei Bin, Cherry, Alexi,Silvia Deliveries: Date: February 14thduring B-block Volunteers: Jenny, Bodria, Harnee, Sabrina, Jessa, Ria, Ruby, Andy L., Vincent, Agatha, Francine, Joy, Maxine, Alexi, Nico, Cherry, AJ,Beatriz, Irene (gr 8), Katie
  7. 7. Senior Dance Grades 11/12 Volunteers can only be in Grades 8-10 Date: February 27th Volunteers:
  8. 8. Vancouver Sun Run Chairs: Christeena & Silvia Senior Consultant: Alexei Date: Sunday, April19 Location: meet @ Edmonds Station → Downtown(timeTBA) Cost: - Early Bird Pricing (Nov. 1 – Feb. 7): $22 - Regular Fee (Feb. 8 – March 13): $32 Participants: Irene, Elisha, Raine, Agatha, Weibin, Francine, Aleksandra, Karmanpreet, Alexi, Sam, Kison, Alexei, Harnee, Kylene
  9. 9. Sponsor/Teacher Comments: