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Nov 16, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting


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Nov 16, 2010 – Leo Club Meeting

  1. 1. Leo Club meeting November 16, 2010
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesy • Do not move the chairs around the tables, keep them where they are at. • Please keep the noise level down during the meeting. • Questions? Ask the LEO exec responsible for that event at the end of the meeting. • Use the tablecloth provided and clean up after the meeting.
  3. 3. As a LEO volunteer you should... • Wear your Leo Shirts • Be on-task for the entire time • Be polite to the public • Remember to sign-in/out with our executive member in charge of the event to get your service hours!
  4. 4. Thank You A BIG thank you to those who helped out at the Sustainability Makes $ense flyer handout last Wednesday and Girl's Soccer Game last Thursday
  5. 5. Midnight Vigil • POSTER MEETING Today after school! oMeet in front of B102
  6. 6. Midnight Vigil o Presentation --> Atrium: spread the word! (Wednesday Yun’s Video) o Speaker - Andy  If you cannot sleepover, raise money and stay for the educational part - Talk to Ms. Fujiki if haven’t yet  Forms overdue, hand in as soon as possible!  Jackie - Statement about reminders, internal use of contact information
  7. 7. Awareness Week 1. SOCK DRIVE Reminder to all of you: Please bring at least one pair of NEW socks and put it in the boxes in atrium according to your grade! BY FRIDAY!! 2. Vow of Silence ALL Leo Club members are strongly encouraged to participate in the Vow of Silence taking place this Friday, November 19, 2010!
  8. 8. November 22nd Pro-D Day All volunteers who are signed up for the October 22nd Pro-D Day are being moved to this Pro-D Day. If you can not attend please talk to Ms. Fujiki ASAP (Room B102)
  9. 9. Nov. 22 Pro-D-Day Volunteer List • Alex Cheng • Andy Wu • Ankush Burman • Chris Chan • Clarrisa Chiang • Eddie Liu • Erika Yau • Farhat Anwary • Fiona Ly • Harrison Park • Ikjot Bhogal • Jackie Liu • Tony Han • James Leong • Jessica Lusuegro • Kalvin Chou • Lily Zhang • Mira Chang • Monica Hernandez • Niteen Sharan • Priya Lien • Rachel Li • Rachel Robles • Rebecca Yet • Sonny Hoang • Zackary Chan
  10. 10. Pro-D Day Setup and Tech Training Nov. 19 ~ After School 3:00-5:00pm Meet in Room B102 Setup for the Pro-D day...this is a separate volunteer list from Monday. Sign up today after the meeting! URGENT.
  11. 11. Santa Parade - Nov 27, 2010 Eastburn Community Centre 12:00-5:00pm Christmas event - students help with arts/crafts, games, directing line ups for santa, "guarding" the cookies. Lunch included. - Need some more people... OR Lions Club Requested 3 people to help with setting up Santa's Parade Float at the Fire Hall on Edmonds Street 11:15am-12:30pm - Need 1-2 more people
  12. 12. Santa Parade - Eastburn Volunteers Amy Bok Jeong Hye Wi Elina Ghimire Yasemin Sabir Katrina Cabusuo Ehsaan Elhagehassan Holly Stafford Sylveina Siu Angela Qi Tiana Lee Farhat Anwary Clarissa Chiang Sophia Santos Priya Mohan Farah Shukur Nazret Geday Jeanne Mubalama Liah Castillo Megumi Nozawa Rachel Li Lions Club Jessica Lusuegro Rebecca Yet
  13. 13. Leo/NC Lions 19A Conference This year the conference is HERE in Byrne Creek! Meet members of all the Leo and New Century Lions Clubs in our zone. SUNDAY Dec. 5 - 12:30pm - 7:30pm • Leadership/team-building activities, performances • Distinguished guest speakers and presentations • Gr. 12s: Taking the next step in service after high school! • Dinner included • Induction ceremony for new Leos. • All Leo members should attend! We'll have Joe come up to give us more details! Cost: $8.00 per person, all-inclusive SIGN UP TODAY, PAY NEXT MEETING... LAST CHANCE BEFORE THIS WEEK'S DEADLINE
  14. 14. One Act Plays 1. This Thursday and Friday. (Nov. 18-19, 2010) 5pm to 9 pm 2. 15 volunteers are needed for set up, take down, concessions, usher...etc. 3. Dress code: White Dress Shirt & Black pants / skirt (w/t black tights) & Black shoes.
  15. 15. Christmas Toy Drive Leo's annual Christmas event. Contribute toys, gifts, school supplies for needy children in our community. More details will be given in future meetings~ SO REMEMBER TO COME! :)
  16. 16. Comments from Sponsor Teachers Ms. Fujiki Ms. Erickson
  17. 17. THANKYOU! Enjoy the rest of your lunch! Please go to the following tables to sign up for events!  :)
  18. 18. Windows~ 19A Conference Pro-D Day Related Santa Parade Sign up Midnight Vigil Poster Meet Midnight Vigil One Act Plays FRONT~