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Creating a winning brand: How to make killer brands and influence people

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What is branding? How does one create a brand? Brand identity specialist and Fast Company expert blogger David Brier has unearthed a key trend found in big brands or small brands that do big business. It's a secret strategy but one you'll find amongst brands that are successful, make sales and are respected amongst its core audience.

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You can follow David on Twitter @davidbrier

David is available for speaking engagements as well as transforming ordinary brands into extraordinary brands.

David has said, "Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding."

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Creating a winning brand: How to make killer brands and influence people

  1. how to make KILLER BRANDS & influence PEOPLE
  2. Want a killer brand?
  3. Forgetaboutlove. It’sarealbuzzkill.
  4. Whatyouneedis somethingtohate.
  5. say hello to your customer
  6. He(orshe)hasthings theydespise.
  7. stuff they love.
  8. stuff they love. stuff they hate.
  9. Sodothebest brands.
  10. Hating inconvenience
  11. Netflix hated making the couch potato do anything more than was necessary to sustain uninterrupted couch-potatoing Hating inconvenience
  12. Hating loss of suction
  13. Dyson hated the existing stagnant vacuum cleaner category and its loss of suction Hating loss of suction
  14. Hating limitations
  15. Hating limitations Harley-Davidson® rejected anything that held you back from freedom of expression in life — and on the road.
  16. Hating excuses
  17. Nike hated the tradition of “selling sports shoes” and instead sold the dream and what everyday people aspired to be Hating excuses
  18. Hating outdated traditions
  19. Starbucks hated the old coffee standard and offered a coffee experience inspired by the coffee houses in Italy Hating outdated traditions
  20. Hating limitations
  21. Pixar hated the old school of animation and its failure to use technology to reach for infinity and beyond Hating limitations
  22. Hating conformity
  23. Apple hated the big established goliaths that put technology first and user experience second Hating conformity
  24. Togreatbrands,having anenemyisn’tachoice.
  25. Togreatbrands,having anenemyisn’tachoice. It’sarequirementfor survival(likeairand takingthatnextbreath).
  26. Factis, oppositesattract.
  27. Factis, oppositesattract. Andeachmakes theotherstronger.
  28. Hereare someexamples.
  29. TheForce.
  30. TheForce. TheEvilEmpire.
  31. Innovative.
  32. Innovative. Stagnant.
  33. Awesome.
  34. Awesome. Average.
  35. Brilliant.
  36. Brilliant. Stupid.
  37. Life.
  38. Life. Death.
  39. Black.
  40. Black. White.
  41. Good.
  42. Good. Evil.
  43. Aboutyou.
  44. Aboutyou. Aboutus.
  45. Impossible.
  46. Impossible. Possible.
  47. TheGoodWitch.
  48. TheGoodWitch. TheBadWitch.
  49. Heaven.
  50. Heaven. Hell.
  51. Whilemanysaythey lovevanilla,it’sthe hotfudgeeverybody craves(andtalksabout).
  52. Soit’sthatperfect balanceofthose opposites—hotand cold—thatwins.
  54. ANSWERTHIS: Whatdoesyour brandstandfor?
  55. Writedown youranswer.
  56. NOWTHIS:
  57. NOWTHIS: Whatdoesyour brandoppose?
  58. Writedown youranswer.
  59. Usewhatyouhate tostrengthenyour convictionforwhat yourbrandloves.
  60. use them both to create KILLER BRANDS & influence PEOPLE
  61. use them both to create KILLER BRANDS & influence PEOPLE “Aaargh.”
  62. use them both to create KILLER BRANDS & influence PEOPLE “OK,Iseewhat youmean! Iloveyoutoo.”
  63. Forexample,Ilove thatoverhalf-a-million peoplehaveviewed mypresentations...
  64. AndIhatethatonly half-a-millionpeople haveviewedmy presentations.(So manymorecouldgain fromviewingthem.)
  65. Whichones?
  66. Ifyou’reinneedofno-B.S.brandinsight,thenthisone:
  67. Ifyou’rebrandinganythingatall,thenthisone:
  68. Ifyou’rerebrandinganexistingbrand,thenthisone:
  69. Ifyou’reimmersedincommitteehell,thenthisone:
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  71. Visitandsubscribeat FollowDavidBrierontwitter: @davidbrier Design,artdirectionandtextby DavidBrierofDBDInternational Copyright2013DBDInternational Want more?