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For Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Startups: Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding


Published on Brand specialist and Fast Company blogger takes one of his most popular posts and converted it into an easily referenced piece for all CEOs, marketing personnel, entrepreneurs and brands.

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For Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Startups: Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding

  1. “Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding” and 9 more insights to transform your brand by David Brier
  2. A day that goes by without breaking some sacred branding rule is a day your brand has lost TO Rise above the status quo. 1
  3. By breaking those rules with insight, intelligence and innovation, you get heard (in a world that's too damn busy to listen).
  4. We know there are thousands of ways to solve any problem and that the only valuablesolutionsare the effective ones... 2
  5. Doing something ineffective in half the time — or "more efficiently” — isn't progress, but is instead bad business.
  6. Socialmedia isn’ta brand strategy. Social media is a channel. While it’s important for a brand to develop something to say, it’s more important to create something that will be heard. 3
  7. 4 History is filled with inferior productsoutselling superior ones thanks to better branding.
  8. Only superior branding has the power to overcome and reverse this. Superior products deserve superior branding.
  9. 5Consumers and clients have a first momentwhen they discover a brand.
  10. 5Consumers and clients have a first momentwhen they discover a brand. It’s this defining momentthat establishes expectation and perceived value.
  11. (Deliveringonthatvalue willdetermine whetheryourcompanythrives ormerelystumblesalong.)
  12. 6 People never got passionate about mediocre& average. Thisiswhythereisnoaisleinagroceryordepartmentinastoreor menuonawebsitefor“averagestuff”or“beigeproducts.”
  13. Whileconsumersandclientscanfind “bestdeals”or“naturalfoods”or“artisangoods,” onedoesn’tfindanaisleorawebsitemenutabfor “averagestuff”whichexplainsthis: whilevanillaisnecessaryfor theicecreamsundae, it’sthehot fudge weall crave(andtalkabout).
  14. 7 Brands that use clichésto promote their brand end up promoting their category, not their brand.
  15. 8 Growthandbranddominance iscreatedbyhaving thehighestbrandvalue, not the lowest price tag. Onecanalwayssellsomethingbyofferingthelowestprice.
  16. pricedoesnotcreateloyaltytoyourbrand. Neverdidandneverwill. Itonlycreates"loyalty"tothat price point. Assoonasyourcustomer isofferedabetterprice,heorshewilljumpship,leavingyoulike ascornedloverinthemiddleofthenight.
  17. 9 Brands are built on either reruns or coming attractions.
  18. The future has no road map while the past clearly does. Creatingabrandthatblazesnewtrailscansometimesbebumpy butwillalsoallowyoutobethefirsttodiscoversomethingnew, somethingmeaningfulandsomethingthatmakesothersask, “Why didn’t we think of that?”
  19. Design, copy and art direction: David Brier use these 9 points to outsmart, outperform and outmaneuver your competition follow him on twitter here: David Brier
  20. “cookiecuttersareforbaking,not branding”copyright:davidbrier learnmoreabout brandinghere: