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Teaching powerpoint

  1. 1. Life in the IndustrialRevolutionBy: Brett Gendoes, Elliot Chambers, andNolan McDonald
  2. 2. New Industrial PowersEmergeBritain tries to protect its status as the leader ofthe Industrial Revolution by instating strict rulesand regulations on the trading of ideas andinventionsWilliam Cockerill-British mechanic who openedshops in Belgium to manufacture spinning andweaving machinesBelgium becomes the second European nation- Britain was the first - to industrialize
  3. 3. New Industrial PowersEmergeCountries including the US, Germany, andFrance had more raw materials and couldfollow Belgium and Britain’s lead when it cameto industrializing This abled them to industrialize quicker and more efficiently
  4. 4. New Industrial PowersEmergeThe first American textile factory was built inPawtucket, Rhode IslandGermany became a world industrial power, asdid the United States
  5. 5. New Industrial PowersEmergeMany countries were not able to industrialize asquickly because they lacked the will-power ofthe government or the natural resourcesJapan lacked many natural resources butflourished and industrialized rapidly because ofthe institution of a new government thatprioritized modernization and industrialization
  6. 6. New Industrial PowersEmergeRevolution not only drastically The Industrial changed the way things were made and how factories worked, but also the way of life for many people During the early years of the Industrial Revolution, men, women, and children all worked in dangerous and uncomfortable conditions in sweatshop-like factories These conditions will better by the 1900s, but during this time, the average workplace was extremely hazardous and dangerous
  7. 7. New Industrial PowersEmergeThe Industrial Revolution also helped narrow thegap between the rich and the poor when itcame to possessionsThe Revolution’s factories made everything alot cheaper to make, which allowed the pricesof goods to plummet This gave the poor people the ability to purchase more and nicer goods
  8. 8. New Industrial PowersEmergeWealthy Western nations were able to tradeand get better deals because of theirindustrialization and their economic andtechnological advantagesThis caused Western nations to dominate thetrade, and the world, more than they ever had
  9. 9. Technology SparksIndustrial GrowthThe Industrial Revolution was a time ofinnovation and the improving of old inventionsSteel productions and use soars because ofHenry Bessemer’s new way of making steel His new way makes steel easier to make, cheaper to make, stronger, and more efficient
  10. 10. Technology SparksIndustrial GrowthMany scientific and chemistry inventions andinnovations were made during the IndustrialRevolutionAlfred Nobel invents the explosive dynamite,and it is immediately used in construction andwarfare This earned Nobel a large fortune Funded the famous Nobel Prize
  11. 11. Technology SparksIndustrial GrowthElectricity power soon overtakes steam powerEnglish chemist Michael Faraday creates the“dynamo” or a machine that generateselectricity Today’s generators and transformers all have a basis in Faraday’s innovative designsThomas Edison creates the first ever lightbulb
  12. 12. Technology SparksIndustrial GrowthThe factory system is further improved uponwith the creation of interchangeable parts Parts of a system that can be used in place of another partAnother new method of factory productioncomes around in assembly lines Having one worker specialize in one specific part of a job and doing the same part over and over
  13. 13. Transportation andCommunicationAdvancesRailroads and steam-powered boats are usedthroughout the Industrial RevolutionWhen a gasoline-powered internal combustionengine is created, the first models of theautomobile emergeHenry Ford’s car makes America a leadingpower in the automobile industry
  14. 14. Transportation andCommunicationAdvancesOrville and Wilbur Wright create the first airplane Kitty Hawk, NC Could only stay in the air for only a few secondsBegan the “air stage” of the IndustrialRevolution
  15. 15. Transportation andCommunicationAdvancesSamuel F. B. Morse creates the telegraph