Nunes [career strategy] aston talk [slide share]


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Some thoughts about career strategy for PhDs

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Nunes [career strategy] aston talk [slide share]

  1. 1. Beyond Publish and Perish:Developing a Global Career StrategyDr Breno NunesLecturer in Operations ManagementOIM groupe-mail address: workshopAston Business SchoolBirmingham, UK, 01 MAY 2013
  2. 2. Developing a career strategyA deliberate plan to help you to achieve your long termgoals intelligently.RESULTSEFFORTS(£, time, energy)Strategic career
  3. 3. Who are your career stakeholders?• YOU• your supervisor• your family?• your co-authorsWhat are you trying to achieve?• Money• Prestige / popularity• Work flexibility / Free time• Personal satisfaction / enjoymentTodayTomorrow??????Next 5 yearsNext 10 years?
  4. 4. Career choices• Academic• Research position• Teaching position• R+T+C position• Industry / government• Consulting• Specialist area (industrial sector)• Governmental agencies• Third sector (Not for profit, NGOs)• Entrepreneur
  5. 5. Strategic areas for your career and quality of lifeFinancial SocialIntellectualPhysicalEmotionalSpiritualProfessionaldevelopment
  6. 6. Self-assessment(Today’s performance versus where I want to be)• Financial health• Networking / professional relationships• Physical / Emotional / spiritual wellbeing• Output-effort ratio (Productivity levels)• Skills needed versus your strengths and weaknesses
  7. 7. Career StrategyStrategic Importance for your careerPerformanceScaleHighLowWorsethanAsexpectedBetterthan Excess?AppropriateImproveUrgentActionAdapted from Slack, 1994
  8. 8. Pillars of an Academic CareerResearchPublications(analytical andwriting skills)Teaching(verbal and softskills)CommunityEngagement(Analytical andsocial skills)
  9. 9. International CareersIssues to be considered before applying• Where to go? (state, nation, continent, globe)• Language• Place• Mentors• Department• School• University• Where is next?• Long term career plan is essential!
  10. 10. Benefits of going for international experience• Language• Networking• Cultural learning• Better salary? Financial earnings?• Access to expertise (or experts)• Better infra-structure and resources?
  11. 11. MUST DO for academic career• Negotiate your teaching responsibilities• Publication strategy• Quality versus Time versus Effort• Demonstration of outputs in all areas• Demonstration of potential outputs• Time management• Networking / professional relationship management• Understanding the career life cycle and trade-offs• Learn the rules of the game quickly
  12. 12. Avoiding Pitfalls• Too much multi-tasking• Initiating too many things at the same time• Careful with benchmarking yourself against colleagues• Too much planning• Working too much on non-valuable outputs• Formal rules versus informal rules of the game
  13. 13. Final Considerations• Define well your personal and professional long-term goals• Make conscious career choices• Different countries and schools value different things• Equivalence of degrees & Certifications• Teaching vs Research vs Community• Value of interdisciplinary studies• Methodological positioning• Value of emerging topics• Publication rankings• World academic and industrial trends
  14. 14. Thanks!Dr Breno