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Public Library Budget Presentation to City of Bowman, North Dakota


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Presentation by the Bowman Regional Public Library to the Bowman City Commission, Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012. Reviews 2011 statistics and includes budget request for 2013.

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Public Library Budget Presentation to City of Bowman, North Dakota

  1. 1. Bowman Regional Public Library
  2. 2. How are North Dakota Public Libraries funded? City/County Library COUNTY CITY Mill Levy Mill Levy (Maximum 4 mills) (Maximum 4 mills) + + State/ND Library Aid Budgeted Funds + + ND State Library Aid ND State Library Aid = = County Support City SupportTo receive ND State Library Aid, we must provide evidence of sustained local support.
  3. 3. The library is WHAT percentage of the City Budget? Library Everything else
  4. 4. A Wise Investment $1 Invested $8.75 Yields $8.75 Return $1For every $1.00 invested in the Bowman Regional Public Library, $8.75 of value is returned to the community.
  5. 5. An Elephant poops about 165 pounds per day.
  6. 6. What would it cost to getthe same services from other alternatives?
  7. 7. The FormulaLibrary Statistics x Average Cost = Value of Services $767,885 $87,694 = Value of Services Library Expenses $ 8.75 Return on Dollars Invested
  8. 8. = $17.00 Average Cost = $153.00 The averages apply to books, ebooks, picture books, DVDs, audio books, newspapers, magazines, technology troubleshooting, interlibrary loan requests, children’s programs, computer classes, and reference questions.
  9. 9. 23,770 Check- outs
  10. 10. Senior citizen. Fixed income.Average 4 books a week. $3,536
  11. 11. Child who comes to Story Time.Average 3 books per visit.Average 1 DVD/VHS per visit. $1,640
  12. 12. 109 ProgramsRead 300+ Stories to Children
  13. 13. “The library program provides a different and exciting learning experience andenriches our curriculum. The children love the books and being read to. Library day is the highlight of our week.” Dee Dobitz, Director, Tot-Lot Childcare
  14. 14. 23,350+ VisitorsFrom 49 States and 5 countries.
  15. 15. Yesterday our travels were stopped byhigh winds and we were fortunate to be inBowman. What a great library & Better than the Bismarck Public Library.librarian! You made your internet Hands down.access available, we borrowed 2 DVDs &bought 6 books! Bowman has a rightto be very proud of this community “modest exterior conceals aasset. gem...”Thank you for sharing.Val & Kathy Paleski, Flagstaff, AZ This library is amazing.Wish ours at home was this good. Bowman is lucky to have as This is my favorite special a library as this and every librarian here is off the charts! place to stop when I Annual visitor from California get home to Bowman!As an out-of-town visitor I appreciate the availability of the library & the services offered.We have visited this library on numerous occasions. It provides very valuableservices and brings us into town.
  16. 16. SURVEY: What other places do you visit on the same trip as your library visit?
  17. 17. 5,410 Answers
  18. 18. How old was Theodore Roosevelt when he became President? How many days younger than JFK?TR was 42 years, 322 days oldat inauguration.JFK was 43 years, 236 days oldat inauguration.TR was 279 days younger.
  19. 19. Where is the nearest A.A. meeting?Where is the closest place to go for treatment?
  20. 20. How do I study for my CDL without reading the book?
  21. 21. And Many Others...Do you have a repair What do people I need a book about the do in this town? history of Cassette tapes. manual for a 1974 IH 200 pickup? What does a McDonald’s How do I find a franchise cost? vacant house for rent? Where do I go for The doctor at the hospital a list of daycares recommended this book. Do you have it? in the area? I think my mother has Alzheimers disease. Is there something I can read?
  22. 22. Technology Questions. I got a Kindle® ! Now what? How do I make my cellphone put in letters instead of numbers? How do I sign up for an email address? What is “right” click? Where do I click? How do I download these photos from my digital camera? How do I send attachments via email?
  23. 23. Jobs. Can you help me make a resume? How do I get hired on a rig? How do I find an Oil Field job?I need help filling out the online job application.
  24. 24. “The computersare being used forjob searching.” KellyKudrna, DirectorStanley Public Library
  25. 25. 9,017 Computer Users** Not including the many who use the Wi-Fi after hours. Sitting in the parking lot.
  26. 26. Job Searching. Sample tests for Jobs & Education - including ACT Finding housing. Prep, GED Practice Exams, and Careers (Real Estate,Talking via Skype to family. Law Enforcement, Plumbing, EMS) Email. Access to Technology Facebook. Auto Repair Reference Center. Language Learning. Microsoft Office. Online Tutoring. Online Banking. Encyclopedia Britannica.
  27. 27. Meeting Room & Classroom Monday, June 12, 2012 5:30 AM - 8:30 AM Oil Energy Safety Meeting 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Farmer’s Union Day Camp 10:00 AM - Tutor meeting with students 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Library Open148 Visitors came through the front door.
  28. 28. Building Partnerships Rotary Club Chumps Investment Club Dakota Western Bank Back Room Quilters Prairie Mountain Electric County Extension Agent Lasting Visions Sage Grouse Dale’s Clothing 4-H Clubs Consolidated Telcom Boys & Girl Scouts Lions Club Oil Energy Safety Education Bowman County Education Association Hunter’s Safety Classes Bowman Chamber of Commerce Butterflies & ABLE Bowman Chiropractic Clinic Head Start Yesterday’s Farmers Dollars for Scholars Tri-State Chiropractic Clinic Township meetings And the many individuals who sponsorBowman County Economic Development magazines, books & programs and Corporation donated memorials to the library.Small Business Development Corporation Tot-Lot Daycare Retired Teachers Pioneer Trails Regional Museum Prairie Rose Art Association Delta Kappa Gamma North Dakota State Library Bowman County Commissioners Bowman City Commissioners
  29. 29. Children reading. An outing for the family. Technology for Safe place for kids. those with special needs. Indirect benefitsQuality of Place. A Welcoming Community. Cultural Oasis. Recreation.
  30. 30. What is the most important contribution the library makes to your life?
  31. 31. "I love the hometown hospitality and the knowledge I can find from ourlibrarians. I love the feel of the library when I visit. My teenage daughters still enjoy coming to the library as well - now that’s something!” “It is a great place for my kids to hang out.” “Provides me with the latest popular novels to read. I prefer reading a good book to television. There is a wonderful selection, and it just keeps getting better. “ “It’s a nice place in the community - our cultural center - where everyone benefits.”” “When we moved back from MN I was so glad for story time at the library. We wanted to be back in this community but with all the child classes, early childhood & family education etc, we were able to do in MN I was worried about what our kids would do in this small community. I was so happy with all the library offered. I really am truly grateful for our awesome librarians & everything the library offers!” “Makes me proud of my town.” “It is our source of our life. Our children go for story time and to just get away from home. I go for books, books and more books... Makes life more enjoyable.”
  32. 32. What we need A part-time librarian to help with TechnologyA part-time librarian to serve Rhame & Scranton Janitorial Service Capital Improvement Fund Technology Fund
  33. 33. 4 Mills + $16,100 Budget + $3,000 Increase($1,500 eBooks + $1,500 employee retention) + Lost State Aid
  34. 34. Bowman Regional Public
  35. 35. Average Cost of Library Services Hardcover book = $17 Paperback book = $7 Children’s picture book = $12 Audiobook borrowed = $10 Interlibrary Loan Request = $30 eBook = $15 Magazine = $5 DVD/VHS = $5 Meeting Room/hour = $50 Programs/Classes = $10 Children’s Programs = $6 Computer use = $12/hr.