Reading on e readers, tablets and phones: Hardware and software for inclusive literacy


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This presentation was delivered to EICE 2014 ( and later as an updated webinar in December 2014.

Watch the recorded presentation here:

The benefits of using an e-reader go far beyond mere convenience of not having to carry bulky volumes. An e-ink device like the Kindle, a tablet or even just a smartphone, all of these are making a huge difference to many struggling readers. They do it by allowing customisation of the way text is displayed, making it possible to listen while reading or even instead of reading, and not least importantly how much is in front of the reader's eyes at any one moment.

This session will provide a survey of the latest hardware, software as well as the best sources of accessible documents. We will cover the pros and cons of different types of screens, best reading software for the iPad and Android tablets, and best ways of getting your e-books from anywhere onto your device. Finally, we will address ways of making the most out of an e-reading device in the school environment.

Parts of this session were developed for the Load2Learn project and parts during the iLearnRW project.

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  • The apps available depend on the system you’re using.
  • Google Play Books also available on iOS but not vice versa
  • Many more free alternatives on Android
  • Many more free alternatives on Android
  • Many more free alternatives on Android
  • Many more free alternatives on Android
  • Some screenshots from FB reader and Moon+ reader
  • Reading on e readers, tablets and phones: Hardware and software for inclusive literacy

    1. 1. Inclusive reading on e-readers, tablets and phones Dominik Lukeš, Education & Technology Specialist, @techczech,
    2. 2. Research based on work on these two projects:
    3. 3. eReaders vs Tablets Which tablet What apps Where to get books How to read accessibly
    4. 4. eReaders v Tablets
    5. 5. eReader Tablet
    6. 6. eReader Tablet Single purpose No-glare screen Long battery life Limited customisation No apps No multimedia Cheaper Multi-purpose Glary screen Short(er) battery life Customisation Thousands of apps Audio, video, web cam (More) expensive
    7. 7. eReader Tablet Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Kobo Glo Kobo Touch Nook GlowLight Nook Simple iRiver Story Kindle Fire (HD, etc.) Nexus 7 Samsung Tab 7, 8, 10 Asus, Lenovo, Acer, ... iPad Mini, iPad Tesco Hudle Phones
    8. 8. Why read on an eReader or Tablet?
    9. 9. Customisation (Font size, type, colour, etc.) Easier to get and carry books Chunking (less threatening to read) Additional support (Dictionary, Wikipedia, etc.)
    10. 10. There is some research to indicate that reading text in very small chunks is beneficial for dyslexic readers with processing difficulties. For these readers, even reading on a phone would be beneficial.
    11. 11. Ideal tablet for reading?
    12. 12. 7-8 inch screen £90-£199 (or iPad Mini or Galaxy Note 8)
    13. 13. What apps?
    14. 14. CC-BY Some rights reserved by 'Ajnagraphy'
    15. 15. Two types of reading apps 1 Tied in to store 2 Independent
    16. 16. Buy books in app Only read purchased books 1
    17. 17. Google Play Books Apple iBooks
    18. 18. Read any book Limits with DRM No books purchased on Amazon 2
    19. 19. FB Reader Moon+ Reader Cool Reader Overdrive Bluefire Reader
    20. 20. Bookshare Reader IDEAL Group Reader Dyslektz Reader Specialist accessible reader apps
    21. 21. Speed Reader ReadQuick Speed reading apps Auto Reader 3D Accelleread
    22. 22. EZ PDF Readability Reading PDFs and news Feedly Pocket iAnnotate PDF
    23. 23. Calibre
    24. 24. Free e-book manager Copy e-books to device PC and Mac
    25. 25. Ideal reader app
    26. 26. Full font/colour customisation Text to speech Library with tie in to online repositories
    27. 27. Research in reader interfaces
    28. 28. Watch this space … …and
    29. 29. Where do you get books
    30. 30. Tied to one account Only readable on Amazon apps / devices Limited customisation Limited ownership
    31. 31. Repositories of free ebooks Out of copyright Free originals Mixed with paid books Plugins for some readers
    32. 32. Selected local libraries Copy-protection Also readable in Aldiko (Pro version only)
    33. 33. UK Curriculum textbooks Free for schools to sign up For print-disabled users only
    34. 34. Fiction by fans of TV, Film, Books Excelent to poor Encourages engagement and writing Parental guidance (some adult content)
    35. 35. Thank you @techczech
    36. 36.