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Have i heard that story before


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This is the good version. The basic plotline of rom-coms

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Have i heard that story before

  1. 1. Haven’t I heardthat story before? It’s the same old song… just a different beat
  2. 2. It Happened One Night (1934) • Claudette Colbert runs away from her rich father to be with the man she loves • Reporter Clark Gable threatens to tell her father where she is, if she doesn’t give him an exclusive story • Although she hates him, he helps her to go to the man she loves • In the end, she falls in love with him
  3. 3. Lili (1958) • Leslie Caron joins a circus, doesn’t like bitter puppet master Mel Ferrer • His sidekick is his assistant, hers are the puppets • She is love with the magician, who she doesn’t know is already married • In the end, she realizes that the puppetmaster loves her
  4. 4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) • Audrey Hepburn is a prostitute, George Peppard a gigolo • Audrey’s sidekicks: her customers, George, his mistress • Audrey plans to marry Jose and move to Brazil • In the end, she and George come together
  5. 5. Overboard (1987) • Goldie Hawn is a rich bitch who hires poor widower carpenter Kurt Russell ; she is engaged to another person • Her sidekick is her butler, his is his children • She gets amnesia and Kurt Russell, to get back, tells her that she is hs wife • She gets to love him and his children, but then gets her memory back and leaves • In the end, she comes back to him
  6. 6. Moonstruck (1987) • Cher meets Nicholas Cage, her fiance’s brother • Cher’s sidekick is her mother, his is his brother • She’s engaged to Danny Aiello • In the end, she comes together with Nicholas
  7. 7. Look Who’s Talking (1989) • Poor cabdriver John Travolta falls for rich executive Kirstie Alley, who wants nothing to do with him – – she has a child by another man • His sidekick is the baby, hers is her mother • When she realizes the father doesn’t love her, she accepts John’s love
  8. 8. When Harry Met Sally (1989) • Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan meet, don’t like each other • Billy Crystal has his sidekick Bruno Kirby, Meg Ryan has Carrie Fischer • Both Billy and Meg go out with different people • At the end, they come together
  9. 9. You’ve Got Mail (1998) • Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet (in person), don’t like each other • Meg has her sidekicks (employees), Tom has Dabney Coleman (father) and Dave Chapelle (employee) • Tom’s girlfriend is Parker Posey, Meg’s boyfriend is Greg Kinnear • Finally at the end, they come together
  10. 10. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) • Meg Ryan writes to Tom Hanks, but he doesn’t want to meet her • Meg has her sidekick (Rosie O’Donnell), Tom’s is played by Rob Reiner • Tom goes out with Barbara Garrick, Meg with Bill Pullman • In the end, they come together
  11. 11. While You Were Sleeping (1995) • Bill Pullman meets Sandra Bullock, who claims to be engaged to his brother (who is in a coma) and doesn’t trust her • Bill’s “sidekick” is his father, Sandra’s is her boss • Sandra almost marries Bill’s brother • In the end, she and Bill get together
  12. 12. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) • Julia Roberts is best friends with Dermot Mulroney • Her (male) “sidekick” is her boss, Rupert Everett, his is his fiance, Cameron Diaz • She tries to break up their relationship to win him for herself, but only gets him angry at her when she breaks up their engagement • In the end, she restores the friendship by bringing them back together. The film ends with him married to his sidekick and her dancing with her sidekick
  13. 13. Legally Blonde (2001) • Reese Witherspoon meets Luke Wilson, but is trying to win back Matthew Davis • Her sidekick is her dog, or maybe Jennifer Coolidge; his sidekick is his boss, Victor Garber • She ignores Luke while trying to win back her ex • In the end, she realizes that Luke is the one for her
  14. 14. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) • Reese Witherspoon is separated from Josh Lucas and wants to marry Patrick Dempsey • Her sidekick is an old friend, his is the entire town • She tries everything possible to get Josh to agree to a divorce • In the end, she leaves Patrick Dempsey and goes back to him
  15. 15. The Wedding Planner (2001) • Jennifer Lopez is planning Matthew McConnaghey’s wedding • Her sidekick is her father, his is his fiance • His fiance puts them together a lot and they fall in love • In the end, he doesn’t marry his fiance and comes to her
  16. 16. How to lose a guy in 10 days (2003) • Matthew McConnaghey makes a bet to go out with Kate Hudson, who is writing an article on how to dump a boyfriend • Matthew’s sidekicks are the friends he made a bet with, Kate’s is the boss who assigned the task • They both find out about what the other was trying to do and break up • In the end, they get together