A Few Pages of My Favorite Vintage Movie Star Paper Dolls


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As as publisher of paper dolls, I have access to hundreds of vintage titles. I love to use this method of sharing larger images to lovers of paper dolls and movie stars. As my website www.papergoodies.com can only show them quite small.

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A Few Pages of My Favorite Vintage Movie Star Paper Dolls

  1. 1. A Few Pages from My Favorite Vintage Movie Star Paper Dolls <ul><li>by Judy M Johnson </li></ul><ul><li>As a restorer/ republisher of vintage paper dolls, (and artist) I have had access to hundreds of FAB titles. Here are a few pages from some of my favorite stars and artists. EnJoy! </li></ul><ul><li>All of these paper dolls can be found in their entirety on my website: </li></ul><ul><li>www.papergoodies.com </li></ul><ul><li>I have included mini-biographies & filmographies with most of the paper dolls shown here….just a few of my favs. I have selected most of them because of the artwork as well as the characters themselves. I love beautifully painted paper dolls. </li></ul><ul><li>R: Sweet Lillian Gish in her Silent Films One of two 1991 pages…. by moi  </li></ul>
  2. 2. 1953 Book: Original Title was After the Star, but Contract Situation Required Changing to Generic Title. You know who it is.
  3. 3. I always pictured beautiful Arlene Dahl as rich and classy….but doesn’t she make a gorgeous PIN-UP! From a 1953 book.
  4. 4. 1952, Ann Blyth; Such a lovely star. Who can forget her youthful, wonderful role with Joan Crawford, as her bratty daughter, in Mildred Pierce ? Hey, she SLAPPED Joan!
  5. 5. 1956 Book: Ann Sothern; Sassy, Funny, Charming! Unforgetable in her silly little, very successful Mazie series of films. Then much later in her own TV sit-com show. (She and Lucy were best of friends most of their lives.)
  6. 6. 1953 Ava Gardner: This was a big “folder set” which I restyled into a double-covered book with 8 pgs of gorgeous fashions. What a sexy, sultry, stylish star!
  7. 7. 1953 Book: Part of a 5 doll, double-covered book. Barbara Britton was not one of the biggest stars of the 50s, but she made her mark playing opposite the likes of Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea and John Wayne. Did you know she was the first “Laura” in the Dick Van Dyke Show?
  8. 8. 1943 Book; Betty is the kind of star you see in films and say, “What’s her name?” I have included lots of her press photos in the book to help you remember. She starred with John Wayne, Frederick March, Zachary Scott & other big names. Keep your eye out for her on TCM.
  9. 9. 1946; Darling Betty Grable, talented actress, singer, dancer. So cute! And those Legs! Had to show you a page of short costumes as she wore them often. Fox Studios never recorded any of her delightful songs. Big mistake. However she did record a few with her husband, band leader Harry James, under a false name. In the early 50s she was the top earning woman in the US! @ $300,000/year, but was soon unceremoniously dumped by her studio when her ratings fell. Oops, sorry…..Sheesh!
  10. 10. 1943 Book; Betty Hutton, a barrel of energy and talent! I love her in films…and came to love her more… when studying her for my Paper Studio Press book of her. Song writers with funny, fast paced songs loved to have Betty do their numbers, as she did them with such verve. Do a little search on YouTube for some of her song performances. Will blow you away. Watch for her delightul films on TCM: Greatest Show on Earth, Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, Annie Get Your Gun and others.
  11. 11. From 1943 Paper Doll Book: Claudette Colbert, born in France. What a Lady! Always classy, charming, stylish and so beautiful. We’ll never forget her with Clark Gable in 1934- It Happened One Night…and check those gams, when they try hitch-hiking! She broke our hearts along with hers in: 1934 -Imitation of Life, and 1944- Since You Went Away. She made us laugh in 1942- The Palm Beach Story and 1947- The Egg & I…. and sooooo many more wonderful films. She’s always great!
  12. 12. Connie Stevens; She was a singer, film & TV star before her more famous gig as Cricket in Hawaiian Eye. Who can forget her quirky little voice singing, Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb? She went on to many successful years in her one-woman song & dance show in Las Vegas. What a gal! I have added a newly designed cover, repainted face on the doll (it didn’t look like her!) and lots of additional photos to this (originally boxed) set of 1961.
  13. 13. From 1956 Paper Doll Book: Classical ballerina Cyd Charise (born Tulla Finklea.) The name Sid came from a sibling trying to say “Sis”. MGM changed the spelling to Cyd, and added an equally exotic last name. She studied ballet (eventually with Nijnsky!!) to recover from childhood polio and danced in some major productions before coming to film. We are so glad she did! She was one of Fred Astair’s favorite dance partners. (Silk Stockings) and Gene Kelly’s too (Singing in the Rain) Worth doing a search on classic film channels to find her. A darling, generous lady, she just passed in early 2010. She and singer Tony Martin were wed over 50 years. Now that says a lot for them both!
  14. 14. From 1960 Paper Doll Book: We have retitled Bon Voyage Debbie Reynolds to differentiate from another Debbie book we have. In this one she travels…makes sense. Who doesn’t love this indomitable, perky, feisty, funny, super-talented actress, singer, dancer (& beloved mom) ? I sure do love her in all her films. She holds her own with the biggest stars: Gene Kelly & Donald O’Conner ( Singing in the Rain ) Frank Sinatra ( The Tender Trap .) And her singing & dancing!!! What a voice. Ya can’t help but love her. She’s just amazing. Debbie once had a costume museum in Vegas, showing 1000s of items she saved from the big MGM auctions. Where is that great stuff now?
  15. 15. From 1954 Paper Doll Book with costumes beautifully painted by Betty Anderson.
  16. 16. From 1955 Paper Doll Book with great costumes! (maybe painted by Betty Anderson) Dinah was beloved in movies, on TV and on song recordings. She loved wearing beautiful clothes too, and actually designed many of them herself, as the cover design of this book indicates. Yes, those are her designs. Dinah studied voice & acting after surviving (with the Sister Kenny treatments) childhood polio. She graduated Vanderbilt U. in sociology…smart gal! Wed 20 years to George Montgomery..I’ve got a restored PD book coming soon of them. A talented, interesting lady…worth looking up.
  17. 17. From 1959 Paper Doll Book: Donna Reed. A film star before she became famous as a TV mom in her own Donna Reed Show
  18. 18. From 1958 Book: Two dolls and beautifully painted clothes. Elaine was not a huge star, but the films she was in were good: She started films in 1951 as support actor in The Bad & The Beautiful with Kirk Douglas, and Brigadoon with Gene Kelly & Cyd Charise, as Ann Boleyn in Young Bess with Jean Simmons & Stuart Granger.
  19. 19. From 1956 Book: More paper doll books were made of Elizabeth than any other star…and why not! She was so stunningly gorgeous and dresses so beautifully. We loved her in the movies since she was 12 in National Velvet, and dozens of movies after that, a few: A Date With Judy (w/Jane Powell,) Little Women, Father of the Bride (w/Spencer Tracy,) A Place in the Sun (Monty Clift,) The Last Time I Saw Paris (Van Johnson,) Giant (rock Hudson,) Raintree County (Monty Clift,) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (,Paul Newman,) Butterfield 8 (Lawrence Harvey,) Cleopatra (Richard Burton,) and MORE…..
  20. 20. From 1950 Merrill Book: One of the most beautifully painted paper doll books EVER! Fabulous cover art painted by George Pollard, clothes by Nan Pollard. No one has ever been the Big Splash of a star as gorgeous actor/champion swimmer/singer & dancer as Esther Williams. Her movies were beautifully shot, her numbers extravagantly staged, and the stories sometimes light and funny, and sometimes serious and biographical. Always a joy to watch, wet or dry!
  21. 21. I love this book so much, it’s getting 2 slide pages to show you. Look at that stunning gold lame painted bathing suit! Knockout!!!
  22. 22. From 1953: Pretty, personable Gale Storm was in many films before she charmed us in her two successful TV series, &quot;My Little Margie&quot; and &quot;The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna&quot; A lovely singer too, we lost her in 2009.
  23. 23. From 1955: America’s own beautiful princess, was a fine actress before wedding Prince Rainier of Monaco. We loved her in “Philadelphia Story” (Jimmy Stewart & Cary Grant,) “Country Girl” (won Oscar…with Bing Crosby,) “Rear Window” & “Dial M for Murder” for Hitchcock, “High Noon” (Gary Cooper,) “To Catch a Thief” (her last film, with Cary Grant,) & others.
  24. 24. From 1944: A book I “made-over” from a cut set, added press photos and biography of this fabulous star. One of my favorite films is her Oscar winning 1942 Random Harvest with Ronald Colman, featured on this page with costumes from the film. For being a late-starter in films, she did many top grossing films incl. Goodbye Mr. Chips, Pride & Prejudice, When Ladies Meet, Mrs. Miniver, Julia Misbehaves, Madame Curie, Valley of Decision, That Forsyth Woman , (+ more…) and later in life as Eleanor Roosevelt in Sunrise at Campobello. Well worth following/collecting her films!!
  25. 25. From Merrill 1942: One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood EVER, and beautifully painted in this book. Both dolls have a good likeness, and the clothes are simply lovely. Cameramen were so fascinated with her fabulous face (w/close-ups) other actresses felt slighted. Have a look at her biography, talented actress & inventor. Discover how this Viennese born lady’s escape to freedom, and her contribution to WWII and America, helped defeat Hitler. Some films: Algiers , Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck, Boomtown with Spencer Tracy, White Cargo playing Tondelayo, Ziegfeld Girl with Judy Garland and Lana Turner, Joan of Arc and more.
  26. 26. From 1952: A modified Jane Powell book. I added new color photos on the covers, more shots inside, as well as usual restorations. A darling petite lady today (I visited with her a couple years ago) feels fortunate to have had such a rich life in films and friends. A dancer, actress, with an amazing soprano voice knocked ‘em out at MGM when just a teen. Some films: Date with Judy, Three Daring Daughters (Jeanette MacDonald) Nancy Goes to Rio, Two weeks with Love (Ricardo Montalban,) Royal Wedding (Astair,) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Howard Keel,) Deep in My Heart (Jose Ferrer)….& more.
  27. 27. From 1953 - Pollard Covers: Janet Leigh had a long entertainment career. She was a versatile, talented actress, discovered at the ski resort where Janet's parents worked, by Norma Shearer. Her first film at the age of 20 was The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947). Other top roles were in: Little Women (1949) with Elizabeth Taylor, June Allyson and Margaret O'Brien; Psycho (1960) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock  for which she received an Academy Award; The Manchurian Candidate (1962), in which she starred with Frank Sinatra . She penned successful novels of Hollywood…very good writing. I read & enjoyed House of Destiny which starts off with the heroine at a ski resort…like Janet herself.
  28. 28. From 1938 – A gorgeously painted book by Avis Mack, of the child-to-adult star. I love Mack’s art, and I love Jane too. Had the joy of chatting at length with her at a California Paper Doll Convention…which she loves to attend. Jane was a chronicler of Hollywood history, and warehoused 1,000s of items from films. Much was sold at auction a few years ago to help maintain her home and health. She is still with us at this writing, (April 2010) but healing from a broken hip. Ever brash and sassy, she provided years of entertainment from Shirley Temple films to teen films to TV ads as Josephine the Plumber
  29. 29. A beautifully painted book from 1953 – One of the loveliest ladies in Hollywood, noted for her perfect figure, she appeared in some top films: Height: 5' 5&quot; (1.65 m) Measurements: 35 1/2-25-35 1/2 (in 1950), Movie and Broadway actress, former fashion model, Discovered by Broadway producers, which helped her successful career on stage. This then led to movies at Paramount Pictures. A most memorable role was in The Unsuspected (1947), opposite Claude Rains at the Warner Brothers Studio. Blue Skies (Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire,) Dear Ruth (William Holden,) The Petty Girl (Bob Cummings,) The Lady Says No (David Niven,)…and more.
  30. 30. From a 1958 book with art by Ray Quigley- Julie is one of our best loved stars having appeared in dozens of films as both a musical and dramatic star...and as a fine comedienne. We joyfully welcomed her into our hearts in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music . We laughed with her in Victor Victoria, in &quot;10&quot; and on the Carol Burnett Show . We cried with her in Darling Lily and Hawaii . Now her lovely singing voice is gone, but we still love her in films like The Princess Diaries , Heloise, made for TV/cable productions and more.
  31. 31. A beautifully painted book from 1953 with great likenesses and gorgeous costumes – Kim Novak, the ultimate beautiful cool blonde, she appeared in Hitchcock’s Vertigo with Jimmy Stewart (who I met when I was 12 and he was in Marquette filming Anatomy of a Murder . The author was a fishing buddy of my dad’s) Other films: Picnic (William Holden,) The Eddie Duchin Story (Tyrone Power,) Jeanne Eagels (Jeff Chandler,) Pal Joey (Frank Sinatra,) Bell, Book & Candle (Stewart,) notorious Landlady (Jack Lemmon,) Boys Night Out (Tony Randall,) Of Human Bondage (Lawrence Harvey,) Moll Flanders by DeFoe, Agatha Christy’s The Mirror Crack’d (Angela Lansbury & Tony Curtis) … & more. I always enjoy her films.
  32. 32. From a 1942 book with costumes painted by Hilda Miloche ; I added new press photos. Lana was a beautiful highly popular star from 1937-1991, who had many marriages and plenty of domestic drama. All she ever wanted was to have a happy home, be a wife and mother and act in films. Her partners had other ideas…much to her regret. Her only child loved her mom, and did a beautiful tribute- coffee table book- showing Lana at her best, made up and dressed perfectly, as she always wanted to be. Some memorable films: Rich Man, Poor Girl (Robert Young,) Slightly Dangerous (Robt Young,) Two Girls on Broadway (George Murphy,) Zeigfeld Girl (Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr, Jimmy Stewart.) Honky Tonk (Clark Gable,) DuBarry Was a Lady (Red Skelton, Lucille Ball,) The Postman Always Rings Twice (John Garfield,) Green Dolphin Street (Van Heflin,) A Life of Her Own (Ray Milland,) Imitation of Life (Sandra Dee, John Gavin,) Madame X (John Forsyth,) and more. Her last film was 1991, Thwarted .
  33. 33. A beautifully painted book from 1956 with great likenesses and gorgeous costumes – Loretta never appeared without looking perfectly dressed & groomed. I loved her grand costume entrances to her TV drama shows in the late 50s-early 60s. She began in silent films… all through the 60s. Some of her oh-so-watch-able films: The Doctor Takes a Wife (Ray Milland,) Born to be Bad (Cary Grant,) A Night to Remember (Brian Aherne,) Eternally Yours (David Niven,) Rachel & the Stranger (Wm Holden,) The Bishop’s Wife (David Niven & Cary Grant,) The Farmer’s Daughter (Joseph Cotton,) & MANY more…
  34. 34. A beautifully painted book from 1944 with great likenesses and gorgeous costumes – A noted singing, dancing Broadway star, appeared in films too. Perhaps most noted on stage for playing Peter Pan , and Nellie in South Pacific…and for being Larry Hagman’s mom. Some of her films: The Rage of Paris (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) Love They Neighbor (Fred Allen & Jack Benny,) Birth of the Blues (Bing Crosby,) Kiss the Boys Goodbye (Don Ameche,) Star Spangled Rhythm (Betty Hutton,) Happy Go Lucky (Dick Powell & Eddie Bracken,) Night and Day (Cary Grant,) …… to a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  35. 35. A beautifully painted 1957 book of a winsome star who was in films from the age of 4. Some childhood films: Tomorrow is Forever (w/Claudette Colbert,) The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (w/Gene Tierney,) Miracle on 34 th Street (Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwenn) She continued successfully into her adolescence & teens: Never a Dull Moment (Irene Dunne,) Our Very Own (Ann Blyth,) Rebel Without A Cause (Oscar Nom. w/James Dean,) The Searchers (John Wayne.) Thence into adulthood: Marjory Morningstar (Gene Kelly) Westside Story , Splendor in the Grass (won Oscar,) Gypsy (won Golden Globe,) Inside Daisy Clover (won Golden Globe,) From Here to Eternity (for TV..won Golden Globe,) continuing with winning roles until her untimely drowning at only age 43.
  36. 36. From a 1955 book with nice likenesses and beautifully painted clothes: Her first Hollywood film was in 1952, Forever Female , opposite Ginger Rogers. She made many movies, mostly as a supportive character, did some Broadway acting, but most noted for her television work, appearing in dozens of TV shows; in soap operas, ( Generations, Port Charles, General Hospital, Dynasty,) in TV dramas ( Melrose Place, Family Law, Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210 , The Closer ) on sit-coms ( Frasier, Friends, Empty Nest ,) and her own lead in TV's Please Don't Eat the Daisies and in TV's version of   Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Powell's earlier film, A Date With Judy. At this writing she is still alive, well and working.
  37. 37. A 1957 book with two variations showing two covers; Patti Page stands as THE biggest singing stars of the 1950s, and still strong into the 60s. A “torch” singer, with jazzy stylings, and a bit of a sultry voice, Patti was the first to do several tracks of singing, doing her own harmonies as in her early years, she couldn’t afford back-up singers. It proved hugely successful with titles such as: How Much is That Doggie in the Window?, The Tennesee Waltz (one of the best selling singles of all time,) Allegheny Moon, In Old Cape Cod , Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte & many more. She hosted her own TV variety show in 1955. Her last recording was in 1968, but she continued performing into the 1990s. Recording stars also made good-selling paper dolls
  38. 38. From a beautifully painted 1953 book: Partial FILMOGRAPHY and the Parts She Played Ain't Misbehavin ' (1955) .... Sarah Bernhardt Hatfield &quot;The Best of Broadway&quot; .... Billie Moore (1955) - Broadway (1955) TV Episode .... Billie Moore Smoke Signal (1955) .... Laura Evans Dawn at Socorro (1954) .... Rannah Hayes Johnny Dark (1954) .... Liz Fielding Dangerous Mission (1954) .... Louise Graham ... aka Rangers of the North (USA) The Golden Blade (1953) .... Princess Khairuzan The Mississippi Gambler (1953) Angelique 'Leia' Dureau Son of Ali Baba (1952) .... Princess Azura of Fez aka Kiki Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (1952) .... Millicent Blaisdell No Room for the Groom (1952) .... Lee Kingshead The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951) .... Tina Francis Goes to the Races (1951) .... Frances Travers The Milkman (1950) .... Chris Abbott Louisa (1950) .... Cathy Norton…Plus DOZENS of TV Roles
  39. 39. More costume pages for Piper Laurie. They are so pretty, I needed an extra page to show you. 8 costume pages in all.
  40. 40. A lovely 1954 book painted by Betty Campbell: There were many pages to color, included with the costume pages, telling of the star’s life. Still beautiful today, and still active in business, my daughter, Jenny, met at the home of the star to arrange a deal for a new paper doll book for Paper Studio Press. Her birthday is right between mine and Jenny’s (August 10 th . Jen’s is the 9 th & mine the 11 th ) Ms. Fleming is a great benefactor donating a hospital wing and supporting women’s health issues. A few of her films: Spellbound w/Ingrid Bergman, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court w/Bing Crosby, Cry Danger w/Dick Powell, Serpent of the Nile as Cleopatra w/Raymond Burr, While the City Sleeps w/Dana Andrews, Gunfight at OK Corral w/Kirk Douglas & The Patsy w/Jerry Lewis
  41. 41. A lovely 1954 book featuring the singing-dancing star in one of her big roles as Carmen. She was America’s 2 nd princess, having wed Prince Aly Kahn, with whom she had her only child, daughter, Yasmin. Over 60 films include: Only Angels Have Wings w/Cary Grant, Blood and Sand w/Tyrone Power, You’ll Never Get Rich and You Were Never Lovelier- both w/Fred Astaire, Cover Girl w/Gene Kelly, Gilda w/Glenn Ford, the Lady From Shanghai w/husband Orson Wells, Salome w/Stuart Granger, Pal Joey w/Frank Sinatra & Kim Novak, Down to Earth w/Larry Parks, Circus World w/John Wayne. Her last film was in 1972 The Wrath of God w/Robert Mitchum. She died young (68) of Alzheimer’s disease. She wryly commented that men married her as Gilda, but woke up with Rita.
  42. 42. From a 1956 book; Rosemary Clooney is one of the biggest singing stars ever. Her CD release of a couple years ago, after her death, won an Emmy. She is also noted for her musical films such as Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby. A few of her songs: Blue Skies, Bocha Me, Count Your Blessings, Hey There, In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, It Don’t Mean a Thing, Sisters, Sophisticated Lady, Tenderly, This Old House, You’re Just In Love, Young at Heart. Her songs are popular today with a whole new generation of music lovers. FYI-Her nephew George is quite a big star today too.
  43. 43. From a 1959 boxed set; One of the cutest film stars ever. She had a cute little voice, a cute little face and form which was popular with men and women, boys and girls. Her marriage to hit singer, Bobby Darrin made the covers of all the movie magazines for years. Though they divorced, they remained close and his untimely death caused her years of grief, dying quite young herself at age 62. A few of her films: Gidget w/James Darren, Imitation of Life w/Lana Turner, she picked up where Debbie Reynolds left off with Tammy Tell Me True & Tammy and the Doctor , Come September w/Rock Hudson & when she met Bobby, Take Her She’s Mine w/Jimmy Stewart, The Dunwich Horror w/Dean Stockwell, then several TV roles in: Night Gallery, Love American Style, Fantasy island, Police Woman and others.
  44. 44. From a 1955 book with nice likenesses of the stars, took a ton of restoration as the book we had was old and damaged…but it turned out nicely and I added lots of new photo insertions too. These stars were two of the best looking people in Hollywood and were hugely popular. They both died very young; Tyrone of a heart attack while doing a vigorous fencing scene @ age 44, and Linda in a fire @ age 42. Films in which they starred together were: Blood and Sand , and The Mark of Zorro .
  45. 45. From a 1957 book with nice portrait dolls and very pretty costumes; Vera Miles gained popularity for starring in films such as Psycho , The Searchers , The Wrong Man , The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Psycho II .
  46. 46. From a 1957 book; Virginia Mayo, a fan of paper dolls, attended California PD parties. Called The Gal with the Gorgeous Gams! Lovely Virginia graced many films 1940s - 90s, starring with some of Hollywood's top leading men & women. Some of her films: Jack London w/Susan Hayward, State Fair w/Jean Crain, The Kid from Brooklyn, The Secret Life of Walter Middy and A Song is Born all w/Danny Kay, Flaxy Martin w/Zachary Scott, The Best Years of Our Lives w/Dana Andrews, The Girl From Jones Beach , White Heat w/Cagney, The West Point Story w/Cagney & Joel McCrea, The Silver Chalice w/Jack Palance, Fort Utah w/ John Ireland, The Proud Ones w/Robert Ryan… to her last film in 1997- The Man Next Door. She died in 2005 at 84.