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Bizwatch Search Analytics Solving PPC & SEO Problemswith Bizwatch


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Bizwatch Search Analytics Solving PPC & SEO Problemswith Bizwatch

  1. 1. Using Bizwatch™ to Solve a Web Traffic Problem By Bizresearch Laura Thieme 2009 Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 1
  2. 2. What Happened to our PPC Conversions? Historically, we have managed PPC in-house. The other day, however, I mentioned to Bizresearch we might have a paid search campaign management issue. While our company had experienced overall sales growth YOY, I had a suspicion that paid search conversions were down… …I realized a campaign/ad group had been mistakenly paused. I wanted to know if we had lost business as a result of this? What affect did this mistake have on our business? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 2
  3. 3. •“My traffic is down” •“Year over year traffic has declined” •“I’m down on sales … my conversions have decreased.” •“I don’t know what happened … and my analytics program doesn’t make it easy for me to figure this out!” Don’t lose your head … Bizwatch can help. Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 3
  4. 4. Bizwatch Traffic Trend Analysis • Bizwatch will create a • Add us as 13-month trend “Administrator” to your analysis Google Analytics • Visual Charts & Tables account settings • Or, we can import from • Review Traffic Key Coremetrics or Omniture Performance Indicators analytics for a custom data- mapping fee (KPIs) • Know what changed & how to fix it Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 4
  5. 5. Laura imported 13 months of Google Adwords PPC data, along with Google Analytics data. Within an hour we were analyzing YOY campaign, ad group and specific keyword changes. We noted specifically three keywords that sent strong conversions. We were able to determine the exact amount of online orders lost, worth about $25,000. Within 2 hours, we pinpointed the problem and had the answers we needed. If we had Bizwatch in place prior to our peak season, we could have saved thousands in dollars of lost sales. Thanks, Laura. You’ve built a winner. Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 5
  6. 6. Traffic Trend Analysis Using Bizwatch to Determine Where Changes are Occurring & What to Do About Them Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 6
  7. 7. Do You Know Where Your Problem Is? • Often, we think the problem is in 1 place – Organic OR Paid OR Conversion Rates • Data is often in separate silos • Immense value exists in comparing trended organic vs paid visibility, traffic & conversion KPIs • 13 Months of Trend Analysis pinpoints problems Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 7
  8. 8. Bizwatch Organic vs Paid Traffic & Conversions – Easily Analyze Keyword Trends Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 8
  9. 9. 89 orders lost in May 09 (vs May 08) One Keyword Mistakenly Paused
  10. 10. What if You Have a Paid Search Problem but Don’t Know? • Prime example of when paid search is hurting • Do you have paid search full access to your data? • Are you tracking conversions YOY? • Are you trending data? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 10
  11. 11. Can You Afford to Lose 89 Customers? • How did this happen? – New agency or person working on paid search data – Didn’t have access to trended data – Due to inability to trend value, 1 campaign paused – Cost company 89 lifetime customers • How Can You Avoid Making Similar Decisions? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 11
  12. 12. Trend, Find & Fix the Problem • Keywords were turned back on mid-June 2009 • Campaign conversions are nearing 2008 conversions • Ensure Everything is Fixed…. Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 12
  13. 13. Trend Analysis Made Easy Conversions are Improving Conversion Rate Declining Cost Per Conversion Is Increasing A More Informed Discussion Takes Place with Bizwatch Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 13
  14. 14. Consistently Monitor Campaigns Operating in the Red Bizwatch Identifies: Campaigns & Ad Groups with < 2% CTR < 2% CVR > $50 Cost per Conversion > 3.0 Average Position Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 14
  15. 15. Have you ever lost SEO visibility? Did it affect your business? … A second case study A second case study Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 15
  16. 16. I lost my SEO ranking for a very important term… Find out if that “ego term” really sends conversions or not – just because keywords send traffic – does not mean that it’s your BEST keyword Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 16
  17. 17. Review SEO Ranking Reports Advanced Sort Features Advanced Filters Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 17
  18. 18. Lost SEO Visibility for Important KW • For nearly 10 months, a very important keyword’s Google visibility was lost • It was regained in June of 2009 after a lot of hard work • Just how important is this term to the business? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 18
  19. 19. What was this keyword phrase worth? Compare SEO visits, goals, conversion rate with PPC visits, goals, conversion rate Despite regaining SEO visibility … no conversions resulted for past 2 months …PPC paused on term due to decreasing ROAS Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 19
  20. 20. Ironically, Bizwatch identified another term was far more valuable, low traffic (<2,000 visits/yr) but high conversion rates (6.29%) brought 76 leads/yr Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 20
  21. 21. 1 Keyword is Worth 76 Leads However, SEO is sending only 16 of those leads Lesson Learned: Don’t Pause PPC despite #1 Google Ranking Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 21
  22. 22. Trended Traffic Improves Analysis Bizwatch use Google Analytics Monthly Data or Custom Export Creates Charts on All Traffic KPIs Shown Above: Traffic Visits & Conversions Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 22
  23. 23. Which Keywords Sent Top Conversions? It’s not just about traffic It’s about the sources/mediums/keywords that send conversions Ecommerce: Which keywords send top order conversions B2B: Which keywords send your BEST leads, aka profitable leads Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 23
  24. 24. Analyze Keyword Buckets Paid vs Organic KPIs Enhances Google Analytics Data Combines Site Usage, Goal Conversions, and Organic vs Paid Data One Table, Multiple Graphs/Charts No additional code required if already tracking with Google Analytics Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 24
  25. 25. Monitor SEO Competitors Where does your site fit in to the SEO competitive mix? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 25
  26. 26. Don’t venture out by yourself … Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Get Bizwatch Today 26
  27. 27. Bizwatch Monthly Reports • SEO, Competitors, Wordtracker, Paid Search & Website Analytics Reports • Pricing starts at $595/month • Setup fee to pull 13 months of data $995 for Google Analytics/Adwords – Coremetrics & Omniture custom reports are also available – ask for quote • 10% off if you mention this Slideshare presentation and send us the live link Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 27
  28. 28. Earn Bizwatch Referral Income • Earn a 10% referral fee – If client signs up with Bizwatch – At $595/month or more – You are eligible for a 10% referral fee – Check with us for details – Make sure they mention your name in the signup process – Let us know when you refer us business & thanks in advance! Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 28
  29. 29. Sales Contact Laura Thieme laura @ bizresearch dot com Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 *Depends on # of KWs, and if custom data is needed 29