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Is your company a third party interactive marketing solution or interactive marketing agency? Do your clients need Google Analytics services? Contact Vertical Nerve so we can discuss our Google Analytics agency model that includes commission re-seller and service provider (white labeling) opportunities!

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Google analytics agency model

  1. 1. Agenda• Intros• Google Analytics – 10 Unique Ways to Measure ROI• Google Analytics – Report Dive• Benefits (You + Client)• Q/A
  2. 2. Vertical Nerve• Help businesses connect with their audience online• Help them convert that audience into customers – Search Marketing – Analytics Consulting – Online Services – Mobile Services
  3. 3. Our Partnerships• 7 Years SEM Experience with small, medium & large brands• 100% in-house, certified consultants (no out-sourcing)• Millions in ad spend managed, always focused on ROI • Certified Microsoft Advertising agency • Only Preferred Partner in Texas
  4. 4. Our Partnerships (cont.) • 1 of 2 Certified Partners in Texas • Proven Expertise with Google Analytics for years • Consulting, Issue Support, Implementation, etc. • 1 of 5 Nationwide Resellers • Proven expertise with helping large organizations with analytics • New features, benefits for enterprise customers
  5. 5. Our Agency Partnerships• Support Local Creative Agencies• White-label and Disclosed Partnerships• Technical & Analytics Expertise to Supplement Agency Strengths
  6. 6. Why Do We Need Analytics?• Analytics helps you discover what works… …and STOP doing what doesn’t work.
  7. 7. Why Do We Need Analytics?• Without Data, Only the HiPPO Remains! (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)
  8. 8. Why Do We Need Analytics?• As an Agency: – Clients want data-driven decisions in our econ. – Benchmark success and prove ROI – Learn from losing, don’t replicate• As a Client: – Say good-bye to “Spray & Pray” marketing – Optimize ad spend towards concrete objectives
  9. 9. About Google Analytics• Installed on over 10M sites worldwide• 60% of Top 100k sites online Search• Online Marketing ROI Hub Affiliate GA Email Display
  10. 10. Google Analytics in 2012Google Analytics Standard Google Analytics Premium• Free & Easy to Use • Same Ease of Use• Real-time Reporting • Dedicated Support• APIs • Uptime Guarantees / SLAs• Mobile Reporting • Attribution Modeling• Social Interaction Reporting • Doubleclick Integration• Goal / E-com Tracking • Faster, Fresher Data• Custom Variables • Virtually No Data Caps• Right Choice for 99% • Well Suited for Enterprises
  11. 11. How it Works• Invisible page tag using JS & Cookies• When those pages are viewed, the code runs behind the scenes, sending data to Google’s secure servers• This data is processed and reported in Google Analytics• Note: Data is not shared without permission
  12. 12. What Does GA Track?• It Tracks a Visitor’s: – Approximate Location (city) – Browser and System Specs (OS, language, etc) – Referral Information (previous site and/or query)• It Does Not Track: – Email Addresses – Specific Locations – Any Personally Identifiable Information
  13. 13. 10 Unique Ways to Measure ROI Google Proprietary 15
  14. 14. Track Mobile Success• What % of a Site’s Traffic is from Mobile?• How are those Visitors Performing? Segment!• Look for High Bounce / Low Conversion Rates
  15. 15. Track QR CodesTo the website GA Tells You Which : 1. Produced more sales 2. More Leads 3. More Registrations 4. More Social Interactions Website 5. More Downloads 6. More Profit!
  16. 16. Track Social Interactions• Google Analytics is quickly adding social data• See when visitors on your site tweet, share, like, etc. & how those visitors compare to non- social visits
  17. 17. Track Offline Advertising• Billboards• TV ads• Newspaper / Magazine• Etc..
  18. 18. Optimize Purchase Flows• Discover Points of Abandonment• Optimize Drop-off Points• Improve overall Conversion Rate
  19. 19. See How Channels Work Together• New Multi-Channel Funnel Reports SEO Email Website
  20. 20. CRM Integrations• Important for lead generation websites• Campaign information all through the sales process Visit Lead Sale Campaign ABC Campaign ABC Campaign ABC
  21. 21. Watch Real-time Response• New to GA in 2011• Data within 2 seconds!
  22. 22. Track Website Speed• Studies have proven, slow sites = less money• GA now automatically tracks your page load times, so optimize your web experience
  23. 23. Executive Dashboards• GA + Other Data• Real-time Updates• Web-based, Mobile Friendly
  24. 24. Examples of Success
  25. 25. Global Restaurant Chain• Goals: 1. Use GA to benchmark against existing web analytics tool 2. Granular tracking sought for fast-pace online sales growth• Results – New insight into up/cross sale items • Ex: ingredients, appetizers) – Conversations thru out process • Delivery vs. take outs • Drop off points – Tracked against existing web analytics
  26. 26. Telecom Leader• Using GA as frontend to data warehousing strategy• Enable customer segmentation – By phone model, features, plan, etc..• Products – Grid vs. List – Which products compared together – Availability• Tracking Spend – Common measure across vendors • Social • Banner • Display • Search
  27. 27. National Resort Company• 150 Clubs and Resorts• Track on-line revenue – Tee-times, reservations, bookings, store sales, etc…• Interactive touch-screens – Pictures, Events, News, Club Updates, Awards
  28. 28. Century Old, Regional Auto Leader• Scroll reach – Track how far down people scroll (how many listings to show)• Ad Content Effectiveness – Which Specials bring highest return• Conversation points – Service – Trade-In estimates – Dealer locater – Etc….
  29. 29. Sample Reports
  30. 30. Goals & E-CommerceWhere the rubber hits the road…every website has one or more goals. Google Proprietary 32
  31. 31. Goals: Funnel Reporting Entering the funnel Leaving the funnel Defined goal• Examine where visitors enter and exit your conversion process• Identify which site paths lead to the most goal completions• Use your findings to test changes to your site Google Proprietary 33
  32. 32. Site Content: Visitor NavigationAnalyze how traffic moves through your site from entrance to exit Google Proprietary 41
  33. 33. Site Content: In-Page Analytics Optimize a page by analyzing usage metrics on all clickable items Google Proprietary 42
  34. 34. Internal Site Search• Understand how your users are searching on your site• Increase ease of use and discovery Google Proprietary 43
  35. 35. Intelligence ReportsAutomatically detect and surface significant changes in your keyperformance metrics that you should be aware of. Google Proprietary 44
  36. 36. Customizable AlertsTell Google Analytics what you want it to watch for by setting daily, weekly,and monthly triggers on different dimensions & metrics, and be notified byemail or directly in the Intelligence reports when they happen. Google Proprietary 45
  37. 37. Pivoting Pivot tables are no longer Excel magic, quickly cross-reference up to two metrics within one dimension against other dimensions Google Proprietary 46
  38. 38. Advanced Segmentation• Isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic post-data capture• Compare segments and key performance metrics side by side• Analyse your traffic with predefined or customized segments Google Proprietary 47
  39. 39. Custom Reporting• Create, save, and share reports that are important to your business• Simply drag-and-drop dimensions and metrics for customized reports Google Proprietary 48
  40. 40. Email Reports• Schedule reports to be delivered via Email• Select format (pdf, xls, csv, xml, tsv) and scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) Google Proprietary 49
  41. 41. Final Tips for Success• Utilize a Web Analytics Measurement Model• Find Metrics with Meaning (sales > hits)• Care for Analytics Accounts• Utilize Scheduled Email Reports• Share Data within your Organization
  42. 42. Additional Resources• Our Weekly Newsletter (leave your bus. card)• Blogs – (Official GA Blog) – – (Pure Gold)• Books – Advanced Web Analytics with Google Analytics – Web Analytics 2.0
  43. 43. You + Us• How can we engage? – GA Audits • GREAT start, excellent insight has been provided – Executive Forums – Team / Client Trainings – Analysis / Insights – Analytics Strategy
  44. 44. Q&A