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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Google Apps Setup & Security Success


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Backupify's Wizards of Google Apps webinar features Karl Rivers, founder of and Fintan Murphy, CEO and Co-founder of Damson Cloud providing their best practice tips for Google Apps data setup and security.

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Google Apps Setup & Security Success

  1. 1. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Google Apps Setup & Security Success
  2. 2. A Few Housekeeping Items • This webinar will be recorded and sent to attendees • Please use the chat pane in your GoToWebinar console to ask questions throughout the webinar
  3. 3. About Backupify Market Leader in Cloud to Cloud Backup Simple, Automated, Secure backup of your cloud data • Google Apps • • And more!
  4. 4. Introducing the Wizards Karl Rivers Network Manager for Biddenham International School and IT Lead Professional at Bedfordshire Borough Council, England Founder of edtech site
  5. 5. Introducing the Wizards Fintan Murphy CEO and co-founder of Damson Cloud
  6. 6. Project Roles and Workstreams 40% Change Management Project Management Technical Configuration 30% 30% . Technical Lead Change Mgmt Lead Technical Lead Project Sponsor Project Manager Project Manager Mail Engineer Network Engineer Technical Specialists Training Specialists Change Mgmt Lead Communications Specialists
  7. 7. Deployment Rollout Approach The “3-Phased” migration approach is a proven method recommended by Google's Deployment Team. Phase Objective ● Confirm technical design ● Identify integration points ● Become familiar with tools and functionality ● Validate migration approach ● Gather user feedback to enable customized user training and communication ● Enable Google Guides ● Bring the entire organization on the same system ● Uses Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Chat on Day One ● Begin adoption of other tools (Sites, Docs, etc.) post-go-live Core IT Adoption Early Adopters Global Go- Live Core IT Adoption Early Adopters Global Go-Live
  8. 8. Google’s Proven Change Management Go-live and beyond Readiness Communications Training ● Executive sponsorship ● User group analysis ● Champions network ● Elevator pitch ● Marketing strategy ● Project communications ● Training needs analysis ● Curriculum development ● Delivery and evaluation ● Go-live support ● Celebrate success ● Life in the cloud Methodology
  9. 9. For more information on deployment change management, check out:
  10. 10. Avoid a Data Migration Headache Time to evaluate…..should you go it alone?
  11. 11. Top 5 Tips for Data Migration
  12. 12. # 1 - W.H.W. What How Who Mail ● Email ● Archives Calendar ● Events ● Resources Contacts Approach ● Server-side ● Client-side Tools ● Google ● Third party ● Custom developed VIP and Power Users ● Executives ● Headquarters General Office Users ● Majority case Field Users ● Desk-less employees
  13. 13. # 2 - Start Early
  14. 14. # 3 - Migration Tools
  15. 15. # 4 - Don’t Duplicate Data!
  16. 16. # 5 - Partner Up
  17. 17. Account Sync in a Snap  Use Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) to sync accounts Use Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS) to sync passwords
  18. 18. Customization Time Adapt your implementation to fit the needs of your unique organization!
  19. 19. Customization Checklist  Logo Business URLs Third-Party plugins to customize login page Use OU’s to decide which apps are for which users Leverage APIs to generate reports, company specific applications, or hacks
  20. 20. Check Out the Google Apps Marketplace
  21. 21. Marketplace Favorite gControl from CloudCodes
  22. 22. Marketplace Favorite FlashPanel from BetterCloud
  23. 23. Add-On Favorite Google Vault
  24. 24. Is Your Secure in Google Apps? “Once an administrator or end user has deleted any data in Google Apps, Google deletes it according to the customer agreement and its privacy policy. Data is irretrievable once an administrator deletes a user account.”
  25. 25. Security – Road Block
  26. 26. Enable Two Step Verification
  27. 27. Mobile Device Management
  28. 28. Backup!
  29. 29. Bonus Tip - 24/7 Support
  30. 30. Thank You! Any Questions?