10 Steps to Optimize Mozilla Firefox for Google Apps Security


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10 Steps to optimize Mozilla Firefox for the security of your data in your Google Apps account.

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10 Steps to Optimize Mozilla Firefox for Google Apps Security

  2. 2. 10 STEPS TO OPTIMIZE MOZILLA FIREFOX FOR GOOGLE APPS SECURITYBackupify, Inc. 2INTRODUCTIONFirefox has long been considered one of, if not the, most reliable and adaptablebrowser available today, but that standing is easily undermined by insecurebrowser settings and user preferences. When running a Software-as-a-Servicesolution like Google Apps, lax browser security can prove fatal to a Google Appsdomain, and to your business. Below are 10 steps you take to maximize Firefoxsdefenses against online threats and keep your Google Apps domain safe andsecure.BROWSER SETTINGSFirefoxs reputation as a highly customizable browser is well earned, so yourGoogle Apps security measures should begin with the Firefoxs internal settings.1. Disable Advanced JavaScriptFor absolute maximum security, you should disable JavaScript altogether, ashackers can use it to execute a number of unscrupulous actions in your browser.However, JavaScript is necessary to operate the interactive features of many onlineapplications, including portions of the Google Apps suite. The good news is Firefoxcan disable only the more dangerous elements of JavaScript. Under the ContentPanels Advanced JavaScript Settings, deselect the options to Move Or ResizeExisting Windows, Raise Or Lower Windows, and Disable Or Replace ContextMenus. This will prevent websites from opening hidden browser windows you canteasily dismiss or control.2. Set Custom Browser History ConfigurationFirefox offers a Private Browsing Mode that prevents it from recording anypasswords, form autofill data, accepting cookies, or saving other history data. Thisis prudent, as it prevents hackers from targeting your browser to obtain this accessinformation. You can permanently opt into Private Browsing mode by selectingthe Never Remember History option in the Privacy Panel, but the smarter move isto configure a Custom History Setting. Within the Privacy Panels Custom Settings
  3. 3. 10 STEPS TO OPTIMIZE MOZILLA FIREFOX FOR GOOGLE APPS SECURITYBackupify, Inc. 3For History section, deselect every option except Remember Download History.This will ensure you have a record of any items downloaded — knowingly orotherwise — but that any other history data (notably login information) wont besaved in the browser.3. Show the Downloads Window When Downloading FilesSome hyperlinks disguise malicious software downloads. Selecting the Show TheDownloads Window option in the General Options panel ensures that nothing getsdropped on your hard drive without your knowledge.4. Enable Security WarningsFirefox provides a number of defenses and security warnings by default, but youshould be certain these options are enabled. Under the Security Panel, selectthe Warn Me When Sites Try To Install Add-Ons, which will prevent any malwaredisguised as video player plug-ins or game features from sneaking onto yourbrowser. Then select Block Reported Attack Sites and Block Reported WebForgeries, which are pretty self-explanatory.5. Disable Password StorageStoring passwords in your browser simply makes your passwords vulnerable tobrowser attacks, putting your Google Apps account and domain at risk. While lessconvenient, you should disable the password storage option.6. Set Alerts for Offline Website Data StorageSome websites will try to store data locally. Most of these requests are legitimate— Google Apps can occasionally make them in relation to its Offline Mode — butyou should be aware when these requests are made. Under Firefoxs AdvancedPanels Network tab, select the Tell Me When A Website Asks To Store Data ForOffline Use option to ensure no offline data is saved without your knowledge andpermission.
  4. 4. 10 STEPS TO OPTIMIZE MOZILLA FIREFOX FOR GOOGLE APPS SECURITYBackupify, Inc. 47. Automatically Install UpdatesKeeping Firefox up to date means youll always have the latest security patchesand defenses running on your browser. Under the Advanced Panels Update tab,select the Automatically Install Updates option and the related Warn Me If ThisWill Disable Any Of My Add-Ons option. The former will keep you running thelatest version of Firefox; the latter will let you know if any of your security plug-insare incompatible with the latest Firefox update.8. Enable EncryptionWhile selecting the SSL version of any website is prudent, Firefox can enforce theuse of the latest and most effective Secure Sockets Layer and related encryptionprotocols at any HTTPS web address. Under the Advanced Panels Encryption tab,select the Use SSL 3.0 and Use TLS 1.0 options.BROWSER ADD-ONSAbove and beyond Firefoxs native security features, these add-ons impart somemuch-needed defensive measures into your browser.9. HTTPS EverywhereVirtually every reputable website and web application offers an SSL version toaccommodate encrypted web communication, including Google Apps. This keepsany data you share with the website — especially passwords — away from pryingeyes. The HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Add-On defaults you to the SSL version of anywebsite, making sure you dont accidentally opt for the less secure version.10. NoScriptEven with Firefoxs advanced JavaScript settings, youre still at risk from clickjackingattacks. The NoScript add-on only allows JavaScript from trusted sites to run onyour browser. If theyre not on the safe list, the sites script wont run, keepingJavaScript fully at bay.
  5. 5. 10 STEPS TO OPTIMIZE MOZILLA FIREFOX FOR GOOGLE APPS SECURITYBackupify, Inc. 5ABOUT BACKUPIFYBackupify is the leading provider of backup and restore solutions for SaaSapplications including Google Apps, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, and more.Backupify was founded in 2008 and is based in Cambridge, MA. Backupify has over200,000 users trusting us with more than 500 million documents, two billion emailmessages and 350 terabytes of data.WHY BACKUP CLOUD DATA?Your data is one of the most critical assets of your business. Like any importantasset, it should be insured. While most SaaS providers, including Google andSalesforce, offer state-of-the-art disaster recovery capabilities that protect youfrom some forms of data loss, you are still at risk for data loss due to user error,hacked accounts and third-party application bugs. To fully replicate your on-premise backup capabilities in the cloud, you need the ability to perform granularrestores, and to retain the control that comes from having your own securesecond copy of the data in your SaaS applications.FIND OUT MOREIf youre interested in the peace of mind you get from an automated Google Appsbackup solution, feel free to contact us directly at info@backupify.com. Web http://www.backupify.com Phone 1.800.571.4984 Twitter http://twitter.com/backupifyBackupify logo is a registered trademark or registered trademarks of Backupify, Inc. All other namesmay be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.© 2012 Backupify, Inc. Item: GAT-WP-EN-200110608