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15 Effective Tips for Schools Using Google Apps for Education


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Get the latest Google Apps for Education best practice advice. In this deck, Backupify shares tips and tricks directly from the source - successful teachers using Google Apps in the classroom on a daily basis.

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15 Effective Tips for Schools Using Google Apps for Education

  1. 1. for Schools Using Google Apps for Education Effective Tips15
  2. 2. Get the most out of Google Apps! Our all-star panel of educators shares their favorite tips and tricks for successfully using Google Apps in the classroom. Jonathan Schmid Director of Innovation and Technology Meadowbrook School, Weston, MA Jermaine Newman Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, Dorchester, MA and the Putnam Ave Upper School, Cambridge, MA Christopher Godfrey Boston and Cambridge Public Schools Vicki Davis Westwood Schools, Camilla, GA David Andrade, MSed Alice Keeler California State University Karl Rivers Network Manager Biddenham International School, England
  3. 3. Pace Yourself
  4. 4. START SMALL - You don’t need to learn it all in one day! - Jonathan Schmid 1
  5. 5. Start at a comfortable pace for you and your students. Begin with one or two apps and see how fast students understand their use. - Jermaine Newman 2
  6. 6. Start with a small selection of apps and expand as your usage grows. - Karl Rivers 3
  7. 7. Collaborate
  8. 8. Connect with other Google Apps educators on Google+ . - David Andrade 4
  9. 9. Don’t be concerned if you don’t know something. It can be extremely beneficial when a student can help you. There’s value in being part of a classroom of learners rather than all the students learning from you. - Alice Keeler 5
  10. 10. Focus on collaboration - the share button is the killer feature. Use it. - Jonathan Schmid 6
  11. 11. Utilize the students for support. Students are eager to help when it comes to technology. Find ways to incorporate the class into the daily technology activities. - Jermaine Newman 7
  12. 12. Get in the App and Get Going
  13. 13. Have someone help you set up folders for each class and share with your students. Learn how to add docs in the folder. - Vicki Davis 8
  14. 14. Find an app. There are thousands of apps out there. One or more are bound to be useful for any subject matter. - Christopher Godfrey 9
  15. 15. Set up a “home base” with Sites and allow departments to set up their own Sites to share student work and best practices. - Karl Rivers 10
  16. 16. For group projects and online presentations use Google Docs as your go-to app for simultaneous planning and communicating. - Vicki Davis 11
  17. 17. Experiment & Learn
  18. 18. Explore the apps and try things out. - David Andrade 12
  19. 19. Don’t be so concerned with the technical details. Approach Google Apps as a way to empower students. - Jonathan Schmid 13
  20. 20. Don’t be afraid to push the buttons; you won’t break it! - Alice Keeler 14
  21. 21. Never stop learning. I think you end up in a bad place if as an educator you arrive at a mindset that you are all set. - Christopher Godfrey 15
  22. 22. Enjoy the Google Apps Journey For more in-depth advice, download the eBook “Google Apps for Education: Tips for Teachers byTeachers”