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The hidden secrets of successful Reddit posts


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The presentation looks at the 10.000 most successful posts on the website over the last 3 years. And shows that there are many things to consider before posting. And maybe even learn a little. But most of all have fun!

The hidden secrets of successful Reddit posts

  1. The hidden secrets ofsuccessful Reddit posts A somewhat useful guide to success by @babasave
  2. What we looked at We analyzed the top 10k most successful posts on Reddit over the last 3 Years. Successful as in how many upvotes they got. Which is NOT all the things – we know but more than you have probably ever looked at.
  3. When to post?So lets first find out what isthe best month to post on RedditSure that is a little silly cause who could wait to post apicture of a cute kidden farting rainbows for a whole yearto maximize karma gained. Well karma-whores probablywould
  4. Month number of top 10k posts distribution / month number of top 10k postsJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  5. We will get there Fry - eventually
  6. So when exactly?Next lets look at what day of theweek we should post our soon to befortune-generating viral campaign.Or better yet your own meme. One should be allowed todream right?
  7. Day of the Week Number of top 10k posts distribution / day week Number of top postsMon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  8. So looks like all go - exceptfor weekends.
  9. Is it Time yet?Now lets see if there is anideal time of the day for asuccessful post on reddit.
  10. Hour of day distribution of top10k posts / 24h UST1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
  11. The Chart shows the time of the post in UST so you will have to adjust to match your local time. But in UST the perfect time is 4pm.Rage Character does not work here but Ireally love him – so deal with it.
  12. Now where do I post?Lets see whichsubcategory/subreddit to post toin order to optimize our chancesof success.
  13. SubredditTop 20 sub/reddits by % share of top 10k posts Percentage of top posts
  14. Funny enough Funny is the leaderhere with 16.4% of all top postsmade there.
  15. What destination Domainsfare well on Reddit?
  16. Destination Domain Domain Frequency on Reddit Frequency of domains on /r/all/ top 10k 68841409 184 370 374 424 20 27 36 36 38 46 71 84
  17. The far out winner is with6884 of the top 10K posts placedthere.
  18. Based on the 10k most popular posts on Reddit the idealpost would be an image hosted on funny subreddit at 4 pmposted in the USTon a Thursday in June.
  19. Size length does matter! Successful posts have 30% longer titles than random test set titles 54,33 average chars in title @ random set +10k submissions vs 77,10 in top +10k submissions. So be descriptive in your title.
  20. Thanks for making it all the way... Have a Kidden! Want more? Follow me on twitter @babasave And there is one more slide...
  21. Bonus roundTIL: Kurt Cobain killed himself one monthafter Justin Bieber was born.Just like all the „facts“ on the former slides it is about correlationnot causation. Kurt didn‘t kill himself because of Justin just likeposting in June does not help you get more upvotes. Just remember thatnumbers more often than not aren‘t as „truthful“ as they might seem tobe. But most of you sure will have had their doubts along the way. Goodfor you! As numbers are out there to fool you If you liked the slides please share them Thanks, Frank