Measuring the magic of the movies - NCM and Thierry Jourquin @ Brightfis…


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Measuring the magic of the movies - NCM and Thierry Jourquin @ Brightfis…

  1. 1. Measuring the Magic of the Movies Thierry Jourquin
  2. 2. Neuroscience & Marketing“You Cant Manage What You Dont Measure”
  3. 3. Emotional campaigns outperform rational, info-based campaigns... Neuroscience & Marketing Emotional campaigns outperform rational, info-based campaigns... “Emotional advertising campaigns are more effective & more profitable than rational campaigns - even in ‘rational’ categories...” “...The most effective advertisements of all are Emotional Ad Strategy Combined Rational Ad Strategy those with little or no rational content” Campaign strategy Les Binet & Peter Field Marketing in the Era of Accountability, 2007 (IPA dataMINE analysis study on 880 case studies).
  4. 4. A new paradigmCustomer experience: • classic: 4 P’s price, product, promotion and place • now: creating an emotional connection with your customersEmotion • determines the experience • influences future loyalty • influences customer lifetime value.
  5. 5. Pre-testing If anything, traditional pre-testing actually REDUCES ad effectiveness “Cases that reported favourable pre- testing results actually did significantly worse in market than those that did not” Not Pre-tested Pre-testedBinet & Field, Marketing in the Era ofAccountability, 2008Source: Marketing in the Era of Accountability, Binet & Field, 2008.Analysis from the IPA DataMine effectiveness database.
  6. 6. A new paradigmMeasuring emotional engagement is key tocustomer understanding.But …When you ask someone about an emotion youchange the emotion.
  7. 7. 95% of Brain Processing Occurs at the Unconscious Level Conscious Associative Non Conscious
  8. 8. Decision making involves multiple areas of the brain Don’t ever get that again That’s so me Amygdala: Emotionally conditioned responses Pick it up! Medial prefrontal Cortex: Personality expression Parietal Lobe: Spatial sense & navigation People will like me if I buy this Gimme more!Frontal Lobe:Anticpation of future consequences, socialization Right Ventrai Striatum: Reward and intense stimuli processing That one makes me happy Pretty... Orbitofrontal cortex: Ocipital Lobe: Emotive decision making Visual processing Oh, my favorite brand! I liked this last time Temporal Lobe: Auditory and visual processing, Hippocampus: perception, comprehension Inhibition, memory and spatial navigation
  9. 9. Neuroscience & Marketing Deloitte predicts that the marketing and advertisingindustry will likely have brains on the brain for 2012. (source Delitte TMT Prediction 2012)
  10. 10. Neuroscience Offers New Possibilities in Market Research
  11. 11. Neuroscience Offers New Possibilities in Market Research
  12. 12. Measuring the Magic of the Movies Doug Pulick, SVP Strategic Insight and Analytics, NCM Media Networks
  13. 13. Measuring Emotional Engagement Via BiometricsWhen an emotional response is generated in the emotional centers of our brain, weexperience that emotion in our bodies through the autonomic nervous system. Skin Conductance Heart Rate Breathing Motion “My skin tingles with “My heart leaps with joy.” “It takes my breath away.” “It moved me.” anticipation.”
  14. 14. Measuring Emotional Engagement Via Biometrics Skin ConductanceBiometric Belt
  15. 15. NCM Ad Analysis ProcessRecruited the Sample Monitored Their Emotional Audience Biometric Signals Engagement
  16. 16. NCMWave 1 Case Study:TV at Home vs.Theatrical Experience
  17. 17. NCM Emotional Engagement Comparison© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011
  18. 18. NCM Emotional Engagement Comparison • 31/60 seconds are below neutral engagement for TV, only 2 seconds in cinema. • Logo placement coincides with neutral engagement on TV, maximum engagement in cinema. • At the end of the spot, TV engagement dropped 9% from the beginning, cinema increased 32%. • In real world scenario, TV viewer would most likely change the channel /fast forward when below neutral engagement.© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011
  19. 19. Performance Metric : Brand Resonance Brand Resonance = Emotional Affinity Brand Resonance refers to the unconscious biometric sample scores read when respondents are shown a brand logo after exposure to an advertisement.© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011
  20. 20. NCM Brand Resonance: Cinema vs. TV *values represented as percentiles against Innerscope database of 1,500+ ads© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011
  21. 21. Key FindingsFindings from Wave 1: TV at Home vs. Cinema (pre-show)Cinema (pre-show):• peak engagement levels corresponding main messaging and branding moments• Lift in brand resonance 75% higher than exposure on TV
  22. 22. NCM If It’s All About the Venue……Let’s test it!
  23. 23. NCMWave 2 Case Study:TV at Home vs.Television Content in theMovie Theater vs.Theatrical Experience
  24. 24. NCM Engagement Comparisons: HP
  25. 25. For Both Program and Ad Content, Viewerswere Emotionally Engaged SignificantlyLonger by the Big Screen
  26. 26. For Both Program and Ad Content, Viewerswere Emotionally Engaged SignificantlyLonger by the Big Screen
  27. 27. Key FindingsFindings from Wave 2: TV at Home vs. TV in CinemaTV in Cinema:• 3,5 times longer highly engaged while watching ads• Brand resonance pre-show greater than tv-show in cinema
  28. 28. NCM The Emotional Response“The essential differencebetween emotion andreason is thatemotion leads to actionwhile reason leads toconclusions.” - Donald B. Calne, Neurologist and Author of Within Reason: Rationality and Human Behavior
  29. 29. THANK YOU