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Reddit for Brands


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Our quick guide to how brands can make the most of Reddit – "the front page of the Internet".

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Reddit for Brands

  1. 1. REDDIT FORBRANDSA quick guide to how yourbrand can be using Reddit.
  2. 2. The rise of citizen journalism has forced news outlets like CNNand The Guardian to take a new approach to news reporting.Reddit is at the forefront of this movement,allowing users to be the creators and breakers of news.This is the future of the news as we know it.
  4. 4. 55 million 110 million unique monthly visitors* vs unique monthly visitors# Reddit is growing 200% YoY, and currently averages half the unique monthly visitors of Yahoo (the world’s #1 news site^).* Unique monthly visitors according to Reddit (Updated 3/18/2013).# eBizMBA Rank: (Updated 3/18/2013).^ Ranked by the number of monthly unique visitors according to eBizMBA Rank (as above).
  5. 5. “Read it on Reddit”Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet”.It is a social content sharing and news aggregator site.Known for its simple user interface, Reddit provides the latestfor whats new and popular on the web.
  6. 6. How it worksReddit is essentially a giant bulletin boardwhere content is crowdsource curated. — Users provide all the content via links or self-posts. — Submissions are ranked by users through up-voting and down-voting, determining their position on the site. — As a result, the front page is constantly updated with fresh content. — “Karma” points reflects how much good the user has done for the Reddit community.
  7. 7. Subreddits — A subreddit is a user-created and moderated subsection of Reddit that is tailored to a specific topic. — There are currently thousands of subreddits covering every topic under the sun, from memes, politics to highly technical scientific discussion.
  9. 9. Opportunities for brandsViral and syndication potential — With Reddit’s massive reach, it has the potential to spread your brand and website virally across the internet.Market insights — A great crowd-sourcing tool for marketers to conduct market research and collect honest consumer insights. — Useful tool for customer support.Brands can take advantage of Reddit’s unique communityto gain valuable insights and generate buzz.
  10. 10. Sponsored links— Sponsored links work like Google SEM.— These tools are available to all members of Reddit.— Submissions can be promoted, displaying on top of Reddit’s front page. As a brand, this can generate high volumes of traffic to your website.
  11. 11. IAmAIAmA is a Q&A subreddit platform where a Reddit user identifies himself by submittinga Reddit titled “I am ____ Ask me Anything”.This prompts the community to ask questions and engage in open discussion.It’s great for brands because it builds engagement, social ‘cred’, and is controllable.
  13. 13. Using Reddit – IKEAFor Valentine’s Day, IKEA Australia came up with afunny offer (published in the announcementssection of the newspaper) – a free crib for babiesborn 9 months from the 14th of February 2013.This is a demonstration of the power of qualitycontent, which has resulted in viral sharing.This post on Reddit received over 1.5 million viewsand 1000+ comments within a day of posting.
  14. 14. Using IAmA – Barack ObamaObama used AmA on Reddit to answer questions abouttopics like the White House beer recipe, his work-lifebalance and the influence of money in politics.It was so popular that it made the site inaccessible formany users during the 30 minutes that Obama was live.This IAmA post became Reddit’s #1 post of the 2012,bringing in 5.6 million page views and generated over24,000 comments.On a side note, the photo of Obama answeringquestions on his laptop has become a web meme.
  15. 15. Using IAmA – Bill GatesIn February 2013, Bill Gates hosted an AmA session onbehalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.He covered topics such as his work at Microsoft, hisphilanthropic work, the latest Microsoft products etc.The session generated over 29 thousand commentsand high media coverage.The IAmA section is now an important stop for thepublicity of celebrities and brands.
  17. 17. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Understand Find your Monitor Submit the Reddit relevant your to Reddit Community Subreddits Subreddits
  18. 18. — Reddit promotes anonymity and free speech.Step 1. — Blatant advertising is negatively received by Reddit’s organic community. — Reddit can be activated via genuine social causes i.e. SOPA blackout, school bus monitor, r/suicidewatch. Understand — Understand the ‘Reddiquette’ rules of conduct. the Reddit Community
  19. 19. For marketers, a relevant subreddit is a focusStep 2. group on steroids. — Feedback and opinion from Reddit users is a great source of consumer insight that can drive research & development and future marketing campaigns. Find your relevant — Unbiased questions that are not directly about the brand work best. Subreddits — Since users are anonymous, sentiment is seen as honest and accurate.
  20. 20. — Businesses can create subreddits that areStep 2. devoted to their brand. For example, Coca-Cola, TopGear and Xbox. — If your brand fits with pre-existing Reddit behaviour and culture, create a subreddit. Find your — Xbox utilise this platform to provide relevant customer support. Subreddits
  21. 21. Due to the segmentation of Step 3.communities provided by the Subredditstructure, very specific demographicscan be observed and engaged.Actively monitor Subreddits related to Monitoryour brand to gain honest insights into yourcustomer perception Subreddits
  22. 22. How to get submissions noticed Step 4.1. Value exchange 2. Headlines 3. Get Karma 4. Popular media 5. The right— Provide genuine — Choose your — Contribute — Images. Subreddit and relevant title carefully. quality and — GIFs. — Successful content. — Provide context relevant links — Memes. content needs and be regularly. — Personal stories. to be targeted descriptive. — Leave to the right — Keep it factual comments on users. and opinion other users’ Submit free. posts. — Avoid aggressive to Reddit phrases such as “AMAZING”, “vote this up”. Amount of visits, comments and votes = Traffic, links, social signals, branding, feedback, followers, conversations...
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