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Reddit presentation


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Reddit Platform Presentation for WRT426 Digital Identities

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Reddit presentation

  1. 1. Reddit 101Amy LiWRT426 Digital Identities Image from: become-social-media-juggernaut-in-2013/
  2. 2. What is Reddit?Reddit: noun; a type of onlinecommunity where users vote oncontentVerb; to take part in a redditcommunity(Definition from words:Redditing, redditor, Subreddit (anindependent Reddit communitywithin the greater Redditcommunity) Image from: disappeared-down-the-reddit-rabbit-hole
  3. 3. History• Created by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, two graduates of University of Virginia, in June 2005• October 2006 they sold it to Condé Naste Publications, multilingual reddits• September 2011 it became part of Condé Naste’s parent company: Advance Publications• In 2012 Reddit participated in the SOPA blackout Vreeswijk, Simon. "The History of Reddit." Stikky Media. Stikky Media, n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013
  4. 4. How Reddit works• Reddit is a liberal, open platform where the community can post anything.• Redditors vote on stories—up or down; Popular stories rise to the top and less popular ones fall to the bottom• Anyone can post links or open discussions on Reddit• Comments can be made on each post
  5. 5. Reddit Font page screenshot
  6. 6. Reddit Gold• June 2011 Reddit introduced “Reddit Gold,” allowing Redditors to enjoy the following additional features for $3.99/month: – Trophy on your user page – Turn off sidebar ads – Option of seeing twice as many comments at once – Ability to see 100 subscribed subreddits on front page listing – Highlights new comments – Adding notes to your friends – Access to a secret members only community Vreeswijk, Simon. "The History of Reddit." Stikky Media. Stikky Media, n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013
  7. 7. IAmA- AMA• I am a [profession or title] Ask Me Anything – A way to interview people. • Commentators begin a post describing who they are and what they do, redditors reply to post with questions and commentator picks which questions he wants to answer • Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Snoop Dog, Al Gore have done IAMA/AMA posts ( • Stephen Levitt, author of Freakonomics did one today at noon. He announced on the Freakonomics blog this morning, telling readers: “ These are the sorts of questions I’m looking forward to:” – Redditors can also submit requests within the subreddit community Image from: disappeared-down-the-reddit-rabbit-hole
  8. 8. How to be successful on Reddit How to fail miserably at Reddit – Interact with the community •Self promotion- posting links – Post pictures of cute only to your personal blog; cats, newsworthy it’s okay to post a few when articles, funny memes mixed with other links – Actively participate in •self promoting will not discussions; vote on other earn you karma posts points, risk being marked – Earn Karma points (points as a spammer determining your •Posting personal content- contribution to Reddit; keep the links to facebook earned by following steps profiles or private above) information off the site Bottom line: Be funny, witty and interactive, but don’t try “too hard” to put your own content out there.
  9. 9. Mobile AppsSmart phones have various free reddit reader apps in the market• iPhone – iReddit: the official reddit app created by Condé Naste – Alien Blue-Reddit: Third party app by Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd• Android – Reddit is Fun: Third party app by Talklittle. There is also a paid version for $1.99 that offers more features – Reddit Reader: Third party app by Dahlenapps – Bacon Reader for reddit: third party app by Onelouder apps• Blackberry – Reddit in motion: Third party app by Domisy Dev