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Screencasting: Creating Online Tutorials


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Screencasting: Creating Online Tutorials

  1. 1. Screencasting: Creating Online Tutorials Andrew Youngkin Emerging Technologies/Evaluation Coordinator University of Maryland, Baltimore National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern Atlantic Region
  2. 2. AgendaIntroductions (10 min)Learning Objectives & Methodologies (5 min)Screencasting: The Basics (5 min)How to Make a Screencast (5 min)Design Considerations (5 minutes)Software Review/Demonstrate (30 min)Equipment Variations ( 5 min)Uses (5 min)Activity Preview (5 min)Small Groups Activity—Using Technology 1 (40 min)Discuss/Present(10 min)Lunch (60 min)Software Review/Demonstrate (30 min)Small Groups Activity—Using Technology 2 (40 min)Discussion/Present (10 min)Camtasia(20 min)Wrap up & Questions (5 min)
  3. 3. ObjectivesDiscuss basic functions of 5 Screencasting ToolsDiscuss basic steps required to create screencastsUsing a specific set of instructions and 2 freescreencasting tools, create and publish an originalscreencast
  4. 4. MethodologyCombination of Demonstration, Discussion, andHands-on Practice/ApplicationCollaborative & InteractiveFacilitator, not InstructorHave Fun
  5. 5. Intro
  6. 6. The BasicsWhy?What is this?What is valuable?What’s needed?
  7. 7. Essential ToolsPC/Mac/LaptopInternet ConnectionMicrophoneAudio/speakersJava?Screencasting Software/Subscription/AccessVideo camera/Web cam (optional)
  8. 8. 4 Essential StepsDesignRecordEdit/EnhancePublish
  9. 9. Design ConsiderationsPurposeTarget AudienceOutput/Target devicesStructure Silent Musical Accompaniment Voice narration
  10. 10. PlanningUse a scriptBlock Pop-ups, NotificationsOpen all sites, application you’ll be using ahead oftime
  11. 11. Video Recording Guidelines640x480 recommended video sizeCut out extraneous content..other programs, toolbars
  12. 12. Audio RecordingVariety of microphones Built-in Headset Stand alone USBTesting microphone qualitySelecting microphone within softwareQuiet, distraction free time/place
  13. 13. Software ConsiderationsHow much does it cost?Do I have to download or is it online?How long can I record?Does it allow editing?Where can I publish?Frequency?Support?
  14. 14. ScreenrFree, Web-based5 min Max
  15. 15. Screencast O Matic
  16. 16. Activity 1Activity 1 (Screenr, Screencast O Matic)A “How-to” Step by step/process3-4 minutes in length1-2 examplesSave/Share Via YouTubeExtra! Post via Social Media
  17. 17. ‘How to’ Topic IdeasHow to… Shop Online Send an Email Conduct an Internet Search Skype Chat Blog Twitter Check-out E-book Find a book Get Directions/Map
  18. 18. Screencasting PresentationsQuick DiscussionIndividual Presentations
  19. 19. Lunch Break
  20. 20. Jing
  21. 21. Snagit
  22. 22. Activity 2Using Jing: Topic: ‘How to create a screencast” Use shots from 2-3 mediums (webpages, document, powerpoint) Save/Share Email Presentation Extra! Post via Social Media
  23. 23. Screencasting PresentationsQuick DiscussionIndividual Presentations
  24. 24. AccessibilitySpeech to Text TranscriptionImport Captioning FilesCreate Searchable contentOutput Friendly
  25. 25. Camtasia
  26. 26. ReviewRemember your AudienceSimplifyKeep tutorials short, 3 minutesBreak-up larger content /SequenceUse a scriptPractice, Practice, Practice
  27. 27. ResourcesDeSilets L. Administrative angles. Using objectives as a road map. Journal of Continuing Education inNursing [serial online]. September 2007;38(5):196-197. Available from: CINAHL Plus with FullText, Ipswich, MA. Accessed February 10, 2009.Kerns S. Technological Tools for Library User Education: One Librarys Experience. Medical ReferenceServices Quarterly. Fall 2007;26(3):105-114. Available from: Library, Information Science & TechnologyAbstracts, Ipswich, MA. Accessed February 10, 2009.Long H, Culshaw J. How We Used Demonstration Authoring Software to Create Tutorials.Computers in Libraries [serial online]. September 2005;25:6-8,62-64. Accessed February 10, 2009.Notess, G. (2005). Casting the Net: Podcasting and Screencasting. Online, 29(6), 43-45.Roberts, G. (2005). Instructional Technology thats Hip High-Tech. Computers in Libraries, 25(10), 26-28.Udell, J. (2005). Secrets of Screencasting. InfoWorld,27(20), 34.
  28. 28. ContactAndrew YoungkinUniversity of Maryland, BaltimoreHealth Sciences & Human Services LibraryNNLM, SE/A, Suite 508601 West Lombard StreetBaltimore, Maryland 21201800.338.7657 (in region)410.706.2855Email: ayoungki@hshsl.umaryland.eduSkype: andrew.youngkin1Blog: