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Cassandra clare


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Cassandra clare

  1. 1. CASSANDRA CLARE American YA author
  2. 2. CASSANDRA’S PRE-BOOK LIFE • Born to American parents in Iran in 1973 • Growing up, she was a frequent traveler with her family, living in numerous countries before she was 10 • She wrote short stories all throughout high school and college. • After college, she was a writer for numerous celebrity entertainment magazines
  3. 3. NOVEL WRITING CAREER• In 2004, Cassandra began writing her very first YA novel. • She turned to fantasy writing full time in 2006.• She says she “hopes never to have to write about Paris Hilton again.”
  4. 4. ‘THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS’ SERIES• In 2007, Cassandra published her first novel and the first book in what is now a six-part series, City of Bones. • The fantasy series revolves around „Shadowhunters,‟ or Nephilim, who work to rid our known world of demons.• Four of the six novels have been published, with the next installment being released this May.
  5. 5. TMI SERIES CON’T• The series has topped many best-seller charts since the first release. • City of Bones specifically has won and been nominated numerous awards. • The series has been translated into over 34 languages
  6. 6. THE INFERNAL DEVICES • Cassandra‟s second series • This is a prequel trilogy to her TMI series, taking place in Victorian England• The first book, Clockwork Angel, was released in 2010, the second, Clockwork Prince, in 2011, and the final, Clockwork Princess, is set to be released between March and September 2013
  7. 7. THE DARK ARTIFICESCassandra recently released a statement about hernext series, to be released when her first two are complete. This series will be a sequel series to the Mortal Instruments, taking place 5 years after the events of the final book.
  8. 8. CITY OF BONES MOVIEIn June 2010, Screen Gems announced they would be doing production for a film based on the first book, City of Bones, with Harald Zwart directing. Filming is set to be in August 2012 Only 2 characters have been cast. Clary Fray, who will be played by Lily Collins and Jace Wayland, played by Jamie Campbell Bower.
  9. 9. CASSIES’ USE OF SOCIAL MEDIACassandra Clare is known throughout the YA literary world as being one of the easiest authors to connect with. She has numerous social media outlets and she runs them all herself. Personal website: series official sites:
  10. 10. MORE SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Livejournal: Twitter:!/cassieclare Tumblr: On each one of her outlets, she encourages her fans to talk with her. She answers questions they have, often with very thoroughanswers. She also shares fanart and the like that‟s been inspired by her work. Cassandra will also use these sites to share news, deleted scenes from her novels, excerpts from upcoming novels and more.
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