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  1. 1. I am proud to introduce to you, Barbara Watkins, author of Paranormal/Suspensethrillers. As a youngster, she experienced supernatural phenomenon and documentedsome of her experiences in a journal. As she grew into adulthood, the experiencesprogressed. As therapy, she began to write short stories dramatizing some of the strangeoccurrences that she endured – thus her career in writing Paranormal/Thrillers evolved.She has been interviewed on several BlogTalk Radio shows such as, ‘The BradshawChronicles’ ‘Literary Scribes’ ‘Lawrence J. King’ and ‘The Jeff Miller Show’. She hasappeared on local radio and has had book signings at such locations as, ‘The HowardCounty Library’ in Nashville, Arkansas, ‘Hastings’ in Little Rock, Arkansas,’ ‘TheSikeston Missouri Depot,’ and ‘TBIB’ in Blytheville, Arkansas. In 2010, she spoke to thestudents in the creative writing class at her local High School and discussed the art ofstorytelling. She and her books have been featured several times in ‘The NashvilleLeader’ and ‘The Sikeston Missouri Democrat’.Monologue Voice Over Credits: In 2011, Barbara collaborated on a screenplay entitled‘BlindSide’ with New Zealand Director/Producer, Dimi Nakov (Independent short film)2011 Pre-production.Literary Membership Groups: ‘The Thriller Writers Association’ ‘The National WritersAssociation’ ‘The Heartland Writers Guild,’ and is listed in ‘The Missouri AuthorsDirectory’ (Missouri Center for the Book)Barbara is available for media appearances, speaking engagements, and book signings.
  2. 2. : Behind the Red Door (2005) Available at Barnes and Noble :Thorns of an Innocent Soul (2006) Available at Barnes & Noble : Nightmares & Daydreams (2009) Available at Amazon,and Mobipocket.
  3. 3. : Mortal Abomination (2011) Available at Barnes & Noble Nook. : Deadly Addictions (short story) appeared in New YorkSkyline Review Anthology (2008) Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  4. 4. : Soul in Peril (Poem) appeared in Hope Whispers Anthology (2009) Available atAmazon and Barnes & Noble.Fiction: BooksBehind the Red Door ISBN# 9781413788389Thorns of an Innocent Soul ISBN# 9781424107849Nightmares&Daydreams ISBN# 9781907108105Skyline Review ISBN# 9780972349369Hope Whispers ISBN# 9780984142101Ingram Phone: 1-800-233-8467 www.ingrambook.comBaker and Taylor Phone: (800) 775-1800 or (704-998-3100Brodart co. Phone: 1-800-233-8467‘Nightmares & Daydreams’ Mythica Publishing, Graeme Houston:Scotland, United KingdomWhispering Angel Books: Lynn C Johnston, Orlando, Florida.Water Forest Press: Victoria Valentine, PennsylvaniaAuthor contact:Barbara Watkins: barbiewatkins42@yahoo.comPublicist contact:Christy Bradshaw:
  5. 5. Testimonials and Endorsements:“I have found Barbara Watkins to be conscientious, honest and punctual in allassignments. I would definitely recommend her.” March 27, 2011, Shirley Roe, AllbooksReview.“Barbara is an outstanding writer of Paranormal Thrillers and has Titles published like"Behind the Red Door," and several others which I plan to read. My next read will herlatest, "Nightmares and Daydreams," which promises to be one I will certainly enjoy. Ihave been friends with Barbara for several years, and we are connected on the Books inSync and Cold Coffee Magazine sites. Highly Recommended!” March 27, 2011, JayMiller, Owner/Author, ‘All God’s Critters’“Take five journeys into five different worlds with characters that will haunt your dreamsand make you shudder as your read Nightmares and Daydreams an anthology of shortstories that will ever make you wish you had eyes in the back of your head. A ghostlychild who needs a final resting place, a mother who gives up her child and makes a pactwith the devil to spare his life, a woman who knows how to get revenge on her unfaithfulhusband in a creative way, a conniving woman who cons a her lover and a wind up jesterdoll that proves deadly. What do all five of these events have in common: they werecreated from the mind and imagination of author Barbara Watkins in this amazing bookthat makes the shows on amazing book that makes the shows on the Science FictionChannel pale in comparison. Well written, captivating and keeping reader enveloped ineach plot and each story, Barbara Watkins is definitely someone to watch for in the worldof Science Fiction, writing and much more.fran lewis ; reviewer” March 27, 2011, Fran Lewis, Reviewer/Author and Radio talkshow Host, author of five books.The oldest and greatest fear is that of the unknown. And, thats just what Barbara Watkinsdelivers in Nightmares and Daydreams. As noted by the above reviews, these stories,especially One Scandalous Night in Las Vegas and Spirits of a Jester, have a TwilightZone/Alfred Hitchcock tone to them. Passageway to Hell manages to be both creepy andbittersweet at the same time. These stories, along with haunting poems, make for adelightful read. August 29, 2009, R. ZabelBarbara Watkins Nightmares & Daydreams has an almost Rod Sterling/Twilight Zonequality; compelling, at times chilling, and masterfully ironic. This series of nine shortstories & poems is a well-written gem; I loved each one, especially the last---"OneScandalous Night in Vegas.” Without giving away the plotline, what happens in Vegasdoesnt always stay in Vegas. Read the book to get the irony of that comment.
  6. 6. Watkins has delivered a wonderfully thought provoking & at times, chilling series oftales. Its a definite "must read" for anyone interested in expanding their level ofconsciousness; or just looking to get lost in a bit of spiritual fantasy. August 9, 2009,Larry Underwood “Author, ‘Life Under The Corp…Director, Dimi Nakov, has been quoted as saying "I am so happy to work with Barbara.She is an amazing writer and such a great person and so down to earth. I have no words. Iwill work with her in the future, and would like to make many of her books into films. "January, 1 2011. Missouri Author, Barbara Watkins KWWSZZZEDUEDUDZDWNLQVQHW