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Assess Your Team! The Team Process Questionnaire 2019 Price List


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How effectively do team members interaction with each other? How well do team members communicate with each other? Are their roles well defined? What is the level of trust among the team members?

The Team Process QuestionnaireTM offers insights into team members' human process interactions. The resulting team assessment report offers a guide to improving team performance. And as the enclosed price list suggests, the cost is well within reach of many organizations!

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Assess Your Team! The Team Process Questionnaire 2019 Price List

  1. 1. Client Price Sheet Global, Organizational and Action Learning Team Process Questionnaires (GTPQ, OTPQ, ALTPQ) Includes Full Report and Analysis Features: • Option to include customized questions • Qualitative and quantitative questions • Fully web-enabled • Measures change over time • Automated analysis of what the team agrees is going well and what the team agrees need to be fixed/changed Report Includes: • Custom executive summary (bar charts and team analysis) • Question sort by average or standard deviation • Analysis quadrant • Spidergrams and edited responses to questions from respondents • Additional iterations include comparisons to previous iterations One Team*/One Iteration Price *(for teams no larger than 15 people or additional expenses may apply) USD $500/iteration Ten Teams/Ten Iteration (or more) Price per Iteration USD $ 400/iteration Pricing for additional services 1. Consulting by ITAP staff, telephone or in person @ $475/hour 2. Data analysis @ $475/hour 3. Additional metrics (spreadsheet only) @ $200 per system query 4. Volume discounts may apply 5. Certification $2,400 per individual certified practitioner © 2019 ITAP International Inc. All Rights Reserved. • Diagnosis Team ABCD I teration 1 Agreement (About Successes) Importance of team to company’s future success Absence of power and control issues Ability to express ideas and opinions freely and openly Treating team members with dignity and respect Clarity of roles and responsibilities Level of trust Disagreement (About the Need for Improvement) Opportunity to learn of comments about the work of the team Availability of necessary resources Clarity of team objectives Ability of team members to step outside their areas of responsibility for the good of the global organization Disagreement (About Successes) Whether team members have the necessary skills to resolve unexpected problems Agreement (About the Need for Improvement) Group communications Team effectiveness 1 3 4 2 Positive Results (High Average) I ssues I dentified (Low Average) Agreement (Low SD) Disagreement (High SD) ©2011 ITAP International, Inc.All Rights Reserved. 7