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UEL Newsletter - Issue21


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Published in: News & Politics
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UEL Newsletter - Issue21

  1. 1. UEL Board of Directors: 2006-2007 The Urban Forum NOTICE: Nancy Liebman Sage Hoffman Enid Pinkney The UEL accepts articles/letters Ernest Martin Maria Ines Castro Gabrielle Redfern from its members and members of Kay Hancock Apfel Bruce Hamerstrom Alberto Ruder the public. These articles/letters do Ed Barberio Ruth Jacobs Denis Russ not always reflect the views of the Newsletter of The Urban Environment League Kevin Doran Leroy Jones Maria Salvador Members of the UEL, or its Board, Website: Gregory Bush James Jude Paul Schwiep or the views of the UEL Advisors. Issue No. 21 Email: April 2007 Colgate Darden Richard Korman Fortuna Smukler To submit articles/letters, contact: John DeLeon Santiago Leon David Turner Robert Flanders Susan Luck John Van Leer Dan McCrea The editor takes full responsibility for botching articles during cuts. Dear Members and Supporters of the Urban Environment League, URBAN ENVIRONMENT LEAGUE OF GREATER MIAMI MEMBERSHIP & RENEWAL APPLICATION This is to inform you that I will be resigning as President of theNAME________________________________________________________________________________________________ Urban Environment League effective at the completion of theADDRESS____________________________________CITY___________________ST.______ZIP______________________ Annual Meeting on May 16, 2007.DAY PHONE____________________EVE. PHONE__________________________FAX_____________________________ After examining my life obligations for next year and my plan for an extended stay in East Hampton until after Thanksgiving, I feel itE-MAIL___________________________ OCCUP._________________INTEREST__________________________________ will be better for me to step down from my UEL obligations. Signature__________________________________Date______________ (All fees are tax deductible.) I have been putting off this decision for awhile. But as the time Students: $15 came closer, I realized my obligations to my family and other recent Membership $35 Preferred Mem. $50 Board Members and Sponsors of UEL $100 Donations: endeavors in which I have become involved required greater prior- ity. I know I am making the right decision. I realize it would not fair to the board for me to be away from Miami for this extended Urban Environment period of time, or for me to try from afar to juggle the work required League of to be the president of the organization. Ernie Martin, as vice president, always does a fine job in my Greater Miami absence. He knows the routines and all of the issues to manage the organization until an election is held. 945 Pennsylvania Avenue 2007 Annual Meeting and Orchid Awards I have enjoyed the five years I have served as president of UEL. It Suite 100 Presentation - May 16th - 6 p.m. was a magnificent education about life in Miami Dade County. I Miami Beach, FL 33139 American Legion Hall -See Center-fold have many cherished memories of all we have accomplished together. I will always be available to answer questions and offer guidance. Phone: 305 532-7227 Fax: 305 532-8727 UEL Dinner May 15th Best wishes for a long-lasting future of the UEL. I look forward Are There Any Solutions To to seeing all of you at the Annual Meeting of the UEL on May 16, at Website: Our Transportation and Traffic Problems? the American Legion Hall at 6450 NE 7th Avenue. To receive information Sincerely, on upcoming UEL events Nancy Liebman such as dinners, forums and conferences send your email address to: 12 1
  2. 2. Historical Hialeah Park Timeline 1946: Winston Churchill attends The Urban Environment League Dinner Forums races at Hialeah. Are held at: The Historic Miami River Inn 1977: Seattle Slew (future Triple 118 SW South River Drive 6:00 PM – Wine Reception Save Crown winner) wins Flamingo Stakes. Seattle Slew didn’t make his first start as a three-year-old until 6:45 PM – Dinner, Followed by Program Hialeah March 9, 1977, when he won an al- lowance race by nine lengths at Hi- Limited Seating, RSVP a must: aleah in track record time for seven Miami River Inn: 305-325-0045 Park furlongs. March 26, 1977: Seattle Slew won the Flamingo Stakes by four lengths E-mail: in the third fastest time in stakes his- tory. In 1977, Seattle Slew became TUESDAY, MAY 15 1921: James H. Bright and Glenn consists of a clubhouse, an adminis- the first undefeated winner of the H. Curtiss donate land for commu- trative building, a paddock area, and Triple Crown and was named Horse Are There Any Solutions To Our Transportation and Traffic Problems? nity use and help to acquire land and twenty-one stables. Near the track, a of the Year. The following year, Slew Speakers: Miami Dade County Commissioner Carlos A. Gimenez and Bernardo Benes, one of the founding building funds for the construction fronton for jai-alai is constructed, the would firmly establish himself as one members of the County’s MOVN (Meeting our Vehicular Needs) Initiative. We have invited a Board Member of public buildings and facilities, in- first in the Miami area. An amuse- of the greatest champions of the 20th of the County’s Citizens Independent Transportation Trust. century by winning against 1978 cluding a racetrack. ment park with a roller coaster and a All dinners begin with a wine reception at 6PM and dinner at 6:45 followed by the speakers and a lively discussion. Open 1925 (Jan. 15): Hialeah Race Track dance hall is also developed. Triple Crown winner Affirmed and to the public, admission is $25 for UEL Members and $30 for non-members. Reservations are required. A limited number opens to 17,000 spectators, offering 1935 (Jan. 19): Seabiscuit makes England’s top horse, Excellor of seats are available at no charge for the 7:30 discussion session only. the most complete recreational com- his racing debut at Hialeah Race 1979: (Mar. 2) Hialeah Race Track Topics and speakers can change without notice. plex in South Florida at the time. It Track. listed on the National Register of His- toric Places. Eight is Enough! Editorial Cartoon: According to Reporer Susan Is the County throwing the baby out with the bath water? Are they Stabley of the South Florida Business A PAC called “Eight is Enough” dismissing the smart growth principles contained in the Journal, the “Recommendations in was formed to put a very important $3,000,000 Watershed Study which has been going on for years? the controversial South Miami- question before the people of the Dade Watershed Study, which County: included a plan to freeze an urban Whether voters want to impose development boundary until 2025, term limits - of eight years - on their were killed in a County Commis- County Commission. sion Subcommittee April 10.” Ed Ludovici, Chairman of Eight County commissioners Jose is Enough said: “Unfortunately, the Diaz, Audrey Edmonson, Carlos incumbent commissioners have an Gimenez and Dorrin Rolle ever increasing stranglehold on elec- unanimously approved a resolu- tions making it all but impossible for tion by subcommittee Chair- credible challengers to win.” woman Natacha Seijas that the The last time a sitting Commis- study and its recommendations sioner was unseated was in 1994. were “not satisfactory or appropri- The County Mayor is term lim- ate for approval.” ited. Most City Commissioners and Stabley reported that Seijas’ call Mayors are term limited including to kill the watershed study follows There are still twelve to fifteen thousand additional units expected to be com- the City of Miami, North Miami and the failure of its main advisorypleted in the City of Miami’s downtown. Miami Beach. committee to reach a consensus on As you can see, the cranes are still a part of the downtown landscape. A future What do you think readers? the 68 recommendations. It mayof unsold units during the real estate slowdown is a concern. - N. Lee go before the Commission May 8. 2 11
  3. 3. Urban Environment League Focus 2007-2008 Thirsty? Where are we Virginia Key And The Public Process going to get the water by Nancy Liebman UEL will sponsor a series of forums, tours and workshops on cur-rent issues regarding master planning, preserving parks, open space for Lennar’s Parkland? The UEL, as one of the many interested to believe that the city’s vision of Virginia Keyand waterfront access, transportation, affordable housing, 2004 Gen- stakeholders non-profit public interest groups, includes development. The public will never accepteral Obligation Bond enhancements, urban design, smart growth, and Lennar has filed a Development attended a “stakeholders” meeting. We were such a plan. Too much public land in the City ofmaintaining community character. at the South Florida Regional Plan- encouraged that at last there would be a public Miami has been gobbled up by private developers. ning Council: It is called Parkland. process for Virginia Key. Unfortunately, with the Those days are finished. Virginia Key must remain a UEL will continue to build its membership base and forge collabo- It has close to 7,000 homes slated previous City of Miami manager, there was a public island.rations with community partners and neighborhood associations, and for about 960 acres bounded by SW closed door policy. Various public developments, As the Virginia Key plan unfolds, UEL willwill encourage public participation in government activities. 136 Street on the North, SW 162 including Virginia Key and Bicentennial Park continue to advocate for the restoration of the UEL will engage local, county and state agencies about growth man- Avenue on the East and SW 152 were being designed by consultants without Marine Stadium with its unique architecture and itsagement laws. Street on the South, and SW 177 public input. Successful cities thrive when there historic use. Not many cities can claim an entertain- Avenue on the West. is a shared trust between the city officials and the ment venue at the water’s edge. The stadium is a UEL will continue to motivate government to create incentives for There has been a very important citizens. valuable asset that can onceaffordable, workforce housing and encourage developers to identify change in the South Florida Water Since Manager Pete again be enjoyed by touristscreative methods to prevent neighborhood gentrification. Management District’s water alloca- Hernandez took over, a and residents. We challenge UEL will present Honor Awards for significant achievement in ar- tions for new developments. Devel- small crack in the door the city to make a greater opments needing additional water has opened. So far effort to find modern tech-eas compatible with the League’s Core Values. supplies will now be required to seek there has been one nology to restore the stadium. UEL will continue its monthly Dinner and Discussion Series with sources that are not dependent on the public meeting for We encourage the city tocurrent and provocative issues of concern to the community. Everglades for recharge. Bicentennial Park, and examine the Seaquarium’s UEL will expand it website and newsletter, THE URBAN FORUM, Continued building in Florida is another for Virginia insensitive structures andto explore local and regional issues. now directly linked to availability of Key. That is not fences blocking the open drinking water. The new rule, accord- enough. UEL will space on the water front. If UEL will continue to be an integral part of the campaign designed ing to the South Florida Business Jour- continue to encourage the city is to invest publicto stop the expansion of the Urban Development Boundary Line and nal, in conjunction with state legis- the elected body and funds to clean up Virginiaprotect the Everglades. lation passed in 2005, requires future the manager to hold Key, all tenants of the Key UEL will be involved and encourage public participation in Miami development must be coordinated frequent open meetings must be held to the same with water supply, similar to other for all public dollar standards.and Miami Dade County’s Master Plan strategies for zoning, urban concurrency laws that consider the projects to listen to One of the biggest dilem-design, parks, pedestrian amenities and transportation. mas for the Virginia Key impact of growth on schools and citizen comments with UEL will strive to increase public participation in government and streets. an open mind for master plan is the lack of clearto advocate for better understanding of local history, historic preserva- In order to do a very large devel- innovative ideas. record keeping. The consultant is having difficultiestion, and cohesive community planning. opment, known as a Development of Many good suggestions were expressed at the determining the zoning and the city, county and Regional Impact (DRI), the devel- Bicentennial meeting, including creating less state ownership of the land. It seems the Key’s UEL will collaborate with a coalition of affected parties to ensure oper has to tell the State where the formal gardens, adding some active recreational recordkeeping has been as shabby as the island’spublic participation in the development plans for Virginia Key and a facilities, deleting some of the concrete walkways maintenance. drinking water is coming Bicentennial Park. We will continue to promote commu- The water is not coming from the and the restaurant, utilizing the boat slip for Above all, the UEL urges that the Key not becomenity awareness about the significance a quality integrated downtown South Florida Water Management boats and working with the county to include another lackluster conglomerate of tacky littlewater-front park and a restored Virginia Key will have on residents, District. Parcel B into the plans. commercial areas reminiscent of ill-planned water-tourists and the business community throughout Miami Dade County. If County Commissioners ap- Virginia Key is not as far along in the planning front tourist traps. We realize the city will need funds UEL will monitor the hotel development on Watson Island to as- prove moving the Urban Develop- process. The consultant has wisely begun to build and maintain Virginia Key. Let’s aim for a ment Boundary for Lennar on this meeting with “stakeholder” groups. However, we higher goal of public/private partnerships that dosure the project adheres to the permitted guidelines as approved by the DRI, will all residents will have to were shocked to learn he would be meeting with not sacrifice the Key to commercial development.City of Miami. “developer stakeholders”. Surely, that is a When there is truly a transparent public process, the subsidize the unfunded infrastructure UEL will maintain a strong advocacy position for keeping public for this development (i.e. desalination mistake. How can developers be “stakeholders” community will surely avoid that sort of disaster onlands for the public. plant, etc.)? - Nancy Lee when Virginia Key is public land? This leads us its valuable public island. 10 3
  4. 4. Visiting Abacoa, Florida Atlantic University Jupiter Campus, and the Commissioner Katy Sorenson, tried to initiate a resolution in Committee to outline a plan for membership of the Florida Public Officials Design Institute Charter Review Task Force (similar to one proposed by Dan Paul’s years ago). Since this is OUR Charter, the people’s, Sorenson tried to make sure everyone was represented. Her Resolution was not approved. Here is what she by Denis Russ, UEL Program Vice President thought the Charter Review Task Force membership should be (the Commission will probably appoint members The UEL Program Committee organized an laboratory for public officials how to shape projects since they didn’t like this effort):extraordinary Bus Trip to the Jupiter Campus of within their communities in consultation withFlorida Atlantic University and the Abacoa Town consulting design professionals. David Barth —Center. Our special host for the day was the who specializes in community visioning and parksFlorida Public Officials Design Institute and our and open space planning — challenged our groupmission was to further explore and understand the to adopt the Miami-Dade County parks planningspecial contributions of the Smart Growth, Livable initiative as a unique opportunity for forming aCommunities and New Urbanism movements as shared vision in our community. Developer Timwe seek to build a shared vision for the future of Hernandez described the opportunities andour own community. challenges that he faced in residen- Eleven yeas following the tial and commercial developmentAbacoa Groundbreaking, its clear in Abacoa and in surroundingto see the substantial accomplish- communities.ments in developing a commu- Carla Coleman, the Executivenity around the concepts and Director of our regional council ofprinciples of traditional neigh- the Urban Land Institute, andborhood development — Julia Trevarthen, of the Southresidential neighborhoods in Florida Regional Planning Coun-close proximity to the town cil, accompanied us on the buscenter and business district, the and helped introduce the programspring training facility of two in the morning and then summa-major baseball teams, meandering greenways and rized the learning experience in the afternoon.wetland preserves, FAU’s newest campus and They provided an extraordinary resource for thehonors college and now the planned entry of day.Scripp’s Research Institute. There are lessons as This program was the fifth in series of bus tripswell to glean and understand as we move toward and workshops that have explored the region. Thethe next generation of new urbanism communities. UEL Program Committee has hosted programs Following lunch at the FAU dining hall, Anteha that explored Everglades National Park at SharkGianniotes described the work of the Treasure Valley, the Urban Development Boundary,Coast Regional Planning Council which has Redland Agricultural Community, affordablefacilitated planning charrettes for government housing in South Dade, Biscayne National Park,jurisdictions and communities throughout Florida the Delray Beach Community Redevelopmentto help chart their futures. Area in Broward County and this last visit to Palm Marie York, Director of the Beach County with theDesign Institute, and former An Urban objective of using thePresident of the Florida Environment lessons learned in theseChapter of the American League programs as we seek to Bus develop a shared vision forPlanning Institute shared with Tourus the mission and history of the future of our ownthis program providing a community. 4 9
  5. 5. Will Virginia Key Become Another Watson Island? by Greg Bush On February 6, more than 150 for public comments and which Turner Tech produced a short videopeople gathered at UM’s Rosenstiel includes a variety of streaming vid- production that championed sav-School on Virginia Key to listen to eos, pictures and documents. It can ing the Marine Stadium while mod-a variety of speakers comment on be accessed at website at the end erator Greg Bush of the UEL andMiami’s Master Plan process for the of this article. UM’s Institute for Public History1,000 acre island that lies between Miami City Manager Pete said that a preliminary report hadMiami and Key Biscayne. County Hernandez assured the audience showed that the stadium could beofficials, including Vivian that their voices would be heard. considered structurally sound andRodriguez of the Parks Dept and Other speakers illustrated the could revived for arelatively smallGary Milano of Derm, spoke amount of money.about the County’s interests in Attention was alsothe island and the natural areas. placed on the NorthOrganized by the Urban Envi- Point area of theronment League and UM’s In- islandwhere prelimi-stitute for Public History, the nary ideas of the citymeeting followed a dinner that have called for thehonored both environmental possibility of hotels.educator Mabel Miller and This land overlooksformer City Commissioner Fisher Island and isAthalie Range, two women who also a potential parkwere instrumental in preserving for a city that has the Abacoa bus trip - candid photosthe public land on the island. least amount of park Miami Commissioner Marc space per capita of The Children’s Museum on Watson IslandSarnoff noted with clear irrita- anyhigh density citytion that the as yet unscheduled in the nation. The au-public hearings for the Master Plan complex land uses and interests in- dience saw images of the area- nowfor Virginia Key would be held af- volved. Superintendent Mark Lewis closed off to the public- and the po-ter preliminary drawings were ren- of the Biscayne National Park noted tentially beautiful park that coulddered by the city of Miami’s con- that the National Park Service is in- be created in that space.sultants, EDSA. The audience was terested in having a northern foot- After the speakers made theirinformed that the Urban Environ- hold in Miami for park patrons. presentations, the public spoke outment League was establishing a Jimbo Luzner of Jimbos place spoke at the end of the meeting showing“parallel public process” to that of about the unique atmosphere of his overwhelmingly that they were pas-the city in order to insure wide- establishment. Juan Fernandez of sionately interested in preservingspread public involvement in the the City Parks Dept, Mabel Miller the natural areas of the island andprocess –something that had not as and Gary Milano all spoke about having more input in the futureyet taken place more than a year af- the unique natural features of the planning process.ter the contract with EDSA was island that they have helped restore A website has been set up over the years. Students from vk. 8 5
  6. 6. Urban Environment League 2007 Annual Meeting and Orchid Awards Presentation May 16th - 6 p.m. American Legion Hall 6450 NE 7th Avenue, Miami (East of Biscayne Blvd.) All UEL Members and Non-Members are free to join us for the Orchid Awards Presentation. We also will be Holding the Election of our Board of Directors - Cocktails are Available and Hors d’ oeuvres will be Served Orchid Award Recipients: 1. Oak Plaza And The Miami Design District 4. Sasaki’s Coconut Grove Waterfront Planning 7. Coastal Communities Traffic Study Craig Robins - Dacra Development Miami Design District Process Joseph Corradino, The Corradino Group Khoury And Vogt, Architects Sasaki Associates, Inc Mark Dawson, Principal Mayors From The Following Cities: Golden Beach, Sunny Isles, Cure Penabad Studio, Architects Michelle Niemeyer, Chairperson Waterfront Working Aventura, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, Surfside, North Bay Elizabeth Plater Zyberk, Architects Committee Village and Miami Beach. John Keenen, Architects Gary Hecht, Chairperson, Coconut Grove Village Council 8. The Miami Herald’s Series “House Of Lies” 2. City Of Miami Virginia Key Nature Trail/Restoration Efforts T. Spencer Crowley, Chair City Of Miami Waterfront Debbie Cenziper, Lead Reporter Miami Herald Ernest Burkeen, Director Of City of Miami Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Larry Lebowitz, Miami Herald Reporter Juan Fernandez, City Of Miami Park Naturalist Susannah Nesmith, Miami Herald Reporter Gary Milano, County DERM 5. Upper East Side Preservation Coalition Tim Henderson, Miami Herald Reporter Jack Spirk Monika Leal, Miami Herald Reporter 3. Save Hialeah Park Ginger Vela Michael Sallah, Miami Herald Investigations Editor Honorable Mayor Julio Robiana, City of Hialeah Hal Marshall Alex Fuentes Glenn Amoruso 9. Umoja Village Milly Herrera Jerry Bell Max Rameau Center for Pan-African Development and 6. Lourdes Solera, Community Activisism. Take Back the Land 10. The Miami Workers Center and Scott Carver Projects Gihan Perera Slate for the Board of Directiors - 2007-2008 Nancy Liebman John DeLeon James Jude Paul Schwiep Kevin Doran Erika Brigham Ernie Martin Robert Flanders Susan Luck David Turner Gabrielle Redfern Patricia A. HarrisKay Hancock Apfel Sage Hoffman Enid Pinkney John Van Leer Leroy Jones Judith Hancock Sandoval Richard Korman Maria Ines Castro Alberto Ruder Santiago Leon Nadjda Mishkovsky Jeff Bradley Gregory Bush Ruth Jacobs Denis Russ Colgate Darden Alex Fuentes Frances M. Bohnsack 6 7