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UEL Newsletter - Issue17


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UEL Newsletter - Issue17

  1. 1. 8 1 The Urban Forum NOTICE: The UEL accepts articles/letters from its members and members of the public. These articles/ letters do not always reflect the Newsletter of The Urban Environment League views of the Members of the Website: UEL, or its Board, or the views Issue No. 17 Email: March 2006 UEL Advisors. To submit articles/letters, con- tact: nancy88@ Lethargy or Lack of Vision? UEL was founded ten years ago. To celebrate, we Forum was Honey Rand, author of Water Wars. are updating our history of activism. It is enlightening Additionally, UEL sponsored workshops and URBAN ENVIRONMENT LEAGUE OF GREATER MIAMI MEMBERSHIP & RENEWAL APPLICATION to examine the League’s glowing record. UEL was on forums to enlighten the community about urbanNAME________________________________________________________________________________________________ the early cusp, creating awareness on issues that planning, zoning, growth management, affordableADDRESS____________________________________CITY___________________ST.______ZIP______________________ continue to be major community concerns. Most housing and successful urban infill. We have spon- astounding is that some of the most troublesome issues sored educational tours showing the fragile EvergladesDAY PHONE____________________EVE. PHONE__________________________FAX_____________________________ of UEL’s past agendas are just beginning to surface in and rural areas of South Dade andE-MAIL___________________________ OCCUP._________________INTEREST__________________________________ government as critical the importance of the agricultural matters. We question industry in Redland. We did this Signature__________________________________Date______________ (All fees are tax deductible.) whether this is indicative of to advocate for “Hold the Line”. prevailing lethargy in We suggested that the County Membership $35 Preferred Mem. $50 Board Members and Sponsors of UEL $100 Donations: Students: $15 government leadership, or Commission create a masterplan just a lack of grand vision for for successful urban infill designs, Miami Dade County. Urban Environment In compiling UEL’s acceptable to the diverse neigh- borhoods in each municipality. League of history, I relied on past In April, the County Commis- Greater Miami UEL Annual Meeting & board agendas, the UEL sion will vote whether or not to Awards Presentation Core Values, and UEL’s A UEL Dinner at the Miami River Inn move the line. Victory is still far award-winning newsletter, from reach despite the public 945 Pennsylvania Avenue Monday, May 22nd - 6pm The Urban Forum. I ask you to judge for yourself outcry to “Hold the Line” from thousands of Miami Suite 100 whether progress has been made in this county or Dade citizens, Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Governor Jeb Miami Beach, FL 33139 Agriculture Bus Tour where we need change. Bush. The County Commission also received stern Friday, March 24 UEL began ten years ago advocating for open space, warnings about out of control water consumption good urban planning, smart growth, waterfront access from the heads of the South Florida Water Manage- Phone: 305 532-7227 Grow Denser...Better and respect for parkland and its use. Throughout those ment District and the State Department of Commu- Fax: 305 532-8727 Forum: Monday, April 3rd years, we held forums, marches, dinners and tours. We nity Affairs (DCA). The DCA did not approve any of have written to our public and appointed leaders about the UDB changes that the County Commission sent a myriad of troublesome issues. We have appeared at to Tallahassee for review. Website: countless public hearings and a vast number of public Parkland To receive information forums. Below, I am highlighting the results of some Five years ago, the League advocated that parkland on upcoming UEL events of those issues. was not surplus land for schools and other public such as dinners, forums The Urban Development Boundary buildings. UEL was instrumental in stopping both a and conferences send your The League’s Urban Forum warned about the water school from being built in Haulover Park, and horses email address to: crisis in 2003 in Got Water, an article by Alan Farago. from being moved into Sewell Park. However, we were In November, 2003, a guest speaker at the Tug of War unable to stop the egregious plan to put police horses
  2. 2. 7 2in historic Lummus Park. New concrete stalls now Preserving Public Amenities Bus Tour / Mobile Workshop March 24thblight a once beautiful open-space historic park. To our dismay, the city of Miami recently signed off Five years ago, the UEL’s Urban Forum ran articles South Miami-Dade Agricultural Community about neighborhood gentrification; Virginia Key’s The Urban Environment League is the Line Bus Tour in order to more substan-on an agreement with the Miami Dade School Board master plan; the Trust for Public Land’s study forto “agree in concept to create schools in parks”, most conducting its third Bus Tour / Mobile tially overview the quality and character of additional waterfront access; and the Miami River Workshop which will feature the agricul- urban, suburban, rural agricultural andnotably, Bicentennial Park: An adjunct to the museum. Commission’s River Plan. Progress has been slow on tural community, history and economy of natural lands from downtown, to Bicentennial Park all fronts on the Government’s side, despite the non- Redland, Florida - the South Miami-Dade Kendall, along Krome Avenue, into profit private sector’s planning process. Each of the Agricultural Community. This is the Redland, and on to Florida City and When the League threatened to not support Ballot plans have hit bumps in the road. The Virginia Key third annual UEL Bus Tour / Mobile Homestead.Question 8 of the 2004 County Bond Issue, a great plan was suppose to be HOLISTIC of the entire Workshop conceived as a vehicle to At our upcoming March 24thcompromise was made among the City of Miami, island. However, it was almost upstaged when the City discuss and visually present the complicated and tour, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez will be aCounty and bond supporters. UEL signed a pact that of Miami Commission - in a piecemeal approach to complex issues that underlie our support for the Hold featured highlight for the day, joining us at Motesprovided a seat at the table for the Bicentennial Park planning - almost approved an expansion for the Rusty the Line Campaign and now expanded to highlight the Orchids for remarks and reflections.Oversight Committee and the promise of public Pelican complete with a piano bar floating in the bay. important economic, social, historic and environmen- A grand team of resource interpreters will beoversight for the park’s planning phase. To date, there The Miami River Plan is being upstaged by the City of tal aspects of South Florida’s rural agricultural commu- assuring that we have a relevant, interesting andhave been 3 “closed door” meetings, the last one Miami’s attempt to replace the River’s water depen- nity. important day’s journey: Rod Jude, Chair of MiamiOctober, 2005. Where is the “open public planning dent, commercial entities with high-rise condomini- In the fall of 2004, UEL joined with the South Sierra Club; Paul Mulhern, historic Grove Inn; Dr. Patprocess”? Is this happening behind closed doors, or is ums. The Trust for Public Land’s study for waterfront Florida National Parks Trust in hosting a trip out to the and John Wade, our chief planning facilitator; Marythe general lack of progress on the part of the consult- access appears to be overshadowed by endless high-rise Everglades. We traveled 15 miles into the vastness of and Dr. Martin Motes of Motes Orchids; Steveants? The public is entitled to see the plan as it developments on Miami’s only remaining waterfront the Everglades on the Shark Valley tram tour narrated Garrison, Almond Tree Nursery; Idena Burr, Burr’sprogresses. sites. As for a solution for neighborhood gentrification by park rangers. As we traveled from Miami, we saw Berry Farm; Wayne Worthley, Worthley Grove and Parcel B and incentives for affordable housing, the County the burgeoning subdivisions, marked the current Redland agricultural teacher; Lonna Hord, Homestead The hard-fought battle to stop a high-rise from Commission is beginning to hold workshops on the development boundary, and gained a greater under- resident and community activist; Lloyd Miller,being placed on Parcel B was successful. UEL then subject. standing of the interrelationship of the existing built resident of Redland and founder of Biscayne Nationalurged that Parcel B be included in the comprehensive Good Urban Planning Strategies environment and the surrounding natural environ- Park; the Park Rangers at Biscayne National Park; anddowntown waterfront park plan. In October, 2004, ment. the Miami-Dade Transit Authority. We thank them all Perhaps Miami 21 will get there. Miami 21 is billedUEL held a very successful Downtown Waterfront Then in the Spring of 2005, UEL hosted the Hold in Advance for their help. -Denis Russ as a true vision for the city’ of Miami’s future wherePark Forum. The good news is that Parcel B owner, historic preservation, zoning and design guidelines willthe County, has agreed to place Parcel B into the City become the tools for revitalizing existing neighbor- UEL Annual Meeting & Awards Presentationof Miami’s Bicentennial Park planning strategy. UELwill continue to bring that plan to the public. hoods. UEL’s April 3rd Urban Infill Forum at the Monday, May 22nd - 6pm University of Miami will highlight important concepts Join us at the Miami Beach Golf Club, For Cocktails (cash bar) and Hors d’oeuvres Engaging The Public of good infill projects. Miami 21’s progress appears to Alton Road and 26th Street, Miami Beach Throughout its ten year history, UEL has advocated have stalled while new highly-insensitive mega-condosthat all local branches of government need to provide a continue to overshadow historic neighborhoods, clog At the Annual Meeting the UEL membership will 3. Cite for its innovative infill concept developed ontransparent process. The public needs to be able to the roadways and irritate the neighbors. elect and install new board members and officers. If Biscayne Boulevard and 20th Street.follow and participate in issues. We have encouraged UEL will continue its mission to stop sprawl into you are not a member, become one on May 22nd, 4. Commissioner Katy Sorenson for her valiantcitizens to attend public forums and to speak out on the Western and Southern environs of Miami Dade we will be signing up members on that day! effort on behalf of growth management and urbanissues at public meetings. This is an awesome fete for County. Perhaps one day, developers will stop mas- The League will also present its annual development issues in Miami Dade County .grassroots groups to organize. We all remember the querading as affordable housing builders beyond the Orchids and Onions Awards. 5. Pat and John Wade, Dewey and Lee Steelethree minute gag order on the public during the UDB UDB and work with the citizens through Miami 21 The following seven Orchids will be and the Redland Community Association forhearings. Recently, the County approved an onerous and other master planning efforts in urban cities to presented: their staunch support in preserving the ruralordinance to “correct” the spoken word of citizens if redesign the urban core. 1. The City of Miami Historic Preservation farmlands in South Dade.their words are considered “incorrect”. Applause to This is where we were 10 years ago, and these are Board and the Urban Arts Group for their 6. Mayor Carlos Alvarez for his strongMayor Carlos Alvarez who vetoed such an egregious the mountains we must continue to climb to create a efforts to designate the Miami MiMo historic support of the Urban Development Boundary.assault on the public’s right to speak. We also applaud healthy and prosperous future for our community. district on Biscayne Boulevard. 7. The Miami Woman’s Club Members whothe county commissioners who voted against the 2. The Miami Beach Development Corporation for saved the historic club from development and are - Nancy Liebman - President, UELordinance to begin with. their work in creating affordable housing. working diligently to restore it to its former glory.
  3. 3. 6 3 The Urban Environment League Presents Urban Environment League Presents An Urban Design Infill Forum: Its Third Bus Tour / Mobile Workshop Grow Denser...Better The Agricultural Community, Monday, April 3rd History and Economy of Redland 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The South Miami-Dade Agricultural Community Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center, Glasgow HallFriday, March 24 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm University of Miami School of ArchitectureLeaving from Trinity Cathedral, 1215 Dickinson Drive, Coral GablesN. Bayshore Drive at Northeast 16th Street Limited Seating - Reservations: 305-532-7227 or is available at the Omni garage or Cathedral) This forum explores best practices for meeting the challenge of continued growthCost: $30.00 per person/UEL members $25.00 in our metropolitan area by focusing density in urban centers and along mass trans-Includes a delicious lunch! portation corridors in a manner that enhances the quality of city life. There will be discussion of urban design principles to guide infill developmentReservations: REQUIRED 305-532-7227 using increased density as means for creating livable urban neighborhoods. We will hear from those who are developing such best practice models.TOUR HIGHLIGHTS:8:30 a.m. - Park in the Omni garage or in the Cathedral lot if that is available, register and board the bus. 8:00 A.M. Coffee Reception — Registration9:00 a.m. PROMPTLY — Leave Trinity Cathedral 464 NE 16th Street, Miami. Bus speakers: Rod Jude, 8:30 A.M. Welcome And Program Overview Chair Sierra Club Miami Group, Paul Mulhern, owner historic Grove Inn, Nancy Liebman, URBAN DESIGN PRINCIPLES TO GUIDE INFILL DEVELOPMENT UEL President, Ernie Martin, UEL Vice President and Denis Russ, UEL Tour Chair. Charles C. Bohl Director Knight Program in Community Building, Research10:00 a.m. — Visit Burrs Berry Farm located on the edge of the Urban Boundary. Meet owner and Associate Professor, University of Miami School of Architecture founder Idena Burr who will talk about the history of the farm Dr. Pat Wade, chair of the Redland Subrata Basu Assistant Director for Planning, Miami-Dade Department of Planning and Zoning Community Council will moderate the tour through Redland. Benefits of Density Locations Favoring Density10:30 a.m. — Travel on historic Redland Road through the heart of the original Redland Village to the Characteristics of Good Urbanism Attributes of Livable Communities Almond Tree Nursery. Owner Steve Garrison will conduct the tour. Public Spaces, Meeting Places Pedestrian Friendly Environment Promoting Vibrant Economy Affordability and Diversity11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. — Travel through the agricultural district to the historic Grove Inn. Lunch Arts, Culture and Entertainment Historic Preservation hosted by owner, Paul Mulhern and learn about the myriad of Redland’s agricultural products. BEST PRACTICES:1:00 to 2:00 p.m. — Visit world-famous Motes Orchids. Mayor Carlos Alvarez will join us for remarks at the Motes’ home. INTERESTING CONCEPTS OF URBAN INFILL DEVELOPMENT The Art Deco District: Denis Russ, Miami Beach CDC2:15 p.m. — Redland Middle School agriculture teacher Wayne Worthley will board the bus at his young Biscayne Shores Village: Steve Nostrand, Project Director, Codina Realty Services avocado grove and speak about the challenges and importance of agriculture in today’s world. Redevelopment of Downtown Hialeah: Honorable Raul Martinez/Jaime Correa2:30 p.m. — The tour will visit one of the new developments in East Homestead. Resident, Lonna Hord, Cite Condo: Sandy Peaceman, Cohen Freedman & Encinosa, Architect will provide commentary about the myths of affordable housing in today’s construction boon. Downtown Kendall: Paul Vrooman, Project Committee Coordinator2:45m to 3:15 p.m. — Travel to Biscayne National Park while Lloyd Miller tells the story of the birth of Miami 21: Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Duany, Plater-Zyberk & Company the Park and his role in its development. Park Rangers will continue the story once at the park.4:00 p.m. — Arrive back at Trinity Cathedral. Sponsors: Tropical Audubon, Sierra Club Miami Group, Reservations: 305-532-7227 – University of Miami School of Architecture
  4. 4. 4 5 plaints into action. We need you to have helped elevate three words to a help load the Chamber in April and level of universal recognition in the UEL Dates to to keep letters to the editor and emails Miami-Dade vernacular: Everyone in Miami-Dade County must play a Role in Preventing the Urban flowing to the Commissioners. The “Hold the Line”. Remember: Development Boundary from Being Rolled Over in 2006… That Includes You! TENTATIVE dates for the Master It’s time to put familiar words Plan and UDB amendments are cur- into steadfast involvement. Call By Nate Geisler South Florida Proposals at the County Commis- bers from appearing or commenting rently April 18, 19, and 20. These County Commissioners. Write Dinner Community Organizer sion Chambers have ranged from at- before the Commission on planning dates are subject to change but as of Letters to the Editor, get others up Miami River Inn Clean Water Fund tempts to erase from public record and zoning matters. And the good the date of this publication’s drafting, to speed on the UDB and most March 21 Over the past year there has been any “misleading” statements from the proposals, such as a move by Com- they “hold”. April 18 will be the day important: Show up this April!much coverage about the heated de- public, stemming from the impas- missioner Carlos Gimenez to prevent of focused pressure so mark your cal- Call (305) 485-5949 if you can dobate over the Urban Development sioned pleas of people at last year’s municipalities from being able to endar! more and remember to check Ag. Bus TourBoundary (let’s say it together: “The UDB hearings who were concerned lobby to move the UDB, were shot UEL and campaign partners for the latest. Special GuestU-D-B”). Not just developers, but about Everglades encroachment (ap- down as fast as you can say “annex-County Commissioners as well have parently a “dangerous exaggeration” ation.” Mayor The Urban Environment Leagueemployed a dizzying array of tactics worth whipping away from poster- But let’s stop griping over the Carlos Alvarezto discredit and silence the vast ma- ity). Thank goodness Mayor Alvarez’s County Commission’s lack of resolve Dine & Discuss Dinnersjority of residents who realize the ex- veto was recently sustained on that or outright viciousness toward pub- Are held at: March 24treme folly of allowing the Boundary one. There was also the attempt to lic dissent and concern over the The Historic Miami River Innto be moved. prevent Community Council mem- UDB. Let’s transform our com- 118 SW South River Drive Grow Denser 6:00 PM – Wine Reception Better Forum Urban Environment League 6:45 PM – Dinner April 3rd 2005 Officers, Board Members, and Advisors Followed by Program Limited Seating, RSVP a must: Officers: Dinner, April 18 Miami River Inn: President Nancy Liebman 305-325-0045 Vice-President Ernie Martin E-mail: Hold The Line Treasurer Kay Hancock Apfel Secretary Richard Korman County Commis- Past President Gregory Bush Come and get to know UEL Members and make new friends in the sion Meetings Board of Directors: Board of Advisors: Community. The meals are delicious and the wine reception is a great April 18, 19, 20 Kay Hancock-Apfel Gregory Bush, Chair networking opportunity. Dinners are held the third Tuesday of the month. Ernest Martin Alan Bisno Robert McCabe Amy Paige Condon March 21, 2006 - An evening with Washington Post Reporter and (Tentative) Gregory Bush Dan McCrea Sallye Jude Dorothy Jenkins-Fields author of THE SWAMP, Michael Grunwald. Michael Cox Arsenio Milian John DeLeon Jimmy Morales Dr. Paul George April 18, 2006 - In conjunction with Dade Heritage Days, the topic Dinner, May 16 Richard Donovan Enid Pinkney Joe Kohl will be: “The Miami River: Historical river or a condo canyon?” Robert Flanders Alberto Ruder Dan Paul Albert Harum-Alvarez Denis Russ Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk May 16, 2006 (Tentative) - An Update on the County Bond Issue that Annual Meeting Sage Hoffman Paul Schwiep Brenda McClymonds was approved a little more than a year ago. and Awards Arva Moore Parks McCabe Maria Ines Castro Howard Slotnick Gene Tinnie Admission $25 for UEL Members, $30 Non-Members May 22 Ruth Jacobs Fortuna Smukler James Jude Max Strang M. Athalie Range Program only: Free 7:30 Richard Korman David Turner Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Seating is Limited: You must Reserve! Renew Your Nancy Liebman Jason Uyeda George Knox Susan Luck John Van Leer Note: Tentative dinner schedule (At times, things come up and speakers that have confirmed cancel and at other times, the UEL itself is confronted Membership with a more pressing issue and has to change things around). When you Today! RSVP we can confirm the speakers. Cut Me Out!