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UEL Newsletter - Issue 13


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UEL Newsletter - Issue 13

  1. 1. Quote of the Month: The Urban Forum The 2004 UEL Urban Waterfront Parks Forum NOTICE: The 2004 UEL Urban Waterfront Parks Forum The UEL accepts articles/letters Virginia Key - here’s what County Manager Burgess had to say in amemo dated Oct.5th: “…I want to assure you that it is not my intention to advance any from its members and members of the public. These articles/letters do Newsletter of The Urban Environment League How do urban waterfronts transform cities? On November 5th, UEL will host a truly unique event in the City of Miami. Leaders and How do urban waterfronts not always reflect the views of therecommendation that will lead to inappropriate development of the Ma-rine Stadium site. Since 1992, the Marine Stadium has been fenced andinaccessible to the public. The need to facilitate appropriate usage of this Members of the UEL, or its Board, or the views UEL Advisors. Issue No. 13 Website: Email: October 2004 practitioners from a few of the most successful urban waterfront transformations in the United States will come to Miami to share their experiences. transform cities?wonderful property, consistent with environmental concerns and public To submit articles/letters, contact:recreational needs is hopefully self-evident. For the last 12 years that hasnot occurred. I believe that any future use of the site should be based on nancy88@ The editor takes full responsibility A Message from Nancy Liebman - UEL President The Miami Waterfront Parks Forum will be an opportunity for a focused discussion on Miami’s downtown urban waterfront spaces. A nationally recognized panel of guest speakers will come Friday • November 5tha public planning process with a great deal of public participation.” for botching articles during cuts. It always seemed that the greedy ami River Inn. Guest speakers were America who converted their forgot- from cities throughout the United States who have had experiences in their communities trans- Miami City Hall, Pan American Drive developers, corrupt officials, gridlock Florida representatives Democrat, ten waterfronts into dynamic park. forming derelict downtown waterfronts and/or urban parks into destinations. The purpose of traffic, poor public transportation, Dan Gelber and Republican, Julio Information about the park forum is The Forum will be an opportunity for a focused discussion on Miami’s downtown urban URBAN ENVIRONMENT LEAGUE OF GREATER MIAMI MEMBERSHIP & RENEWAL APPLICATION UEL organizing this Forum is to develop a planning strategy for the downtown that unifies the deteriorated public places and lack of Robaina on the topic of the Novem- detailed on Pages 2 and 3 of this is- waterfront spaces to develop a planning strategy for the downtown that unifies the BaywalkNAME________________________________________________________________________________________________ sue of the Urban Forum. Baywalk with all of the upland public lands. with all of the upland public lands. open space caused a poor quality of ber 2nd State ballot constitutionalADDRESS____________________________________CITY___________________ST.______ZIP______________________ life in this community. But, none of amendments. See the complete list of The League has focused on the The goals of the Forum include: Nationally recognized Panelists will include: the above compared to the havoc and dinner forums elsewhere in the Ur- upcoming Miami Dade Bond Issues.DAY PHONE____________________EVE. PHONE__________________________FAX_____________________________ hardship caused by the threat of four ban Forum. At our May Dinner, Commis- • Inspire conference participants and City/County government officials to vi- Miami Director of Parks and Recreation Ernest Burkeen; Portland, Oregon’sE-MAIL___________________________ OCCUP._________________INTEREST__________________________________ hurricanes. How lucky we were! The Please be sure to join us on No- sioner Katy Sorenson and the sualize what a usable, enjoyable Miami waterfront would look and feel like. Director of Parks and Recreation Zari Santner; the director of the hugely successful weather certainly put our problems vember 5th for UEL’s Miami Down- County’s point person to the Man- • Listen to best practices and lessons learned from cities that have undergone Millennium Park in Chicago, Ed Uhlir, and one of the best known experts in urban Signature__________________________________Date______________ (All fees are tax deductible.) in perspective. town Waterfront Park Forum at Mi- ager, Coreen Brody discussed the de- a waterfront transformation, and relate those experiences to Miami. waterfront design and planning, Jacinta McCann from EDAW San Francisco. I hope each of you had a great ami City Hall. tails of the bonds and held a lively • Create community awareness about the significance of world class parks Membership $35 Preferred Mem. $50 Board Members and Sponsors of UEL $100 Donations: Students: $15 summer and that you are ready to get The theme of the conference is to question and answer period. Also in on new residents, business, and the quality of life in the downtown area. 9:00 – 9:15am: Opening Remarks and Introductions back to work as community watch- inspire our community about how to May, we visited with County Man- 9:15 – 12:00pm: Panel Presentations dogs working together to better our plan a dynamic waterfront that will ager George Burgess to discuss our • Learn from other cities’ experiences with the public consensus and outreach Urban Environment community. connect Bicentennial Park with Par- concerns with the Bonds as proposed. process, park governance, sustainability principles, preservation of existing Successful Waterfront Parks UEL has begun its new Dinner cel B and the other public lands from We asked that there be separate elements, and the stewardship of public waterfront lands. Analogues from around the country League series. Merrett Stierheim was our first the Miami River to Margaret Pace ballot questions, a grassroots Bond • Study the successful co-existence of good park urban and open space de- What works? What doesn’t? What was the public process? of keynote speaker in September. Park. The dream is to create a uni- Oversight Committee, and suggested sign with proven success in economic generation and vitality. 12:30 – 2:30pm: Lunch - Downtown parks and waterfront boat tour for Merrett, as always was inspirational, fied waterfront park in downtown that the footprint for museum build- Greater Miami sharing his extensive experience in Miami that will become a major city ings in Bicentennial Park be limited • Develop common themes of successful waterfronts from around the world. Panelists and the Public* Miami Dade County. The second destination. Speakers include profes- to preserve the open space and water Use these themes/principles to integrate with on-going and future urban 212 N.E. 24 Street The 2004 UEL Urban Waterfront Dinner was October 19 at the Mi- sionals from other cities across front vistas. waterfront development in Miami. Bicentennial Park/Parcel B, Coconut Grove Waterfront, South Pointe Miami, Fl. 33137 Parks Forum - November 5th When the Bond Issue language Park, Watson Island, Miami River, Bayfront Park The Panelists include Miami’s own Director of Parks and Recreation Ernest Burkeen, Port- Phone: 305 576-2553 was finally approved for the ballot, 3:00– 6:00pm: Panel Discussion we realized that UEL would need land, Oregon’s Director of Parks and Recreation Zari Santner, the director of the hugely success- Fax: 305 576-2530 UEL Featured Article: Panel assessment of Miami’s waterfront further clarity on the museum foot- ful Millennium Park in Chicago, Ed Uhlir, and one of the best known experts in urban waterfront Website: Size Does Matter: prints. E Mail Address: design and planning, Jacinta McCann from EDAW San Francisco. Relation of successful analogues to Miami waterfront park opportunities Is bigger better when growing a city? At its September board meeting, UEL approved a resolution regard- The Urban Waterfront Parks Forum will hope to capture the synergy and focus of parks, open Development of “Common Themes” of successful waterfront parks, ing the size of the building footprints space, and the public planning process. “Guiding Principles” for waterfront parks in Miami for the museums in Bicentennial. We UEL Dinner: 11/16 also urged that if more space would The Urban Waterfront Parks Forum looks to be an exciting opportunity for our community to 6:00pm – 7:00pm: Cocktail Reception Now That The Election is be required, the museums look to see and hear from those who have been successful in transforming their cities into vibrant down- *There is a $25 per person charge for an optional boat tour of Miami urban waterfront with Over, Where Do We Go land west of the Boulevard, rather towns and recreational spaces. panelists. Lunch included. Please reserve a space by sending a $25 check to the Urban Environ- than taking up park space. ment League, 212 NE 24th Street, Miami FL 33137. Boarding location details will follow. From Here? A view of Bayfront Park when a Post Card Postage was one cent. We hope our Park Forum can help create a waterfront that Miami can be proud of once again. Contined on page 4 RSVP: Uelmiami@bellsouth. net or call 305 576-2553
  2. 2. Nancy Liebman - UEL President, Continued from Page 1... South Florida National Watson Island: Public Land Up for Grabs? public land, the City made commit- that there is only one economically What I Did on To my fresh eyes, this was theater Every time I and the Island Gar- Mass Transit ments to acquire new bayfront viable configuration for their marina Watson Island Update of the absurd. dens representative spoke, he assured In addition, UEL resolved there be bye to another piece of public open Parks Trust With dollar signs in their eyes, son, firm or corporation to Status Report on the Suit against My Summer Vacation: In The City of parkland, namely the Barnacle addi- although they do not factually sup- To the environmentalists draped the UEL and other gadflies that theno parking lots or garages in the park. space waterfront land. When does it A new organization has opened and an army of lobbyists in tow, construct...structures, buildings or tion in Coconut Grove. Lo and be- port this assertion at all. The City the City of Miami and the Flagstone I Battled Land-Use with cynicism, it was Tuesday. public amenities were going to beMeetings were held earlier this month stop? shop in South Florida to support the Excellence the powers that be at the City of other things on the...lands or any part hold, instead of ensuring those lands also claims that their configuration Group in opposition to the proposed The atmosphere at these meetings taken care of. It was easy to believewith Manager Burgess where UEL The League is back again defend- three national parks that define our In Aventura, a city of about 3 Miami are embarking on yet an- thereof for any private use or pur- were held in the public trust, the City of choice is consistent with a voter Island Gardens Project on Watson Is- Decisions was unlike anything I had ever seen. him, as his masterful Powerpoint pre-reiterated its position. ing park open space. Two years ago, landscape and enrich our culture – square miles, there are 4 separate other assault on public lands and pose.” The deed further stated that it allowed that land to be used for AN- referendum approving the develop- land. By Danny Enriquez, Student Language is carefully selected and sentations and 3D renderings are very On October 4th, the UEL held a the City of Miami wanted to build Everglades National Park, Biscayne bus lines. During the primary I had the sensitive natural resources of was the intention of this restriction OTHER private development (the ment. I don’t think that the referen- Two Claims have been made by “There are a lot of expensive sterilized, yet it has the potency to convincing to the casual observer.strategy session with the museum police horse stables in Sewell Park. National Park and Dry Tortugas Na- to vote 2 1/2 miles from my Biscayne Bay. that “the said lands shall be used Cloisters). This was especially pain- dum contained conceptual drawings co-plaintiffs, Robert Zimmerman suits in the room.” eliminate eons of natural develop- Fortunately, Ms. Liebman is far fromleadership to negotiate the reduction UEL fought that plan. tional Park. home...way on the other side of This latest insult is occurring in solely for public purpose, including ful for me to witness - the tropical of all the possible marina configura- and Stephen Herbits, both residents When Planning Advisory Board ment. Development threats are con- a casual observer. Away from the pro-of the footprint for their buildings. Now, it seems, the city is eyeballing The National Park Foundation Aventura. I braced for the trip. the form of hotels, timeshares and a municipal purposes and not other- hardwood hammock that was de- tions and I don’t think the electorate of 1000 Venetian Way in Miami, member Rod Jude shot off this one- stantly bubbling, forcing activists to paganda and shiny rhetoric, she ex- As a result of that meeting, an Lummus Park for the stables. created the South Florida National Curious to see how Seniors mega-yacht marina on Watson Is- wise”. Well, these deed restrictions stroyed to make way for million dol- that approved the referendum was Florida. liner, the battle over urban develop- think three moves in advance and plained to me that the beautiful gar-agreement was drafted that all af- Why is parkland always thought Parks Trust in 2002 to strengthen the without transportation in my city land. The same Watson Island that did not allow for the commercial de- lar bungalows had been there forever, being asked to determine the envi- The first claim is an appeal of the ment in Miami suddenly had uni- denying them the time to celebrate dens that they promised resided flatfected parties in County Bond Ques- of as surplus land for misguided pub- connection between the people of would fare, I figured out how long could have been Miami’s Central velopment the City wanted, so the a vestige of our natural history was ronmental impacts of the project. So City of Miami Commission’s quasi- forms. victories. Developers patrol the rear on top of a parking lot. The moneytion 8 would join forces to request lic or private construction projects? South Florida and their national the trip would have taken to go by Park: a spectacular wild place to City asked the Governor and Cabi- wiped out to boost tax roles. despite the existence of proposed al- judicial approval of the Major Use The PAB had been debating a pro- of the Commission Chambers, ob- to fund the maintenance and im-that the County and City of Miami Imagine Lummus Park with its his- parks. The trust recently opened an bus from my home (I chose a time soothe our weary urbanized souls; a net of the State of Florida to lift the Interestingly, I read in the Herald ternatives that greatly reduce impacts Special Permit. This claim, if ac- posed Florida City annexation deep serving from the shadows. And in the provement of the amenities? It cameapprove a Steering Committee to toric structures: Fort Dallas and the office in Coral Gables. The organi- convenient for my slow morning place to connect that one of the City Commissioner’s to Bay resources, the City selected the cepted by the three judge appellate into the evening. As a legal intern meantime, the Comprehensive Ever- strictly from profits. These weren’twork on these details with the con- Wagner Homestead surrounded by zation is governed by a 16-member start): with the Bay and was concerned about what kind of most destructive configuration and panel of the circuit court, will be with no experience in environmen- glades Restoration Program is treated different sides of the story, these weresulting team recently hired by the horse stables. We still don’t under- board of local volunteers headed by her natural trea- impact the construction was going to they are not being charged in the decided on the pleadings and a pos- tal issues, I was finding it difficult to like a $7.8 billion parking ticket. different stories altogether. Truth hadCity of Miami. The UEL board stand why the City of Miami spends architect Robert E. Chisholm. • If I leave on the red bus at sures; and a place to have on the birds at Parrot Jungle. County’s regulatory review process to sible hearing. The panel has not determine who the “good guys” and My boss, Sierra Club attorney Paul reached a level of relativity that wouldvoted at its October 7 meeting to millions of dollars for horses and The trust is raising money to sup- 9:55 I arrive at Macys (the provide eco-tourism That’s a nice sentiment, but boy is it change it. taken action on the complaint. The the “bad guys” were. Every Board Schwiep, gave me the tremendous make Einstein blush. And the sad-approve the agreement with the af- stables when most cities have aban- port the education programs, volun- hub) at 10:30 to transfer. opportunities and a misplaced. If they want to worry Disgusted? Me too. The Tropical plaintiff ’s are asking the court to member promised to defend Ever- opportunity to assist his preservation- dest part was that I was the only onefected parties. UEL is considered an doned equestrian police. teer activities and visitor services that • The transfer yellow bus ar- sustainable industry about impacts to natural resources, Audubon Society and Sierra Club - review and quash the zoning reso- glades restoration. They even praised ist clients. This included Nancy surprised.affected party and will work within On Another note, we hope you make it possible for more people to rives at 11:45. with the well-being what about the 10+ acres of Bay bot- Miami Group have had two meetings lution approved by the Commis- the environmental activists present Liebman, president of the Urban While this summer slightly jadedthe committee structure to insure a will join us on our Everglades trip in visit and enjoy the parks. • It gets me to the clubhouse of our environment tom that are going to be dredged up with DERM to express our concerns. sion on July 8. for their noble intentions. If every- Environment League of Miami, and my perspective, it also gave me footprint on the park. early February. Our plans are to Here’s an upcoming event: at 12:06 where I can vote. as its core value. In- to make way for the marina. This We have left both meetings unsatis- The second complaint is a suit one was on our side, why were we in the always-energetic Nancy Lee. I The passion of these defenders UEL also put enormous effort into board a bus to take us to the park • I vote. stead (and not with- bay bottom supports acres of seagrass fied that the County is going to ap- in circuit court. To date, the defen- downtown Miami fighting a “stan- learned more about an issue in one gave them energy to fight everyimproving the grandiose private de- where we will have lunch and a Fighting the Cold War in standing the • I take the next bus out at (including an endangered seagrass) ply any more scrutiny to the project. dants have received answers to their dard annexation?” of their “crash courses” than in any battle, no matter what predictablevelopment plan for Watson Island’s guided tram tour of this national trea- Everglades National Park 2:11. I get to Macys at 2:36. Children’s Museum and other biological communities I am sure this is a symptom of the interrogatories, documents as a re- It turns out alligators aren’t the all-night board meeting. I did what- disappointments awaited them. Theywaterfront public land. We set forth sure. As our bus travels to the park, The Nike Missile Base constructed • I transfer to the red line at which seeks to ac- that contain corals, sponges, inverte- larger political disease of high-pow- sult of their request for discovery, only thing in the Everglades lurking ever tasks I could to help their causes, stomached condescending lecturesobjections to Miami’s Mayor and we will have a guest speaker to dis- inside Everglades National Park af- Macys. The bus arrives at commodate other brates, fish, and the occasional endan- ered interference in the regulatory and are in the process of complet- under the surface. but it was always known that we were from public officials who had one-Commission and to many of the city’s cuss the importance of the Everglades ter the Cuban Missile Crisis of Oc- 3:25. community needs) gered sea turtle and manatee. process. Tropical Audubon will be ing depositions. The plaintiffs have I learned that night why environ- working against big money, big in- tenth of their knowledge and civilboards about the lack of public and its connection to our urban com- tober 1962 has been placed on the • I get back to my condo at Watson Island is for Miami-Dade County DERM is at the Commission meeting when the deferred requesting such materials mentalists fight so many battles. Ur- fluence and big odds. commitment. They read 100-pageamenities in this overly-dense devel- munity. National Register of Historic Places. 3:35. sale to the highest bidders. And those restrictions. In June of this year, the currently reviewing the application marina application is going to be con- and depositions pending complet- ban development is a guerilla threat, That was never clearer than in the documents of sleep-inducing jargonopment project. For our efforts we Prior to the trip, we plan to have a Park officials plan to commemo- bidders come well armed to persuade State granted the City’s request, and for the marina, but under the politi- sidered. ing of the defendant’s actions. with smooth-talking enemies and Watson Island case. Island Gardens, from cover to cover in search of areceived a complete lack of interest dinner meeting on the subject of pro- rate the listing with an event and cer- That is a whopping 5 1/2 hours us that they have our best interest’s thusly, you and I and everyone else cal pressure of the City, this applica- What can you do? Contact your The Circuit Court complaint subtle victories. a development group, acquired the vulnerable loophole. Yet despite allfrom the elected officials and their tecting and preserving the Everglades. emony inside the park on Oct. 23. to go 2 1/2 miles to vote. at heart. summarily lost our rights to access tion does not appear to be subject to Commissioners at the County and at claims that the project is inconsis- Florida City mayor Otis Wallace premium waterfront property of of these reasons to give up, someoneappointed boards. No one even cared Information will follow. We want to The base was one of four Nike sites County Manager Burgess, after The current proposal includes on Watson Island (well, everyone ex- the “avoidance and minimization” the City (if you are a City resident) tent with the City’s Comprehensive claimed that he wanted to annex the Watson Island to build two massive would put a new cause in my mail-that the project is much more intense remind you that the UEL is part of constructed in South Florida in 1964 getting into a traffic jam on pri- glossy brochures depicting canopy cept those who will be able to afford standards that are typically the man- and tell them that you expect them Neighborhood Plan, was unlaw- land to build five-acre ranchettes for hotels and a megayacht marina. This box every morning.than what was approved by the vot- the Everglades Coalition which is to improve the nation’s defenses mary day, had suggested to elec- covered walkways and open spaces the high rents, high dockage, or high tra of the County’s environmental to protect your interests, tell them fully approved under the County’s his poverty-stricken community. may be a boon to the world’s socio- The degradation of our naturalers back in the 90’s. having its annual meeting is in Janu- against long-range bombers and mis- tions that something had to be hosting community events that pro- price of ownership in the new devel- permitting process. In other words, they should apply the highest levels Shoreline Development Review However, Atlantic Civil, a develop- economic elite, but it is an insult to world has become a crucial issue to The final blow to UEL’s effort to ary. siles. The base was equipped with done and the voting location is now vide for public access - and I suppose opment). if you own waterfront land and you of protection for our public spaces Ordinance, was unlawfully autho- ment company, happened to have a the average Miami-Dade citizen. This me, and that is solely because of theimprove the project for the public was Finally, we hope everyone is well- surface to air missiles named for the 1/2 a mile from my house on the it is still possible that this vision may Insulted? You should be. This is want to build a dock for your boat, and our environment. And don’t for- rized by the City regarding its own 1,500-acre site plan in the works at beautiful location once belonged to remarkable people I met this summer.when the Florida Cabinet voted to prepared to vote on November 2nd Greek god of victory. The base re- same bus line. Thank you County come to pass. However, I am skepti- not the first time the City and the you have to avoid impacts to natural get to tell them that you are watch- regulations for parks, recreation and the South Florida Planning Council the public, and it was sold only un- When I drove back up toremove the protective public deed for the persons who will best lead this mained active until 1979. The ma- Manager Burgess. cal considering what has already tran- State have conspired to strip us of resources if at all possible, minimize ing this process and that you vote! open space, and unlawfully sanc- in the proposed annexation area! This der the condition that there would Gainesville this fall, I glimpsed at therestrictions on Watson Island. county and this country, and for the jority of the original buildings and Voting aside, mass transit is a spired. In 1949, Watson Island was access to public places. Public impacts if they are unavoidable, and Cynthia Guerra, tioned “spot zoning.” information was sitting in the cor- be proper amenities for the commu- vast wetlands off of the turnpike. This The restrictions were that only ballot questions that will be best for structures remain in place today. problem in my city and I would deeded to the City of Miami pro- parkland at Bayfront Park was con- mitigate for impacts your dock has Executive Director At this point in time, there is no ner of the room like a pink elephant, nity. is what the summer was for, and itpublic projects be built on Watson this county and the health, welfare To learn more, contact us at 305- suppose in Miami Dade County, vided the City “not give or grant any sumed to create Bayside Shopping on resources that were impacted. In Tropical Audubon Society way to predict the timing of either and yet proponents of the annexation This is when the language be- was worth it. DanDanE428@aol.comIsland. Imagine, no one cared! Good- and prosperity of the State of Florida. 665-4769, let’s hear from you. -Nancy Lee license or permit to any private per- Center. In exchange for this loss of their application, the City has stated 5530 Sunset Drive Miami, FL case. chose to willfully ignore it. comes tricky again. southflorida. This is a must read!
  3. 3. Development Boom in the center city or in clusters such communities. The high rise build- Thinking out loud... Frustrated that no one was listening create Miami Neighborhoods United benefit from an association. We are What Benefits Does Holding The Urban Develop Boundary The core city is clearly urbanizing. as Brickell Village and thin it down ings are primarily developed with Our Dinner, An Evening with Dine and Discuss the Neighborhood Associations in Mi- – a coalition of active neighborhood not necessarily anti development.That is a fact and like it or we must in other areas. concern for those who will live in the Harvey Ruvin, will focus on environ- November 16th Topic ami are uniting... associations. We seek what they now call Brings To All Of Miami-Dade Cities? Everything is right for high den- buildings and no concern for context. mental issues, especially global warm- Miami Neighborhoods Cooperative action should help “Smart Growth” (usually an oxymo- ...and what the heck is the Urban Development Boundary?all recognize that. Decisions must bemade in that context. It does not sity development in the downtown- If there is no open space, no ser- ing. Our County Clerk is working Now That The level the uneven political playing field ron) – development that enriches the core city. Large scale housing devel- vices, and garages lining the streets, vigorously on global warming. Election is Over, United brought on by district elections. city, but not at the expense of it’s We want to stress to all cities the on the other side of the UDB. Ohio pay their federal dollars to re-mean that established single family importance of holding the Urban store the Everglades if we, who live opment has begun; services, that is not a concern of the developer. Right now, developers can donate neighborhoods.and low density neighborhoods can shopping, restaurants and entertain- In time, when traffic becomes too bad Due to the holidays, we will not Where Do We Go A coalition of active generously to every commissioner, Our focus will center on the for- Development Line (UDB). It is an What benefits does holding here, are not serious about it.... if we have a forum in December. neighborhood associations.not be protected. These neighbor-hoods are major assets to the city and ment are incorporated in these plans. and residents begin to use the streets, For our January or February din- From Here? while neighborhoods usually get the mation of a new zoning ordinance imaginary line that was adopted by the line brings to all cities? are treating it ONLY as a water sup- Parks (while not up desirable stan- it will become their concern. This spring, residents throughout attention of only the one commis- and master plan for the city. ordinance by the County Commis- Holding the UDB benefits every- ply plan and ignoring the environ-the residents are the major founda- dard that they should be), the Per- In recent years, developers have ner, we are working this week to fi- Invited Speakers: the City of Miami were under in- sioner they vote for. This is an outstanding opportu- sion over 10 years ago (it was not a one. The current plumbing system mental elements that the rest of thetion of Miami. At the same time high nalize a program dealing with the Ev-rise buildings are not necessarily bad forming Arts Center, American Air- been required to have active uses on erglades. Stay tuned. Upcoming Dinner Topics: Michael Putney creased attack from development If we unite voters in every district, nity to finally right the many wrongs codified line for 10 years before that of the Everglades was set up to pro- country cares about. Across the lines Area, Bayside, Miami-Dade the street level of the buildings. Plan- "An Evening with Harvey Ruvin" projects that threatened their neigh- we hope to demand the attention of in the existing laws that have plagued but it was respected). The line is on vide flood control and water supply Country, people have committed toand an increasing share of our popu- In February or March,our Tom Fiedler borhoods. for a couple of million people. It was College, planned museums, places of ning must incorporate sections, not "New Urbanism and Gentrification” every commissioner. our city for so long. We will be deal- the Land Use Map incorporated in a $4 billion federal contribution oflation will be apartment dwellers. planned topic would be New Urban- In Silver Bluff, questionable city never meant for the population we employment and other amenities are single buildings planned indepen- “The Everglades” The first result was impressive – a ing with the issues above and other to the County’s Comprehensive De- money in order to protect and restore The City is at work on a new ism and Gentrification. errors put single family homes right have now, or the projected popula- there. People should be able to live dently, to insure that services are in- new zoning ordinance 907, return- issues of city wide concern such as velopment Master Plan (CDMP), our natural resources, they couldn’tzoning ordinance and master plan, Another topic could be "Public Don’t miss the opportunity to network and share a next door to a massive project. tion. The current system can’t func- in this area with limited use of their tegrated and that shopping, parks, ing the original height restrictions, Bicentennial Park, Virginia Key, an and recognized by the State. The care less about out water supply ben-and that initiate is applauded. Information to citizens: How can we The commission ignored their tion anymore. A broad public effort The issues on high rise develop- automobiles, if adequate public trans- traffic and other issues are addressed. do a better job?" We are also contem- delicious meal with others and UEL members at the was passed in record time, to the city’s adequate tree protection law, etc. UDB primarily demarcates the west- efits but our Cities should. It is be- portation is developed. Another major contributor to over historic Miami River Inn, 118 South River Drive. own experts and broke a promise to credit. Our goal is to have a city we live ern portions of the County, but also lead to the development of CERP to cause of bad development that wement are scale, location, public plating a discussion on the "Urban residents in The Roads, giving away address the needs of the natural sys- • In most areas, reduce the scale scale development is the gross lot, a MNU is organizing in the middle in and can be proud of. There is much protects some of the Biscayne Bay have to do CERP in the first place.amenities, services and perhaps of Development Boundary." Dinners are every Third Tuesday. a public street for private profit. shoreline in extreme south Miami- tem, and CERP will provide benefits If we allow more bad development of the high rise developments. concept that is unique to Miami. It Any thoughts from you for a din- of battle. We now have member or- to do. Neighborhood/homeowner as-greatest importance automobile park- Call for information and to make a reservation: They seemed bent on turning the Dade. The county offers no services, for the urban and agricultural areas CERP will never have a chance. • Insist on integrating services with inflates the size of building by allow- ner topic? ganizations from Coconut Grove to sociations that are incorporated bying and traffic. historic Miami River shore into an- like water and sewer, on the other side like water supply and flood control. People from all over the State are con- high density developments. Regard- ing the amount of construction – Our final dinner of the season Wine and Cheese, Dinner and More Wine: $25 Oakland Grove in the N.E., and from the state and consist of only residen- There are 14,372 apartment units other condo corridor. of the line. The area outside the In order for CERP to work it is tributing to CERP the additional $4 less of developments, Miamians are floor area ratio (FAR) - to be based would be in May. the bay to the Gables border. tial properties are encouraged to join(30,732 parking spaces) complete/ Miami River Inn: 305 325-0045 Residents in The Grove, and other UDB is primarily open land, agricul- critical to keep buffer lands between billion. They also don’t want Miami- probably not going to give up their on a fictitious lot size that includes We need members from every Miami Neighborhoods United.under construction and 37,180 areas, are blasted nearly deaf by ture and/or protected land for envi- open land and the urban core. There Dade County to do anything to in- cars any time soon. If, however, most half of the bordering street right of commission district, and will help Contact Joe Wilkins, 305 854-apartment units (69,546 parking nightclub noise after the city, so far, ronmental purposes. The line is func- are necessary environmental concerns crease flood/water supply problems. of the things they need are in walk- way with further additions if a prop- Saving Virginia Key – Again organize neighborhoods that would 0610, for information. Unity works!spaces) in planning process. There Where We Like To Walk has failed to come up with an effec- tional, as it delineates the area that that can’t be addressed in developed So, fast forward, there are very ing distance and there is convenient erty is adjacent to parks or waterwill be more traffic. The hard work and vigilance of many citizens and a coalition of environ- tive noise ordinance. serves as a buffer zone to the Ever- areas (such as preserving panther dense development plans popping up public transportation the cars should front. Everywhere else, the FAR is (See more selections on Page 10) If you have ever tried to get off mental, civic and homeowner groups has, once again, thwarted a plan by The list goes on – by summer at glades, and provides breathing room habitat and the need to have room all along the UDB line. Developers be used less frequently. Perhaps fami- computed on actual lot size.Brickell Key during a busy time of One of my favorite places to walk some officials in the City of Miami, to alter land uses on Virginia Key. least six different neighborhood as- between the urban core and the vast to store and treat flood waters before own most of the land along the line lies with two cars and more could This is one of the primary reasonsday you know how difficult traffic has is Miami Beachs Lincoln Road. On Oct. 5, County Manager George Burgess announced in a memo to sociations had to suffer the expense marsh. For instance, ground water water is released into Everglades Na- and if any of the three that are get- become one car families. The down- that so many neighborhoods arealready become, and only about half Having grown up on Miami Beach, the County Commission, that a proposal that might have paved the way for and aggravation of going to court to levels are allowed to be held higher tional Park, etc.) We also need buffer ting started push through there could town core offers an outstanding op- fighting McMansions. Elimination ofof the complete/ under construction it is great to see the success that Lin- commercial development of publicly owned land on Virginia Key was off seek relief city hall could not provide. outside the line by water managers. lands in order for us to get federal be a flood of developments. Most of portunity. this provision could bring projects inapartment units are occupied. It also coln Road has achieved and the fact the table. For now. While Mayor Diaz has made a no- Commissioner Moss has asked the and state funding, that is, Miami- the three current proposals are very Too Much? to more reasonable scale.makes one wonder how the required that it has become a world famous Miami-Dade County had been asked by city officials to lift deed restric- table effort to form a “New Miami”, county for a study to (assess the need Dade has to show their commitment dense which could be lethal to the The current zoning and planning Formulas require open space inproject traffic studies are done, they destination. Whether it is window tions on almost 800 acres of publicly owned land on Virginia Key. These the “New” Miami was starting to to) move the line. The 8 1/2 square to the effort... Let’s face it, IF dense Everglades effort. were done years ago in very different every project. Currently roof top rec-are virtually impossible to believe. shopping, admiring all the beautiful deed restrictions limit uses on the land to municipal or public purposes smell a lot like the old Miami. mile fiasco that cost the government development starts popping up on Its all about balanced land use circumstances. The American reation areas, that are in nearly every If all planned units are complete people or simply walking ones dog, only. The properties affected include about 60 waterfront acres in the Ma- Things culminated this summer millions to buyout homeowners, is the edge of the Everglades, our com- within the UDB, transitional land reurbanization movement had not high rise project, are counted as openthere will be 100,278 additional cars a good time is guaranteed. It does rine Stadium area and nearly 700 acres of the Bill Sadowski Critical Wildlife with the debacle of Zoning Ordi- what happens when you get people mitment to the effort will seem non- uses that allow for responsible resi- blossomed and the city was stagnant space. Thus, we are getting projectsin the city core area. It is eminently not really matter if it is day or night- Area. After getting an earful from concerned citizens, numerous Jim Defede nance 907, a law designed (but never too close to CERP (Comprehensive existent and funding may dry up. dential and commercial develop- and it was very difficult to attract any that are curb to curb to curb of theclear that, regardless of the profes- time because there is always some- columns and a news article exposing the questionable deal, County Man- enforced) to limit the height of build- Everglades Restoration Plan) projects Why would someone in Arkansas or ment, balanced with ensuring ad- investment. These circumstances are next project and the next project.sional traffic studies, that traffic can- thing for everyone to enjoy. ager George decided to “withdraw” the agreement altogether. ings next door to single family homes. equate water supply and water enormously different today. We have Roof top recreation areas make a lotnot be accommodated. At the same time, the exercise from But, hold on to your hats, folks. A joint City of Miami/Miami-Dade Initially, the city caved in to the What can be done? been left a legacy of zoning and plan- of sense, but they are not open space. walking on Lincoln Road can only If we publish our newsletter and don’t hear from our quality, and supporting the economic County Master Plan for all of Virginia Key is just getting underway with the developers opposed to enforcing this viability of tourism and farms - the • Give an urgent priority to devel- ning issues that handicap the mak- Thus, we are not getting pocket parks prove to be beneficial to ones health. selection of planner/designers. With the City’s history of developing public This is a renderings (conceptual, not actual) of the proposed development at readers, we can’t make improvements on our publication. or the capacity for projects to pool ordinance; firing the zoning admin- Hurricane Cove on the Miami River. Neighbors question whether the re-zoning twin backbones of the South Floridaoping a mass transit system. Increased ing of quality decisions. There truly is only one Lincoln Road parklands for commercial or other non-park uses (museums, the Bayside istrator who supported it, then silenc- that allows for three 28 story towers is compatible with the river neighborhood. We need to know which articles you are reading/the economy. The ag lands represent open space to produce urban parksdensity makes it practical. It is, how- There is a lack of requirement for or simply a break to let in some light. and we are very fortunate to have shopping center, sports stadiums, etc…), public participation in the Master ing with threat of evection, the neigh- The threat to the boatyard and the high density of the project led to the Miami whole publication, etc. Please email newsletter feedback critical transitions from the most pris-ever, not enough by it self. projects to contribute to or at least such a jewel in our community. Plan process will be critical to assuring Virginia Key is protected. Get in- bors who packed city hall in protest. River Commission’s 6-4 vote March 1 to withhold support for the project, to: -Robert McCabe tine natural areas to less dense to • Concentrate the highest density not do damage to the surrounding - Albert Ruder volved - Blanca Mesa (305) 285-4733 or This led neighborhood activists to managing director Brett Bibeau said. more intense development. - N. Lee