International Association of Lions Clubs                                      District Governor Barbara Fishel            ...
SECOND THOUGHTS                   by Second Vice District Governor: Doug Long                         I would like to take...
CAL ENDAR OF EVEN TS2013March 11              DG Visit, Paw Paw Lions, American Legion, 6:30 P.M.March 12              DG ...
91st ANNUAL WEST VIRGINIA                              LIONS STATE CONVENTION                                 PIPESTEM STA...
WEST VIRGINIA YOUTH TRAVEL ABROAD        Six youth from around West Virginia will travel to Italy or Peru this summer as p...
ROMNEY LIONS CLUB SPAGHETTI DINNER         FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013           4:00 P TO 7:00 P                 .M.       .M.R...
LIONS - MESU Schedule for 2013                                       (as of 2/24/2013)            MESU Unit: Special proje...
DRIVER QUESTIONNAIRE - 2013                                        (To be completed by EACH driver)COMPANY NAME: WV LIONS ...
MD 29 HAS MERIT PEACE POSTER WINNERCongratulations! The Jane Lew Lions Club’s sponsored entry created by CourtneyLough has...
WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE WV SCHOOL                  FOR THE DEAF AND THE BLIND IN ROMNEY, WV?                           ...
DISTRICT CONTESTS UPDATE        In an effort to encourage more clubs to participate in the District Contests, the District...
March 2013 newsletter (1)
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March 2013 newsletter (1)

  1. 1. International Association of Lions Clubs District Governor Barbara Fishel WEST VIRGINIA LIONS DISTRICT 29-I Volume 1 #9 March 2013 MESSAGE FROM DISTRICT GOVERNOR BARB FISHELAt the beginning of this year, our International President Wayne Madden challenged all of our clubs to setgoals and to conduct four “pit stops” during the year to determine if our clubs were on schedule inaccomplishing the goals that we had established. We are now in the third “pit stop” of this Lion year. Hasyour club met the goals that you set out to achieve? What did those goals involve? Did we strive to increasemembership within our clubs or did we promise to do more service projects to better serve the communitieswe live in? Whatever your goals were, your club still has time to work on completing the goals that were set. I challenge our Lions to continue working hard during the remaining four months of this Lion year to meetthe goals set not only for our clubs but for each of us as a Lion.Our clubs should also be concentrating on the election of new officers for next year. The role of leadershipshould not be taken lightly when considering who will lead our clubs during the coming year. We need tomake sure we elect those who are willing to serve our club in the most effective way. Strong leadership makesfor a strong club. Strong clubs are the movers and shakers in our organization. These are the clubs that weneed to pattern ourselves after in making sure our club is meeting the needs of our members and ourcommunities. Please ensure that your club secretary has completed the PU 101 with complete names,addresses, and email addresses of your incoming officers. This PU 101 should then be sent to LionsInternational and your incoming District Governor, George Quinn.Spring officially begins on March 20. This is the time of year that our clubs are now busy making final plansfor their Spring fund raisers and service projects. Lions International has given us areas to consider when wemake plans for activities. These areas of consideration are: Involving our LEO’s and youth in developingtheir skills in leading a service project; organizing an activity to benefit the visually impaired in ourcommunities; and collecting and distributing food to help alleviate hunger in our communities. In April,Lions are encouraged to work on projects that improve and protect our environment. If our clubs are workingon any of these projects, then we are busy doing the work that Lions do best – Serving the needs of others!This is also the time of year to think about recognizing those Lions who have gone out of their way to makeour clubs successful. The Melvin Jones Award and the Leonard Jarrett Award are excellent ways to honor ourhard working Lions. If your club has not yet given a donation to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation)or to the WVLSCF (West Virginia Lions Sight Conservation Foundation), now is the perfect time to do so.A donation of $1,000.00 to either one of these programs allows your club to name a deserving Lion to receivethis award.Until next time…………THANKS FOR SERVING!DG BARB FISHEL Blessings
  2. 2. SECOND THOUGHTS by Second Vice District Governor: Doug Long I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Lions throughout the state that helped to make this year’s Leadership School a success. It is always good to meet lions eager to learn, both new and old. Several of the clubs in our district were well represented. I would love to see even more next year. Please encourage the members in your club who will be stepping into leadership roles, in the next several years, to attend next year’s school. I would also encourage you to be wellrepresented at the state convention and fall conference. Sharing ideas and listening to other lionsabout their concerns make us stronger and more effective. I was on the drive home from Leadership School in Flatwoods, thinking about the weekend andthe work we do and I began to think about “secrets.” I don’t believe secrets are a good thing in theLion’s world. I have had several lions ask me what ingredients are in our Lion’s chicken sauce. Iknow, because I always make the sauce when we cook chicken. I however, can only think of oneother member of our club who may know the recipe. I do not believe that this is a good secret tohave. In my mind, it would be a good idea to be sure that responsible club members also have accessto this information. Would it be so terrible to give the recipe to another Lions club? In speaking to other Lions throughout our District and State it has become apparent to me thatwe all too often hold on to information that needs to be shared with others. I would like to discusssome “secrets” that could apply to YOU: How many of you have club members who are the only onethat knows the whereabouts of club belongings? Do you have members that have chaired the samecommittee for so long that no one else could run a project or program? Does your club keepindividuals in the same offices year after year? Do you keep internal conflicts within your club(We all have them) to yourself? Do you discuss prospective new members with other club members? I strongly believe that these topics are “secrets” that we as lions should not keep. If these questionshit home with you, then maybe it is time to address some issues. Here are a few of my thoughts. First,establish co-chairs for committees. Include younger lions in this process. Second, establish mentoringLions who can show other lions how things are done. How about “a secretary or treasurer in training”along with vice presidents? Thirdly, does your club use a prospective new member list and share it atmeetings? Lastly, do you bring controversial topics or bad feelings to someone else for help or do youjust internalize them? Often a good healthy discussion is the answer. Remember that we are all Lions and we do the things we do to serve others. We have the samepurpose! Let’s not keep secrets but share them. What could it hurt?
  3. 3. CAL ENDAR OF EVEN TS2013March 11 DG Visit, Paw Paw Lions, American Legion, 6:30 P.M.March 12 DG Visit, Parsons Lions, Little Andies Restaurant, Parsons, 6:00 P.M.March 15-16 District L Conference, Bridgeport Conference CenterMarch 21 DG Visit, Adamston LionsApril 1 Zone 4 Meeting, Amelia’s Restaurant at Canaan ValleyApril 4 DG Visit, Hedgesville & Pikeside Lions, Hedgesville Methodist Church, 6:30 P.M.April 6 4th Cabinet Meeting, Fort Ashby Community Center, 10:00 A.M.April 8 DG Visit, Flemington Lions, Flemington Community Building, 6:00 P.M.May 31 - June 1-2 WV Lions State Convention, Pipestem ResortJune 2 Fourth Council of Governors Meeting, Pipestem ResortJuly 5-9 Lions International Convention, Hamburg, Germany Congratulations to Paw Paw Lions Club President Joan Maggio! Lion Joan submitted a photo for the Lions International Environmental Photo Contest. Her photo was selected as an entry from District 29 I and it has been sent to be judged on the Multiple District Level. CONGRATULATIONS JOAN AND BEST OF LUCK ON THE NEXT LEVEL OF COMPETITION.
  4. 4. 91st ANNUAL WEST VIRGINIA LIONS STATE CONVENTION PIPESTEM STATE PARK PIPESTEM, WEST VIRGINIA MAY 31 & JUNE 1 & 2, 2013 Registration $80.00 if paid by May 1, 2013 registration $90.00 if paid after May 1, 2013 New Members after July 1, 2012 or any first timers to State convention $60.00 fee by May 1, 2013 FEE INCLUDES: Friday banquet, Saturday lunch and banquet, and Sunday lunch, Plus entertainment Friday night. Extra Meals - $30.00 per person Sunday District Breakfasts $12.00 Contact your District Governor or cabinet Secretary-Treasurer for more information CONTACT PIPESTEM STATE PARK FOR RESERVATIONS 304-466-1800 OR 800=CALL-WVA Make sure you tell them you are with the Lions Club Room Rate $80.00 plus tax ROOMS WILL BE RELEASED MAY 1, 2013NAME_________________________________GUEST_______________________________CLUB NAME ________________________________DISTRICT__________________LIONADDRESS___________________________________________________________________PHONE_____________________________AMOUNT ENCLOSED____________________SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS?___________________________________________________ Make Checks Payable to: MD 29 State Convention Mail to: PDG Merlin Trickett 926 Orchard Drive Rainelle, WV 25962 (304-438-1014)
  5. 5. WEST VIRGINIA YOUTH TRAVEL ABROAD Six youth from around West Virginia will travel to Italy or Peru this summer as part ofthe Lions Youth Camps and Exchange program. Madeline Durate from District L will travel toPeru. District I’s Corey Shetler will go to Italy. From District O, Katherine Ratliff will visit Italyas will Kaitlin Chinn. District N’s Kait Cantley will go to Italy and Kaitlin Keene will visit Peru.Each of these youth will receive a travel grant from the contributions local clubs made to theyouth exchange program in the Parade of Checks at the District Conferences. This programhelps to promote world peace and understanding while giving the youth an important,sometimes life-changing experience. There is another way that Lions and non-Lions families can participate in this youthexchange program. That is by providing a home for visitors coming from abroad. The visit istypically for four weeks; It is not required that you have a youth living in your home. This yearhomes are needed for youth coming from Italy and Finland. If interested please contact theyouth exchange chair, Lion Sue Via @ (304) 772-5273. From L to R: Madeline, Kaitlin Keen, Kait, Corey Shetler and Katherine & Kaitlin Chinn MOUNTAIN LIONS CLUB ANNUAL ELIMINATION DINNER FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013 •AURORA SCHOOL Dinner 6:00 p.m. • Drawing 7:00 p.m. • $30.00 per couple For Tickets Contact: Melody Hubbard at 304-735-3525or Jo-Ann Helton at 304-735-5832 BUCKHANNON LIONS CLUB "TASTE OF ITALY DINNER" Thursday, March 21st, 2013 • 4-7 p.m. First United Methodist Church, Buckhannon Adults $10.00 Children $5.00 BUCKHANNON LIONS CLUB ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT Saturday March 30th, 2013 • 11 a.m. -12 p.m. Buckhannon City Park 100s of candy-filled eggs and prize eggs to find.
  7. 7. LIONS - MESU Schedule for 2013 (as of 2/24/2013) MESU Unit: Special projects and multi-day events will be given priority To Schedule the MESU Contact: PDG Glenn Ryburn - Email: or phone (h) 304-258-8939; FAX: 304-258-6276 or write Lion Glenn Ryburn, 236 Spicy Cedar Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411 Scheduling the MESU requires local drivers who have completed the 2013 WV Lions Drivers Questionnaire Form SCHEDULE CONFIRMEDMONTH DATE DIST LOCATION ACTIVITY POCJan-Feb 01 - 31 MD-29 Morgantown Maintenance PDG Jeff Baxter &March 01 - 31 MD-29 Morgantown Maintenance PDG Glenn RyburnApril TBD Morgantown PDG Glenn RyburnMay TBD MorgantownJune TBDJuly TBD 21-27 I Fort Ashby Zone 2 Training Lion Lou Miltenberger 28-31 I Fort Ashby Mineral County Fair (h) 304-726-4864 (c) 301-697-8632August 01 - 04 I Fort Ashby Mineral County Fair Lion Lou Miltenberger 05 - 08 N Move MESU to Lewisburg Lion Sue Via 09 - 13 N Lewisburg WV State Fair Sue/Bobby Via 304-772-5273 14 - 16 N Move MESU to Parking @ Days Hotel PDG Glenn Ryburn TBD N Flatwoods Flatwoods 304-765-5055 304-258-8939 TBD L Storage at Morgantown DG Moffett & PDG BaxterSeptember 01 - 03 L Wheeling Car Show PDG Jeff Baxter 304-296-2128 TBD L Wheeling Car Show PDG Bob Moffett 304-363-7060October 10 - 15 I Wardensville Lions Wardensville Health Lion Henry Krautwurst TBD Fair 304-874-3281November TBDDecember TBD *Unit Moved to M/T Winter Storage - PDG Glenn Ryburn & Maintanence PDG Jeff Baxter
  8. 8. DRIVER QUESTIONNAIRE - 2013 (To be completed by EACH driver)COMPANY NAME: WV LIONS SIGHT CONSERVATION FOUNDATIONName of Driver________________________________Marital Status__________Home Lions Club________________________________District 29 - L - I - O- NHome Address (as registered with DMV):___________________________________________________________________Phone No. _____________________Date of Birth_________________SSN (Optional)_________________________Driver’s License ____________ State Issued______Restrictions/Codes______Hazardous materials certification __________(Yes) __________(No)CDL Cert__________(Yes) __________ (No)Has any company ever cancelled or declined insurance for you during the last 5 years?___________ (Yes) __________(No) Explain:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you physically impaired? __________No __________YesExplain____________________________________________________________________Date of present employment____________________If less than 3 years, list previousemployment and positions held_____________________________________________Please list all accidents and violations you have been involved in (even if not at fault)during last 5 years:DESCRIPTION DATE WHEREI certify the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.DATE_________________SIGNATURE OF DRIVER______________________________________ ______________________________________THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED Print Name________________________________________The information you are providing will be used to secure a Motorist Vehicle Report.No information will be used for other purposes - i.e. individual credit reports.Your driver’s record is an important consideration by any insurance carrierwhen underwriting the submission of any account.
  9. 9. MD 29 HAS MERIT PEACE POSTER WINNERCongratulations! The Jane Lew Lions Club’s sponsored entry created by CourtneyLough has been chosen as a merit award winner in the 26th annual LionsInternational Peace Poster Contest.About 400,000 children from 55 countries participated in this year’s Peace PosterContest. The posters were judged at club, district and multiple district levels beforereaching the international level, at which point they had been narrowed down to117 posters. Based on creativity, originality and portrayal of the theme, “ImaginePeace”, Courtney’s entry was chosen as one of 23 merit award winners. She willreceive $500 and a certificate of merit.Courtney was a student at Robert L. Bland Middle School where she entered thecontest. She is a 6th grader and has enjoyed art since she was very young. She lovesto draw animals and flowers. Her entry was a pair of military boots with ID tagshanging from them and a pair of pink bunny slippers next to them. The military bootssymbolize that Dad is home from serving in the Army. The bunny slippers symbolizeall the little girls who are waiting for their dads to come home. She was inspired todraw this poster because her Dad had served in the Army National Guard.Peace, to Courtney, “means that everyone should have the opportunity to live in aworld without strife or at least be able to reach an agreement without weapons”.The 23 merit award winners are from Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Ecuador,Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Phillipines, Republic of South Africa, and theUnited States (Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon and West Virginia).The grand prize winner is 13-year-old Jenny Park from California. Information aboutthe grand prize winner is posted on the Peace Poster section of the LCI website.The Lions of MD 29 congratulate Courtney on a great job. We are so pleased to haveher represent us and we thank her for participating in the Peace Poster Contest.Submitted by: CC Patty Nutter
  10. 10. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE WV SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF AND THE BLIND IN ROMNEY, WV? by Lion Roy Knight, Secretary, Romney Lions ClubIf you read local papers or the Charleston papers you may have heard and seen that discussions are beingheld about the removal of the 149-year old school for the deaf and blind in Romney, WV.Many issues have been sited including having the school in a more centralized and urban area, newbuildings and facilities, etc. Those of us who live in this area have seen the contribution that this schoolmakes to the Potomac Highlands area and vice versa. The Romney Lions Club has requested along withnumerous businesses, civic groups, and citizens to keep the school situated where it is. We wouldencourage other Lions Clubs in West Virginia to join us in sending letters or petitions to the WV StateBoard of Education, to Senator Donald Cookman, and to the Governor. Websites will provide you theproper mailing addresses.In 1870, the West Virginia Legislature established the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind in Romney.This followed an offer consisting of the buildings and the grounds of the Romney Literary Society. Thefirst school term began Thursday, September 29, 1870, with an enrollment of twenty-five deaf and fiveblind students.Through the years, additional buildings and grounds were added to accommodate the increasingenrollment. Currently the main campus consists of sixteen major buildings situated on 79 acres of land.The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind hold a special place in the history of this state, thiscounty and community. The school has been crucial in the economic development of this area, as well asthe drawing card for many wonderful individuals and families who have come to call Romney theirpermanent home.We are proud that the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind has provided quality educationalservices to more than four thousand eight hundred children. These schools continue to serve as aresidential and day school program, and also offer expanded pre-school services and technical assistancethroughout the state. West Virginia Lions have been instrumental in helping students learn work skills aswell earning spending money through the WV Lions Work Program and have also provided opportunitiesto ski and fish through the WV Deaf & Blind Recreation Program.Please write today as a club or as an individual Lion to keep the school in tact, in place, and in Romney.
  11. 11. DISTRICT CONTESTS UPDATE In an effort to encourage more clubs to participate in the District Contests, the District 29 I ContestChairperson Buck Ferguson has proposed that we name a “Club of the Month”. The club that is the most involved in Lions projects and activities during that month would be eligible to win the award for that month. Clubs can winonly one time during the contest year. We will also go back to the beginning of the Lion year, July, to begin selecting the winning club. The award will be presented to the winning club by either the Contests Chairperson, the Zone Chair, or the District Governor. The winner will also be announced in the district newsletter each month. All youneed to do is report all of your clubs activities and projects during the month on the Activities Report and send them to the Contests Chairperson Buck Ferguson, 211 Hice Street, Belington, WV, 26250. DISTRICT CONTESTS WINNERS UPDATE: July 2012, Tennerton Lions; August 2012, Clarksburg Lions; September 2012, Berkeley Springs Lions; October 2012, Mountain Lions; November 2012, Wardensville Lions; December 2012, Junior Lions; January 2013, Jane Lew Lions Congratulations to the above named Clubs! Thank you for all of your hard work and for serving your Community. The rest of our Clubs still have time to be included in our contests.DG Barb FishelP O. Box 41 .Mt. Storm, WV 26739-0041 What you can find this month: DG Message 2nd VDG Message MESU Schedule Lots of Articles and Club News 29L Conference March 15 & 16th 91st State Convention May 31, June 1 & 2 More!!