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Ben Heap & Hannah Eustace: Learning from local health & care records


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APM Project Managements Conference, Manchester 2018

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Ben Heap & Hannah Eustace: Learning from local health & care records

  1. 1. Learning from Local Health & Care Records (LHCRs) Hannah Eustace National Engagement Lead Benjamin Heap Senior Project Manager August 2018
  2. 2. A LHCR is a group of health and care organisations working collaboratively to create an information sharing environment to help service improvement. Shared records are not new, there are currently over 60 instances of shared record solutions in operation today, but they vary in terms of the scope of data and the range of their uses and not operating to common standards. In spring 2018, NHS England and the Local Government Association (LGA), invited proposals from NHS and local government partner organisations to participate in the Exemplar programme. Five Exemplars were funded in the first wave, with further waves planned throughout 2019/20 and 2020/12. 2 What is a Local Health & Care Record?
  3. 3. A Patient’s Story In April 2015, 13 year old Tamara Mills had a fatal asthma attack. She was seen by medical professionals 47 times in different parts of the NHS. Linking these records could have allowed her doctors to better understand her medical history, to treat her differently and perhaps prevent her death.
  4. 4. The Current Landscape • 207 clinical commissioning groups • 135 acute non-specialist trusts • 17 acute specialist trusts • 54 mental health trusts • 35 community providers • 10 ambulance trusts • 7,454 GP practices • 853 for-profit and not-for-profit independent sector organisations All with the power to purchase their own IT system to manage their patients’ records As of July 2017 -
  5. 5. More precise intervention Better population health management Research for development of new treatments and pathways for care Sharing of good practice More effective joining up of care Citizen empowerment Use of information across geographical and/or organisational boundaries The Benefits of LHCRs
  6. 6. Does your organisation have a Lessons Learned Repository? Question
  7. 7. What is good? What is…not so good? What could we do better next time? Lessons Learned
  8. 8. 8 Across the health and care community there are localities trying to find answers to the challenges of interoperability, fortunately lots of these problems have already been solved by other localities. Now all that’s needed is to connect those with questions, to those who have the solutions. Learning from Local works collaboratively to join up by providing Tools, Assets & Opportunities all through a single service. Strong and Credible Evidence Base
  9. 9. Questions? Hannah Eustace National Engagement Lead @HjEustace Benjamin Heap Senior Project Manager @simplybenuk