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Apm body of knowledge 6th edition


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Published in: Business, Education
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Apm body of knowledge 6th edition

  1. 1. AFAprojects.comAPM Body of Knowledge 6th EditionA Framework for Integrated ChangeDelivery?• Alan Ferguson• APM East of England Branch• 21 May 2013© AFA
  2. 2. AFAprojects.comAlan FergusonRoyal Air Force Engineering OfficerManaging Director AFAA Founder of the Best Management Practice EnterpriseReviewer of All MethodsMember of Reference Groups.2 © AFA
  3. 3. AgendaThe First Problem• Projects and Beyond!The Solution?• The 6th EditionThe Second Problem• Making it Happen3 © AFA
  4. 4. The First Problem- Projects and Beyond!BoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?4 © AFA
  5. 5. RuntheBusinessChange theBusinessStrategic ObjectivesManaged BenefitsManaged InitiativesRun the Business– Change the Business5 © AFA
  6. 6. What do you do?The Boss YouYou meet the new “Big Boss” on the way to a meetingWhat’s your elevator pitch?“Hi”“I’m Big Boss”“Nice to meet you. So what do youdo for us here at AcmeIntergalactic?”“zzzzzzzzz Really! Sounds interesting.Sorry I must dash.”“Hello”“I’m me”“I’m a portfolio, programme andproject manager specializing in cross-functional enterprise solutionarchitecture platform integration….”6 © AFA
  7. 7. PracticeThe way of doing something:A set of things working togetheras parts of an interconnectedwholeOften includes Principles, ThemesProcesses & TechniquesAlso known as aMethod, Methodology, Guidanceor possibly a Body of KnowledgeYou have local Practices.7 © AFA
  8. 8. What Practices do we need?In order to Change theBusiness:What Practiceswill we need touse?What is thevalue ofRepeatability?8 © AFA
  9. 9. Practices for Delivering Change9MSPMoPPRINCE2 APMPMI IPMA AgileMoVMoP Portfolio ManagementKnow the Scale of the ChallengeChange ManagementFeel the Scale of theChallengeP3O Portfolio, Programme &Project OfficesEnable and Restrain the ChangePRINCE2 etc.Project ManagementMake OutputsMoV Management of ValueMake Outputs of ValueMSP Programme ManagementAchieve OutcomesBenefits ManagementAchieve Outcomes withBenefitsChangeManagementP3OM_o_R Management of RiskEnterprise Risk ManagementManaging UncertaintyITILIT Service ManagementManaging Information flowsP3M3 Portfolio, Programme& Project ManagementMaturityRepeatable Change InitiativesBenefitsManagementP3M3© AFA
  10. 10. The Solution?- The 6th EditionBoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?10 © AFA
  11. 11. The Portfolio11The BusinessRun the Business - Business as UsualChange the Business - The PortfolioPgPjPjPjPj PjPjPg© AFA
  12. 12. Practices & PowerChange DeliveryPortfolioMgtProgrammeMgtProjectMgtAre there SecondaryPractices?Resource ManagementBenefits ManagementStakeholder EngagementRisk ManagementFinancial ManagementOrganization GovernanceManagement Control• Primary Practices• Domains• Approaches• Specialist Practice• Practice Themes• Practice Set• Process Perspective• Topics© AFA12
  13. 13. Practice Set Power – The BubbleDiagram13PortfolioProgrammeProjectManagementControlBenefitsManagementFinancialManagementRiskManagementStakeholderEngagementOrganizationalGovernanceResourceManagement© AFA
  14. 14. APM BoK 6th Edition StructureBoKContext People Delivery Interfaces14
  15. 15. Delivery Section StructureDeliveryIntegrativeBusiness CaseControlInformationOrganisationPlanningStakeholder.ScopeBenefitsChangeControlConfigurationChangeRequirementsSolutions.ScheduleResourcesSchedulingTimeScheduling.Financial &CostBudgeting &Cost ControlFundingInvestmentAppraisal.RiskRisk ContextRiskTechniques.QualityP3 AssuranceReviews.ResourceContractMobilisationProcurementProviderSelection."Management" omitted from many topic titles15
  16. 16. Peripheral Sections StructureContextGovernance (1)ProjectProgrammePortfolioInfrastructure.Governance (2)KnowledgeLife CycleSuccessFactors &MaturitySponsorship.SettingEnvironmentOperationsStrategic.PeopleInterpersonalSkills (1)CommunicationConflictDelegation.InterpersonalSkills (2)InfluencingLeadershipNegotiationTeamwork.ProfessionalismCommunitiesof PracticeCompetenceEthicsFrameworksLearning &Development.InterfacesAccountingHealth & SafetyHuman ResourceLawSecuritySustainability."Management" omitted from many topic titles16
  17. 17. Are you Ready?How comfortable are you with arange of Change Delivery Practices?Have a go with the Change DeliveryAssessment Tool17 © AFA
  18. 18. A Rich PictureHow are you going to explainthis lot to the C Suite?18 © AFA
  19. 19. The Second Problem- Making it Happen- Integrated Change DeliveryBoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?19 © AFA
  20. 20. Change DeliveryBoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?20 © AFA
  21. 21. Outputs, Outcomes & StrategicObjectives21ProjectOutputBenefitOutcomeProgrammeStrategicObjectivesPortfolioProject© AFA
  22. 22. Integrated Change DeliveryMaking Beneficial Outcomes real byLeading Teams of Individuals through aPortfolio of Programmes and ProjectsOutcomes and Outputs that meetObjectives.22 © AFA
  23. 23. Repeatable ChangeBoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?23 © AFA
  24. 24. PrinciplesAlignment:The different elements of Change Delivery:Fit togetherFit with related activitiesin other parts of theorganizationProportionality:An organization needssufficient ChangeDelivery Practices toallow it to meet itscurrent objectives, nomoreRelevance:The repeatability anorganization needs, canbe explained in languagethat is relevant to theorganization at the time.24 © AFA
  25. 25. Repeatable Change DeliveryRepeatability isa journey:UncertaintyAwakeningEnlightenmentWisdomCertaintyEach Stateoffers benefitsto theorganization:But at a cost ofimplementationandmaintenanceWhat State hasyour organizationachieved?What State doesit need?25 © AFA
  26. 26. Repeatable Change Delivery StatesChangeDeliveryAwareness:Do One ThingRightConsolidatingChangeDelivery:StraightforwardChangeDeliveryImprovingChangeDelivery:ConsistentChangeDeliveryOptimisedChangeDelivery:IncreasinglyRepeatableChangeDelivery.26 © AFA
  27. 27. Repeatable Change Delivery –The Ski Jump27DoOne Thing Rightto help DeliverSignificant ProjectsExternal and Internal Controlof our Change InitiativesIntegration ofChange DeliveryacrossPracticesand Themes3I3MIterative and IncrementalIntegration of Methods usinga Maturity ModelAwarenessConsolidationImprovementOptimisation© AFA
  28. 28. Integrating Change DeliveryBoK 6th Edition - A Viable Framework?28 © AFA
  29. 29. Iterative & Incremental Integration29DeliverStart SmallUnderstand the Lie ofthe LandBuild TrustRe Plan•Outputs•Outcomes•Benefit© AFA
  30. 30. The Practice Themes –Or “Process Perspectives”30OrganizationalGovernanceStakeholderEngagementBenefitsManagementResourceRiskFinanceManagementControl© AFA
  31. 31. Maturity Models and AssessmentMaturity:Confidence withwhich a processcan be repeatedor replicated:Examples of processes arePortfolio, Programme, Project orRisk ManagementMaturity Model:Description of a set of:Maturity Levels acrossA full range of processperspectivesMaturityAssessmentAppraisal of anorganization’soverall maturityin executing aprocess.31 © AFA
  32. 32. Change Delivery Practice SetAll or part ofone or morePracticesAt similar orrelatedmaturity levelsExamples:Practices:PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, etc.Practice Set:Benefits Management:Portfolio & ProgrammeMaturity Level 1 andProject Maturity Level 2.32 © AFA
  33. 33. Practice Sets – A Different Perspective3354321MaturityLevel© AFA
  34. 34. 12345Practice Sets – A Different Perspective34PortfolioProgrammeProjectManagementControlBenefitsManagementFinancialManagementRiskManagementStakeholderEngagementOrganizationalGovernanceResourceManagement© AFA
  35. 35. IntegrationSelecting a Change Delivery Practice Set relevantto the current situation in your organizationEmbedding by adopting a Practice Set in yourorganizationTailoring by adapting or applying a Practice Set toyour change initiative.35 © AFA
  36. 36. Internal and External AlignmentPractice ThemeAlignment:Boost Synergiesbetween Themesacross PracticesResolve Clashesbetween Themesacross PracticesBusiness FunctionalSpecialisation Alignment:Build Alliances withFunctionalSpecialistsAvoid AlienatingFunctionalSpecialists.36 © AFA
  37. 37. Integration Cycle•Relevant global and context-specific practicesResearching•Capability maturity either using formal maturity models or less formal methodsAssessing•A coherent and beneficial Practice SetDesigning•In your organization to adopt the chosen Practice SetEmbedding•For your specific change initiative to adapt the Practice Set.Tailoring37 © AFA
  38. 38. Repeatability that is RelevantChangeDeliveryAwareness:Do One Thing RightConsolidatingChangeDelivery:StraightforwardChange DeliveryImprovingChangeDelivery:Consistent ChangeDeliveryOptimisedChangeDelivery:The P3M3 ModelFor those who wantto journey to Levels 4or 5If their ChangeDelivery has alreadyachieved Level 3If the business hasdecided it needs togo further.38 © AFA
  39. 39. Discussion SessionHow will you Integrate Change Delivery in your organization?How far do you need to go?AFASERAF House, 65 StoneRoad, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1LHTelephone: 01362 692973Fax: 01362 655429Email:Alan.Ferguson@AFAprojects.comor General@AFAprojects.comRead more on: AFAprojects/BlogWebsite: AFAprojects.comLinkedIn:© AFA39
  40. 40. What Next?Download this presentation from AFAprojects.comFeel free to apply these ideasWe would ask you to acknowledge AFA copyright implicitly andexplicitlyPlease get in touch if you would like PowerPoint copies of these slidesRead more about Integrated Change Delivery in Integrating PRINCE2.40 © AFA
  41. 41. Trade Mark Acknowledgement• OGC Successful Delivery Toolkit ™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• PRINCE2® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• MSP ® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• P3O® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• M_o_R® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• MoV™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• MoP® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• IT Infrastructure Library® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• P3M3® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• Managing Benefits ™ is a Trade Mark of the APM Group Ltd• The APMG-International Swirl Managing Benefits Device is a Registered Trade Mark of the APM Group Ltd.• The Swirl logo™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• The Best Practice logo™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office• Tables or paragraphs of text taken directly from the OGC publications are in italics and are reproduced withpermission from Cabinet Office, as training material41 © AFA