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Home Group - Making PMO a Success (Where Others Have Failed) FuturePMO 2018

  1. OFFICIAL Making PMO a success (where others have failed)
  2. OFFICIAL To wake you all up after lunch!
  3. OFFICIAL Ever felt like this?
  4. OFFICIAL When did you first encounter scepticism in your PM journey? Rolls Royce, 1988 – Graduate Trainee “You’ll never make a Project Manager as you’re not an engineer” British Airways, 1999 – PMO Manager “Why would some experienced Project Manager listen to a bimbo like you lecturing them on best practice ?” Home Group, 2016 – Director of Programme Management “We don’t need projects, programmes or portfolios…we just get the job done” Any examples from the audience?
  5. OFFICIAL Biggest challenge to date – Home Group Story: “You do realise this is the fourth PMO the organisation has had over the last 10 years and none of the others lasted long…?” “Don’t mention transformation….”
  6. OFFICIAL Who are Home Group? ● Social enterprise and a charity ● Turnover of over £350m ● One of the UK’s largest providers of housing, health and social care. ● Support over 116,000 people across England, Scotland and Wales ● 55,000 homes. ● Accommodation-based support for customers with mental and physical health issues. ● This year, we have worked with over 26,000 vulnerable people in our supported housing, justice and health services.
  7. OFFICIAL The new PMO beginning…. In 2016 Home Group agreed a new 5 year strategy However…. - no clear plan as to how the strategic objectives would be achieved or who would manage and drive those forward. - numerous initiatives in progress within the organisation but their alignment to the new corporate objectives was unclear. So… - decision taken to embed a centralised and independent enterprise PMO function to manage and deliver those initiatives holistically. - new Director of Programme Management was appointed to set this up.
  8. OFFICIAL First priority…..
  9. OFFICIAL Wider engagement…. - in order to be successful we would require not just the support of the Executive but the wider organisation too. - low key approach required - 75 face to face meetings with staff from across the business in 6 weeks!
  10. OFFICIAL The next challenge
  11. OFFICIAL On-boarding the team ….
  12. OFFICIAL On-boarding the team …. • Establish a PMO structure capable of supporting the delivery of these initiatives. • Resources and experience within the PMO Department should cover all aspects of the governance and delivery of the portfolio. • Recruited an additional 32 resources in 4 months (no mean feat!) • Formed a department comprised of colleagues from a broad range of industries • Recruited as much, if not more, for cultural alignment to organisation as for skills and experience • Department today is comprised of 41 heads, encompassing both delivery and assurance, and sits entirely independently of all other operational departments.
  13. OFFICIAL On-boarding the team …. .
  14. OFFICIAL Attraction and retention ….. • As a new department it was key to be able to attract and retain the correct people for our roles • We have placed great emphasis on the successful on-boarding and subsequent development of our colleagues • Robust induction process • Skills assessment and matrix • Competency framework • Clear career path • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment
  15. OFFICIAL Now for Delivery…
  16. OFFICIAL PMO Services Offered The PMO delivery is underpinned by our Project and Programme Management frameworks Project@Home and Programme@Home:  Based on Prince 2 and MSP methodologies  Modelled to provide easy to read processes and templates  Ensure consistent management and delivery of all projects and programmes  Designed to provide a completely flexible approach dependent on the type of project being delivered – ranging from full governance or fast-path through to light touch support and advisory  Frameworks, in the form of a Project Management handbook, are available to all colleagues across Home Group and can be used, alongside advice and guidance from the PMO department, to successfully deliver Business As Usual (BAU) initiatives.  Governance and compliance checks of projects are carried out against our frameworks.  Encourage a continuous improvement channel with input, not just from PMO, but all of our major stakeholders, to implement suggested improvements.
  17. OFFICIAL Exec Buy-In
  18. OFFICIAL Business benefits of having a PMO - Changed the business’ perspective of project management - Now considered to be a central “go to” point and are actively sought to assist the business in delivering change. - Achieved through our willingness to support others and flex our approach to suit the needs of the business - Massively increased the level of collaboration within Home Group - Established a successful cross-departmental way of working across the organisation - Colleagues now engaged with the opportunity to contribute to the developments being implemented and no longer feel change is simply “being done to them”.
  19. OFFICIAL Different methodologies
  20. OFFICIAL Business benefits of having a PMO . - Key deadlines and deliverables for each project considered in conjunction with each other - Dependencies considered and mapped (across both PMO and wider organisational change) - Cost of change defined and visible - Regular and tailored reporting to senior stakeholders - Change impact to the organisation is now managed effectively - without too much happening all at once! - Benefits identified and tracked throughout the project and post implementation
  21. OFFICIAL Projects Update – August 18 24% 76% 0% Overall RAG Red Amber Green Not Started RAG Project requires definitive action/decision to ensure delivery Some difficult issues that could derail delivery, but they are being dealt with On target to deliver Not started Click here to view full Performance Report CFO John Hudson Development Brian Ham Operations Rosie Du Rose NMC Rachael Byrne Business Development Matt Forrest Digital Infrastructure – Managing our Data Persona Leasehold NMC New Business & Performance Brand Digital Infrastructure - Integration Development Management Tool Customer Self Serve - Core Tenancy NMC Clinical Practice Website Redevelopment GDPR Douglas Bader Park Estate Regen Customer Self Serve - Work Force Management vRTB Corporate Dashboard Fire Safety Improvements Customer Self Serve – My Home Account Oracle Continuous Improvement Digital Infrastructure - Customer & Property Customer Self Serve – LTLHG MI/BI Data Warehouse O365 Rollout
  22. OFFICIAL Benefits Tracking and Realisation . We have tailored our Portfolio reporting to reflect the demands of the organisation. Following the development of our Frameworks we have also embarked on the creation of a comprehensive guide for the definition and management of benefits. This is now used as a benefits tracker to follow the realisation of benefits throughout the lifecycle of all projects.
  23. OFFICIAL That’s not to say there aren’t still challenges…….
  24. OFFICIAL Output from 7/12/17 - Strategic, Enabler, Tactical & BAU Value commentary & supporting information This diagram demonstrates the assessed value of projects being delivered during 18/19 following review by Exec on 7/12/17. In the PMO we should be prioritising the delivery of strategic and enabling projects which provide high strategic value and are important to future business success. Key Large Small / FastTrack Med Full PMO Light Touch PMO BAU New Project High Low LowHigh Current Business Importance/ Benefit FutureBusinessImportance/Benefit Strategic Enabler BAUTactical Brand Rollout GDPR Customer Portfolio Value View Priorities 1 2 3 4 Potential scoring mechanism based on criteria; Aligned to strategy and businsess benefit Plus: Size Budget/resource availability Property/Asset Management IntegrationMDM NMC - New Business - Partmerships - ClinicalPractice Persona (inc tactical CRM) Customer Self Serve: My Home Account Core Tenancy WFM Oracle CI Leasehold Review Maintenance Review(Phase 1) Development ManagementTool BASS Exit Non - Persona Sales GIS Mapping Website Redev Corporate Dashboard NMC - Property& Asset O365 Rollout File Share Migration Office Rationalisation Windows 10 Rollout BYOD Policy Compliance Legal Scanning
  25. OFFICIAL Not all change is done out of PMO There are several parts of the organisation who initiate and deliver change Prior to PMO there was nobody who ‘joined the dots’ PMO brought these groups together to create an organisation wide portfolio of change Working as a group, we came together to discuss the impact of change on our colleagues, our customers and our business. Our initial goals: • To create a visual, holistic view of change. • To understand the volume of change across the business. • To think about the types of change and its relevance to strategic goals • To look for opportunities to align, recognise key pinch points and better inform.
  26. OFFICIAL How we classified change Type Impact Small (1 area / division) Less than 10% Medium (cross divisional) Up to 50% Large (All) Commentary Process or technology change only 1 2 4 Minimal change in real terms i.e. replacing one process or system for another. Although may cause some resistance should quickly become the norm. Changes impacting organisational structure, resource or capabilities 3 5 7 Affects people in real terms i.e. the change has resource or capability implications. Does not require people to think or act differently but may ultimately involve restructure. Changes requiring behavioural change impacting how people need to behave, perform, or think differently 6 8 9 Fundamental changes to how we are structured and want people to think and act. Changes to deep rooted behaviours. Large scale changes to how we deliver services. We used this matrix to classify change and plot the date when change needed to land. The view does not include the pre or post activities i.e. comms, ELS etc. Example
  27. OFFICIAL Volume of change View 1 - PMO managed portfolio (FY 18-19) Small to medium process & technology changes Medium & large changes impacting the organisation, resource or capabilities Medium & large changes requiring new behaviours
  28. OFFICIAL This includes PMO, IS, Service Improvement, Development & Support Function change Volume of change View 2 – PMO + All “Change Forum” captured change (FY 18-19)
  29. OFFICIAL Scale of the challenge / key observations • Further prioritisation needed. • The technical roadmap needs to be factored in. • Resources and colleague impact needs to be factored in. • Cost of change needs to be factored in. • Are we confident all change drives strategic objectives?
  30. OFFICIAL Latest Prioritisation Exercise • All Home Group change initiatives – not just PMO • Similar format – 2 groups, pen pictures of each initiative/project • Prioritise into 4 ‘buckets’ – JFDI (eg. Legislative) / Tactical (in year benefit) / Strategic (future benefit) / Everything else (continuous improvements etc) • Decision on the priority order of the ‘buckets’ and any overlaps • Allocation of projects and initiatives into buckets • Provides steer to wider organisation of priorities – so all change does not happen at the same time and land at once.
  31. OFFICIAL Pen Pictures / Top trumps Project X  Description / why are we doing it ?  Strategic driver / Independence, Aspirations  Scorecard impact  In year cost (Rev & Cap)  Total cost  Duration
  32. OFFICIAL Change Prioritisation Agree “buckets of change” and their priority Futureneed Current needLow High High Strategic Enablers (investment in the future) Business Critical / “JFDI” Continuous Improvement Tactical / Benefit in year / Scorecard impact 3 1 4 2 Discussion Point: Is current need more important than future need? Tactical v Strategic
  33. OFFICIAL Low High High 3 Strategic Enablers (investment in the future) 1 Business Critical / “JFDI” 4 Continuous Improvement 2 Tactical / Benefit in year / Scorecard impact Balancing Balancing
  34. OFFICIAL Project Management isn’t easy….
  35. OFFICIAL Any Questions?