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CV Sigve Hamilton Aspelund 062013

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CV Sigve Hamilton Aspelund 062013

  1. 1. Sigve Hamilton AspelundFreelancer: President, subsea petroleum engineer, exploration and reservoir production geoscientistadvisor # ACE ODIN #sigve.aspelund@lyse.netSummarySenior Petroleum Engineer with onshore/offshore work experience in the oil and gas industry Having developedexcellent consulting experience across Norway and International, I’m now looking for a permanent positionwith a long-term career goal of becoming VP of exploration & production. My experience includes geomodeling and simulation, special core analysis, sedimentology and supervision of well drilling, increased oilproduction, enhanced oil production, water and gas injection, artificial lift (Gas lift), well completion/workoveroperations, offshore production engineering operations (FPSO/IPF/WHP), artificial lift selection, reservoirengineering, quality, health, safety and environment, resource coordinator and project risk advising. It has beengained through working for major Oil & Gas companies including CNOOC, Cairn, Vanco, KPOC, NNPC, BP,ENI, Total, Shell, Talisman, Norsk Hydro & Statoil. I have achieved management onshore, offshore personneland data, increased oil production in exploration and production industry, organized and held courses and teambuildingsM.Sc. in petroleum technology with applied science programme from the university college of Stavanger andthe bachelor degree from NTNU, university of Bergen and the university college of StavangerM.Sc. thesis Edward Lorenz strange attractors, a course at M.Sc. levelMy personal profile Adaptation accomplished realist, outstanding organizational skills and business sense,desire to achieve concrete results toward perfectionism, prefer hard work, ultimate realist, possess practicalproperties combined with highly developed intelligence, sees quickly new opportunities and use this to his ownbenefit, hard working, fair, very independent, convinced that morality is more important than anything else,resourceful, action-oriented person, eager to expand own knowledge, expect to reach targets, responsible,industrious, resolute and energetic, natural leader and has a natural talent as a presenterSpecialtiesRisk advising (Subsea)Production enhancement & optimization of surface and subsurface operationsQuality, Health, Safety & Environment engineering (Drilling)Integrated operationsMarketing & business developmentExploration geoscience (Geology, geomodeling and drilling)Reservoir engineering: Increased Oil production and petrophysicsAlliance creator: Team buildingTechnologist: Information TechnologyPage1
  2. 2. Oral presentations: Teaching and presentationRealist: Mathematics, physics and technologyExperiencePresident at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International NationalFebruary 2013 - Present (4 months)Freelancing in subjects below. Serious recruiters can contact or call +4792647129 for abusiness meeting.Production enhancement & optimization of surface and subsurface operationsRisk advising & engineeringEngineeringSubsea technologyInternational activityDrilling: Quality, Health, Safety & Environment engineeringEmulsified polymersNetworkingTeam buildingIntegrated operationsMarketing & business developmentExploration geoscience (Geology, geomodeling and drilling)Reservoir engineering: Increased Oil production and petrophysicsAdvisingTechnologist: Information Technology. Software/ system experience: RMS (Reservoir modeling system),Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, GeoNext, ALS 2, PI process book & PI excel, OilField Manager (OFM), Flow manager, SAP, Eclipse, STAR, Mintra & Empreda, Share point, Labview,mBal, Prosper, GAP, GoToMeeting, Unix & Itris.Page2
  3. 3. Oral presentations: Teaching and presentationResource coordinatingPetroleum engineer advisor at Gerson Lehrman Group2010 - Present (3 years)• Digital Oilfield || Role in Oil and Gas Industry:1. What is the value of real-time data collection, analysis, and reaction in the oilfield across variousupstream activities?2. What is the general landscape and forecast for IT in upstream activities?• One of our clients, a project team at a professional services firm based in Europe, would like to speak with aCouncil Member with expertise in the market for artificial lifts.Specific topics/questions to be discussed include:i) technical characteristics of the different technologies & developments in the use of these technologiesii) the buying process and key buying factorsiii) differentiation of the different players offering products and services in this market.• Client would like to speak with a Council Member who is familiar with the flow control equipment used inoil & gas (valves, pipes, fittings, flanges, etc).More specifically, hes keen to speak with customers/users of such equipment to better understand thefollowing:2) Key purchasing criteria3) Volume/pricing trends• Financial: Client wanted to understand within which Time lag the gas/oil production can be increased ordecreased in upstream in the North Sea.• Offshore Drilling Rigs: Management, Operations, and Environments- Safety cultures- Employee training- Engineering and innovation capabilities- Managment and strategic positions- Corporate culturesPage3
  4. 4. - Key operational benchmarks• European oil production industry• Norwegian drilling vaste management• Norwegian oil industryGerson Lehrman Group (GLG), founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York City, is a knowledgebrokerage and primary research firm that operates an expert network platform of more than 300,000 subjectmatter experts who provide independent consulting services to companies around the world.Petroleum engineer advisor (Reservoir production geoscientist, drilling QHSE & risk) project managerat Aspelund Consulting Energy Offshore Development International & NationalAugust 2009 - Present (3 years 10 months)• Analytics, sales management & revision at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore DevelopmentInternational National• Project risk engineer. Client: TOTAL via IDEA consultants• Presented at a seminar in Aberdeen. Topics: Drilling, well control, HSE and risk. Client: CNOOC viaPetromentor• Project risk advisor. Client: FMC Technologies via IDEA consultants• Chaired Doing more with drilling data. Client: Finding petroleum• Presented at a seminar in London. Topics: Production, geology, geomodeling, reservoir simulation, drillingand HSE. Client: NNPC via Petroconsult• Culture history: Client: Suncor• Networked at ONS 2012 & 2010• Resource coordinator at RCC• Advisor: Development drilling for, and production of, oil and gas in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.Economics of drilling and execution risk. Natural gas compression (Canada) & Drilling (Alaska) Client:Maven• Business meetingsPage4
  5. 5. • Advisor:Offshore operation: Management,offshore drilling rigso Exploration & productiono Seismic interpretation & loggingo Wireline operationso PLTo IOR operationso Offshore equipmento QHSE cultureso Subsea ROV inspectionso NORSOK standardo International standard & environment• Introduction to oil & gas industry course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Client: Kebabangan PetroleumOperating Company/ ARN• Offshore safety related to computer interfaces and information presentation at the seminar People and thedigital oilfield Client: Finding petroleum• Administrative project Client: Frank`s int.• HSE-presentation at the seminar: Bringing businesses from east and west together Client: TransEuropeanCentre at Rica Forum Stavanger• Petroleum engineer advisor: Client: Gerson Lehrman Group• Created Linkedin groups:Networking for creating:-opportunities-leaders-business• Lectured. Clients: SOTS & Akademiet• Marketing, networking, meetings, bloging & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) global businessdevelopment for international companies15 recommendations available upon requestProject risk advisor at IDEA Consultants ASNovember 2012 - March 2013 (5 months)Risk engineer in the pre-engineering FMC organization with projects outside Angola and ShetlandRisk advisor at the Subsea field developments CLOV: Cravo, Lirio, Orquidea and Violeta discoveries andGIRRI: Rosa and Girassol fields operated by Total (Angola)Page5
  6. 6. The essential purpose of risk management in projects and tenders are to improve project and tenderperformance via the systematic and iterative process designed to identify, analyze, evaluate, and treat projectrelated risk elements. Risk elements are compiled, recorded and managed throughout the tender period andproject life cycle.• Establishment of project risk management plan in accordance to company project risk management process• Establishment and maintenance of a risk register based on risk analysis done in tender phase (if available),lessons learned and project risk assessment methodology• Ensuring that projects work according to company global risk management process for projects• Facilitate risk meetings and co-ordinate risk responses• Monitor and control that the risk strategies are implemented in a timely manner• Coordinate and participate in risk evaluation, development of mitigation plans, monitor, summarize andreport risk status• Compile record and follow up risks out of tolerance level in the risk register• Create a project risk management close out report• Support projects or tenders with risk analysis (quantification and /or bowtie) upon request• Report updates and improvements for process, methodology and tools as a result of feedback from theorganization and / or changes in external conditions, to the local process owner• Provide input to internal and external monthly reporting. Internal risk status reporting consisting ofaggregated risk status from projects, project portfolio and/ or tender workIDEA Consultants AS certified engineering consulting company which mainly provides services within:Machine-, Mechanical and Process industryElectronic-, IT- and Software industryDrilling geoscientist consultant (Course director) at PetromentorJanuary 2013 - January 2013 (1 month)Seminar: Client: China National Offshore Oil Corporation• Rig Selection and basic planning steps• Exploration and production licences• Exploration, development and abandonment• Well planning and design• Drilling equipment• Oil & gas delivery pipes• Drilling personnel, economics & cost estimates• Communications and safety issues• Crisis management• Risk evaluation• Risk definition• Mapping of HSE & risks & analysis• Cause assessmentPage6
  7. 7. • Risk reduction• Barriers• Accidents• Offshore blowouts• Collapse of rigs• Sunk rigs• Pressure in fluids at rest• Hydrostatic pressure• Atmospheric pressure• Pore pressure• Darcy`s law• Hole sections and well trajectory• Primary, secondary & tertiary well control• Formation pressure• Normal formation pressure• Abnormal pressure• Salt beds• Mineralisation• Tectonic causes• Formation fracture pressure• Leak-off tests and procedure• Rig components• Introduction to petroleum geology• Sedimentology• Classification of sedimentary rocks• Texture in granular sediments• Grain size• Sorting• Grain shape• Packing• Sand and sandstone and classification• Porosity• Permeability• Controls on Porosity and Permeability• Diagenesis• Changes of porosity with burial depth• Completion/ workover fluids• Foam drilling fluids• Oil based muds• Synthetics• Water based mudsPage7
  8. 8. • Casing• Conductor• Surface casing• Intermediate casing• Production casing• Liner• Cementing• Wire line operations• Measurement while drilling• Systems• Directional tools• Gamma ray tools• NGT tool• SP log• Sonic tool• Density tool• Neutron tool• Daily drilling report• Material balance equations• Drilling fluid economics & properties• Pressure• Hydrostatic pressure• Pump pressure• Imposed pressure• Pressure imposed by the pump & the formation• Kicks• Swabbing of formation fluids into the borehole• Insufficient mud density• Poor well planning• Lost circulation• Recognition of kicks• HPHT subsea technologyReservoir geoscientist consultant (Course director) at Petroconsult Energy Co LtdSeptember 2012 - September 2012 (1 month)• Presented at a seminar in London: Production, geology, geo-modeling and reservoir simulation in London.Client: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation• Reservoir types and classification• Geo modeling techniques• Geo modeling inputs• Geophysical data derivatives in geo modelingPage8
  9. 9. • Use of geostatics in geo modeling• Fundamentals in geo modelingo Structural modelingo Stratigraphic modelingo Reservoir property modeling• Fundamentals of sequential indicator simulation (SIS) and sequential Gaussian modeling (SGS) modeling• Limitation of geo modeling• Upscaling and its effects• Uncertainty analysis• Quality control• Geo modeling application types• Effects of geo model on overall reservoir modelingThe Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the state oil corporation through which the federalgovernment of Nigeria regulates and participates in the countrys petroleum industry.NNPC was established on April 1, 1977 as a merger of the Nigerian National Oil Corporation and the FederalMinistry of Mines and Steel. NNPC by law manages the joint venture between the Nigerian federalgovernment and a number of foreign multinational corporations, which include Royal Dutch Shell, Agip,ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Texaco (now merged with Chevron). Through collaboration with thesecompanies, the Nigerian government conducts petroleum exploration and production. In 2007, the head of theNigerian wing of Transparency International said salaries for NNPC workers were too low to prevent graft.Hi Sigve,I can always recommend you, you are truly a professional. I will endorse you if there’s any opportunity.It was a nice experience meeting you.Muhammed MaykayaExplorationNigerian National Petroleum CorporationPetroleum engineer advisor consultant at RC Consultants ASMarch 2012 - April 2012 (2 months)Presentations:- Oil and gas industry & life cycle- Structural/ design- Piping/ layout- Procurement- Materials/ corrosionPage9
  10. 10. Employee training:- Mechanical/ drilling- Process- Electronics & telecom/ HVAC- Petroleum engineering; Drilling, production & reservoir- QHSEResource coordinator: Nominating/ managing applicants & relevant candidates to available positions:Engineering & management:- Interface coordinator- Petroleum engineering- Electro instrument & telecom/ HVAC- Technical safety, HSE/ HSEQ/ Quality/ QA/QC- Structural design- Process- Piping/ layout-- Subsea marine operations- Procurement- Mechanical/ drilling- Materials/ Corrosion- Document/ LCI- Planning- Cost engineerEvaluating candidates curriculum vitaeSoftware: ItrisRC Consultants is a leading provider of engineering consultancy services for the oil and gas industry on theNorwegian continental shelf.Course director (Drilling geoscientist consultant) at Asian Resource NetworkDecember 2011 - December 2011 (1 month)Origins of oil and gas• Types of petroleum: conventional and unconventional• Sedimentary basins and the dynamic nature of Earth’s crust• Concepts of finite resources and limitations on recovery• Global distribution of fossil fuels and OPEC’s resource endowmentPage10
  11. 11. • Industry overview and segments• Components that constitute natural gas• Uses and markets for oil and gas• Role of government agencies in the oil and gas industry• Introduction to the supply and value chain: upstream to downstream• Organisations involved along the supply chain• Distinct economic issues for oil and gas supply chains• Finding Oil and Gas• An introduction to petroleum geology• Defining and calculating resources and reserves• Assessing exploration chance of success• Reservoir characterisation, performance and engineering• Conventional and non-conventional petroleum resources• Exploration and prospecting: broad surveying techniques• Remote detection methods• Seismic and other geophysical surveying technologies• Exploration and appraisal drilling• Types of borehole and reasons for drilling them• Types of exploration and production contract and fiscal system• Accounting for risk• Economics of exploration: financing, time value and expected value• Extracting and Processing Oil and Gas• Well planning and design• Authority for expenditure• Subsurface pressure and temperature• Hole sections and well trajectory• Deviated and horizontal drilling• Types of drilling rigs, systems and equipment• Drilling procedures, problems and remedies• Blowout preventers and blowout contingency planning• Wireline logging and measurement while drilling• Production engineering• Allocation of historical production to reservoirs and wells• Production technologies• Marine operations• Fixed and floating production facilities• Subsea technologies• Well completion• Artificial lift and reservoir stimulationPage11
  12. 12. • Enhanced oil recovery techniquesCourse director (Drilling geoscientist consultant) at Asian Resource NetworkDecember 2011 - December 2011 (1 month)• Oil Refining and Gas Treatment• Crude oil evaluation and classification• Compositional differences between light and heavy crude oil• Organic chemistry of petroleum relevant to refining• Transporting and storing crude oil: pipelines and tankers• Refining oil: historical and geographic trends• Characteristics of refined petroleum products• Refinery configurations and processes• Distilling, cracking, reforming, blending, treating• Supply and demand trends and markets of petroleum products• Refinery margins and crack spreads• Transporting and storing gas: pipelines and other methods• Underground gas storage (UGS)• Refining gas and gas to liquids (GTL) technologies• Gas processing and treatment: dehydrating, sweetening• NGL and LPG extraction from natural gas• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)• Gas to power: combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT)• Petroleum product and natural gas distribution networks• Selling Oil and Gas• Global markets and key players• Physical and paper trading markets• Market segments: wholesale and retail• Aviation fuels, marine bunker fuels and lubricants• Spot and term sales• Benchmark prices and formula pricing• Brent, WTI and Dubai crude benchmarks• Contango and normal backwardation market conditions• Commodity exchanges, electronic trading and over-thecounter (OTC) trades• Trading instruments: forwards, futures, swaps and options• Hedging from various supply chain perspectives• Margin swaps and collar hedges• Risk management in trading and exploiting arbitrage opportunities• Retail fuel marketing and distribution logistics• Network analysis of retail fuel sites: location and facilities• Retail fuel margins and non-fuel margins from convenience stores at fuel stationsPage12
  13. 13. • Biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel) and road transport fuel markets• Fuel station pump technology and process• Oil inventories and strategic stocksClient: Kebabanang Petroleum Operating CompanyQuality, Health, Safety & Environment engineer (Petroleum engineer) at Ocean RigJune 2011 - November 2011 (6 months)Procedures & Technical description review/revisionEngineer at Corcovado (Drilling ship) Location: Greenland Operator: Cairn Well: Attamik 2- Risk assessment- Work permit system and Safe Job Analysis- Care card system- Focusing on drilling safety: Bit type, drilling parameters, well control/volume control, kick prevention, holecleaning, mud data & DDR.- Software: STAR, Mintra & Empreda- Care philosophy, procedures and procedure examInvestigated market for best available technology for ”dashboard” system solutions for HSE.Well control project for Petroleumstilsynet (PTIL)Technical contact with customer relations management system (CRM) and Fast Track projectimplementation vendorData management & generel managementOrganized two care for safety seminars and held Care Card presentations with offshore safety officers fromLeiv Eiriksson, Eirik Raude, Olympia, Corcovado, Poseidon and Mykonos and onshore QHSE department atHummeren hotel in Tananger with team building (Gocart racing at Stavanger carting)Safety officer at Olympia (Drilling ship) Location: Ghana Client: Vanco Well: Dzata 2ATechnical contact with information technology vendor and operational performance management andreporting system vendorProject lead: Annual procedure revision/ reviewIADC data reportingPage13
  14. 14. KPI reportingGeneral QHSE engineering and risk managementSoftware:StarMintra administratorEmpredaOcean Rig is an international offshore drilling contractor providing oilfield services for offshore oil and gasexploration, development and production drilling.I can confirm that we worked well together when Sigve was on board with us.We had some conversations, and he were more than willingly to help me out in any questions related toHSEQ/QA, that i had.He appeard to be an professional in his profession, and had much experience within the oil business, not onlynecessarly related to HSEQ/QA.Best regardsRaymond ØrenElectrical section leaderConsultant from Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International National atAkademiet Videregående skoleAugust 2010 - November 2010 (4 months)Teaching: Mathematics, physics and chemistryThe Academy operates in three segments: We are both a private high school with state aid, one candidateschool and a nettstuide.Reference:Harald Unneland DyngenPrincipalPetroleum engineer from Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International Nationalat Stavanger Offshore Technical CollegeAugust 2009 - December 2009 (5 months)Management: Held courses for up to 100 students• Production technique 1 & 2• Drilling technologyPage14
  15. 15. • Geology and formation evaluation• Health, Safety and Environment for the oil industry• Well control• Drilling fluids• Operating and control systems• Mathematics• Chemistry prosess• Alternative energyConsulting students at PetroChallenge Norway 2009 @ University of StavangerManaging event expedition to Weatherford oil field base in ForusLeading students expeditions at oil museum in Stavanger and Ullrigg @ International Research Institute ofStavangerStavanger Offshore Technical College (SOTS) is a publicly maintained leading educational facility inupper-secondary and technical college studies. The College has an annual student body of about 500 studentsat further education level, employs a highly qualified teaching staff, and has state-of-the-art equipment andmodern facilities to meet the educational needs of students. The main objective of the College is to be at theforefront in providing education in offshore drilling.Reference:Helge TorkildsenPrincipalRonny EllingsenAdm. dir. GMCProduction Engineer consultant (Petroleum engineer) at Oilfield Technology GroupNovember 2008 - July 2009 (9 months)Production engineer consultant at StatoilHydro (Grane)Responsible for:• Production engineering• Well testing and analysis using SAP. Displaying results in Oil Field Manager.• Production analysis with Flow Manager• P&I plan• Production optimizing with GORMSub sea technology development team workHazidProject leader: Analyzing drilling waste management market for SWATHThe OTG Group is providing services, competence and products to the global petroleum industry.Page15
  16. 16. Our core services are Field Operations, Drilling & Well Management, HSE & Offshore Safety Management,Emergency Preparedness, Project and Risk Management, Engineering Support, Software Products andSoftware Development.Reference:Johannes Waarseth-JungeCEO 3R Innovation1 recommendation available upon requestProduction Engineer (Petroleum engineer) at Talisman EnergyMarch 2007 - October 2008 (1 year 8 months)Production engineering:Project leader: Responsible for improving oil production at VargSub project leading: Subsurface within integrated operations (TENAS operation project)Production supervising with PI process book designing and real time allocation programming with PI excelResponsible for:• Annual and monthly reports• Well allocation including production analysis• Well testing and well test analysis• Weekly production & injection planning and morning meetings with the communication tool GoToMeeting• Real time production analysis with PI process book• Production optimizing with Prosper and GAPPlanning well operations:• Mechanical operations: Increased oil production from 600 Sm3/d to 1200Sm3/d in a well by increasereservoir pressure by increasing water injection and changing the choke and reduce the pressure drop,stabilized 2 slugging wells by changing gas lift valves (Stabilized total production)• PLT, Water shut of and perforations (Increased oil production from 100 Sm3/d to 250 Sm3/d).• Production optimizing including field visits offshore at Petrojarl Varg and Varg A• Event organizing: Organized presentations and a seminar• Production forecasting• Technical contact with vendorsTalisman Energy Inc. is a global upstream oil and gas company, headquartered in Canada. Talisman has twomain operating areas: the Americas (North America and Colombia), and Asia-Pacific. Talisman is committedto conducting business safely, in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, and is included in theDow Jones Sustainability (North America) Index. Talisman is listed on the Toronto and New York stockexchanges under the symbol TLM.Reference: Ivar Garnes, VP Engineering and Development5 recommendations available upon requestPage16
  17. 17. Geosciencist (Petroleum engineer) consultant from IOR Chemco at Badger ExplorerJanuary 2007 - February 2007 (2 months)Consultant: Project within petrophysics and geology. Data collection and data base development.The Badger Explorer is a revolutionary method to obtain subsurface data for oil&gas exploration, mapping ofhydrocarbon resources and long-term surveillance.The Badger Explorer drills and buries underground,carrying a unique package of logging and monitoring sensors, at a substantially lower risk, cost andcomplexity of utilising an expensive drilling rig.The tool penetrates the sea bed and the subsurface by using a mechanical drill bit driven by an electricalmotor to loosen and crush the formation ahead of the tool. The crushed formation is transported through thedevice and deposited in the void behind the tool. The tool carries an electrical cable, which is spooled upinside the unit, connected to the surface and powers the electrical motors. The same cable is used forcontinous transfer of data back to the surface.Reservoir Engineer (Increased petroleum production engineer) at IOR ChemcoJanuary 2006 - February 2007 (1 year 2 months)Analyzing of the world marked (High water cut reservoirs and sand producing reservoirs)Consultant at Badger Explorer.Representation at ONSReporting (Inteligel progress at IRIS) to Norwegian Research Council, Total, Statoil and Norsk HydroScreening of Espoir operated by Canadian Natural Recourses05-11.06 Project research: at International Researh Institute of Stavanger• Field manager: mGel reservoir stimulation for increased oil recovery at Gullfaks C including: Qualityassurance of treatment, photographing onsite and reporting• Application to ONS innovation award (Was nominated to the award)• Articles published at OTC (Offshore & Energy) and ONS (Scandinavian oil and gas magazine)• Representation at IOR 2006 in Tulsa Oklahoma (SPE)• PowerPoint designing for sales meetings and reporting• Presentation for potential customers in Aberdeen• Contact developing (Gained 15 business meetings with oil companies such as Maersk oil, Ventureproduction, CNR international, Amerada Hess in Aberdeen and Talisman-Energy in Stavanger over a shortperiod)• Marked analyzing of the British shelf (High water cut sand reservoirs)• Screening of projects including well log investigation and reservoir evaluation: Brage (Norsk Hydro),Gullfaks (Statoil)Improved Oil Recovery Chemical Company- a new IOR Chemical Solution ProviderPage17
  18. 18. - a start up based on Best of Breed from The International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS - formerRogaland Research, RF) extensive research history in the field- based in Stavanger - the oil capital in NorwayReference:Cathrine EliassenSr. reservoir engineerWintershallJørn BergelandPartnerProcom Venture1 recommendation available upon requestIncreased petroleum production engineer research consultant from IOR Chemco at Internationalresearch institute of StavangerMay 2006 - November 2006 (7 months)Project research: Optimisation of IOR Chemco`s mSand technology (chemicals for sand consolidation):Petrophystical measurements: PV, permeability, porosity and RRFwArticles:Forskning: - International Research Institute of Stavanger - is a recognised research institute with high focus onapplied research, equally owned by the University of Stavanger and the regional foundationRogalandsforskning. IRIS was established in 2006, as a result of a technical re-structuring of the ownershipof Rogaland Research.Rogaland Research was established in 1973, and the continuation of its activities in IRIS provides IRIS with along and proud history right from the start. Research activities started in the area of social science, butquickly developed to include petroleum.Today IRIS remains an independent research institute with research and research-related activities inpetroleum, new energy, marine environment, biotechnology and social science and business development.Mudlogger geologist (Petroleum engineer) at GeoservicesJanuary 2003 - December 2005 (3 years)• Functioning as Dataoperator/ Secure safe well drilling• Well monitoring: Pit volume control and gas controlPage18
  19. 19. • Maintaining sensors and repairing equipment• Reporting of geology• Geology: Catching samples, lithology analyze, cuttings and cavings description and calcimetry analysis andcore handling• Logistics: Sending equipment and samples onshore.When working for Geoservices I was working indirectly for Lars Johan Skjold (Statoil) many times. When hewas coming to our working area he asked me for the answer to the geological interpretation. He also told methat the best geologists were engineers because we described what we could see. The geologists weredescribing what they thought they could see.My leader Arie Romer wrote the following about me: Sigve has executed his work tasks to our fullsatisfaction and therefore we give him the best recommendations.Geoservices is the industry leader in mud logging, focusing on drilling support and formation evaluation.Decision-ready information about well status is helping to drill better wells more efficiently. Timely andmore accurate information on reservoir fluid composition and lithology is detecting pay zones that wouldotherwise be missed, assisting well placement, revealing reservoir connectivity and compartmentalization,and guiding critical decisions.Drilling SupportObtain improved quality and higher level of analysis of surface data—including drilling speed, vibrations,hole cleaning, and early kick detection—to enhance safety and optimize drilling operations.Formation Evaluation ServicesUse analysis of rock cuttings and gas in the drilling mud for understanding formation geology, efficienthydrocarbon detection under all conditions including in deepwater and harsh environments, downhole fluidcharacterization, early information on reservoir fluid composition, lithology logs, and isotope logging.1 recommendation available upon requestML geologist consultant from Geoservices at BP2005 - November 2005 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Ula (7/12-A-5 B & 7/12-a-05b-t2)Ula (Norwegian: Ulafeltet) is an offshore oil field located in the southern Norwegian section of North Seaalong with Gyda, Tambar and Tambar East fields making up the UGT area, usually attributed to DONGEnergys main areas of exploration and production activity. The Ula field was discovered in 1976 and cameonline in October 1986. It contains confirmed 69.98 million m3 of oil and 2.5 million of NGL.OwnershipPage19
  20. 20. BP is the operator of the field with 80% of interest in the project. BPs partner DONG Energy holds 20% ofinterest. DONG Energy increased its initial share of 5% to 20% by acquiring Svenska Petroleums completeshare of 15% for $130 million in 2008.ProductionUla is located in approximately 70 m (230 ft) of water. The main reservoir stands at 3,345 m (10,974 ft) in theUpper Jurassic Ula Formation. The field has three conventional steel facilities with production, drilling, livingquarters. It has 7 production and 2 water injection wells. Current production at Ula field is 10,000 bbl/d. Theexisting gas process plant was recently extended with a new module, turbin and compressor and has beenoperative since 2008. The gas from Blane field is injected into the Ula reservoir for production. The gasproduced at Ula field is re-injected into the field for increased recovery as well. The field is expected to beabandoned in 2028. The produced oil is then transported by a pipeline to Ekofisk oil field and on to Teessidefor refining. In 2009, Aker Solutions was awarded a contract to tieback Ula field to Oselvar field. The work isexpected to commence in 2011. Once complete, the oil from DONG-operated Oselvar field which is 24kilometres (15 mi) from Ula will be pumped to facilities at Ula for processing.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at BP2005 - November 2005 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Vallhall IP (2/8-G-10 T3 & 2/8-G-11-T4/TS)DevelopmentValhall is an oil field located in 70 metres of water. The field was originally developed with three facilities,but has now 8 platforms.The Valhall complex consists today of six separate steel platforms for quarters, drilling, wellheads,production, water injection, combined process- and hotel platform respectively. These platforms arebridge-connected. In addition the field has two unmanned flank platforms, one in the south and one in thenorth, both around 6 kilometers from the field center.The Drilling Platform (DP)Situated between QP and PCP. It has 30 well slots, waste injection and a drilling rig. The platform started itsactivity on 17 December 1981, at that time with the first covered derrick. The derrick and drilling foundationwere removed during summer 2009 and a separate program for plug and abandonment is under development.The Production Platform (PCP)The final shut in of the platform took place late July 2012 and the production now takes place on the newprocess and hotel platform The original PCP platform was built to process 168,000 barrels of oil and 350million cubic feet of gas per day. The platform is 65 meters high and weighs 21,000 tons. The oil productionPage20
  21. 21. is piped to 2/4-J at the Ekofisk Center and goes to Teesside in England. The gas is transported directly viaNorpipe pipeline to Emden in Germany. The platform also processes oil and gas that comes from Hod.The Wellhead Platform (WP)Installed in April 1996 and first oil production started in June the same year. WP has 19 well slots. Total cost,including drilling of the wells, is approx. 1,5 billion NOK.ML Geologist consultant from Geoservices at Norsk Hydro2005 - October 2005 (less than a year)Wellbore historyWell 6605/8-1 is an exploration well on a Late Cretaceous Lysing prospect situated on the western flank ofthe Fles North rotated fault block structure in the Vøring Basin outside Mid Norway. The primary objectivewas to test the presence of movable hydrocarbons in the Lysing prospect. A secondary objective was toinvestigate the reservoir potential of the Nise FormationOperations and resultsWildcat well 6605/8-1 was spudded in 838 m water depth with the semi-submersible installation TransoceanLeader on 14 June 2005 and drilled to TD at 4513 m in Late Turonian sediments of the Lange Formation.Operations went without significant technical problems. No shallow gas or shallow water flow was observed.The well was drilled with spud mud down to 2500 m and with KCl/Polymer/Glydril mud from 2500 m to TD.The well penetrated the main target at 4184 m, a 70 m thick Lysing Formation deep-water turbidite sand ofEarly Coniacian age. Gas was recorded from 4180 m. There were two gas zones separated by a water zone.The upper zone had gas down to a free water level inferred at 4221 m (4193 m TVD MSL). The lower gaszone, at 4253 m, was very thin and was approximately 20 bar overpressured compared to the upper zone. Gasshows were also encountered in Early Campanian Nise siltstone at 3064 m and a deeper Lysing sandstoneunit at 4354 m.One 9 m long core was taken in the interval 4190-4199 m in the upper Lysing reservoir. It containedsandstones interbedded with thin mudstone layers. MDT fluid samples were taken at 4230.55 m (water),4231.4 m (water), 4209.4 m (gas), 4211.86m (gas), and at 4253.5 m (gas which gave a dark brown/blackliquid when flashed). An MDT run in cased hole after the DST and almost 3 weeks after the last mudcirculation gave a maximum temperature of 146 deg C at 4230 m. This was believed to be close to the trueformation temperature.The well was perm. abandoned 22 October as a gas discovery.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at StatoilApril 2003 - September 2005 (2 years 6 months)Rig worked on:Statoil:Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Deep Sea Trym (34/10-4-2H (Gullfaks sør) & 24/10-M-3BH)Transocean Searcher (15/9-E-3H, 15-9-E-1H, 15/9-E-4H (Sleipner) & 6506/12-Q-2H (Åsgard))Snorre B (34/4-1-1H & 34/4-K-7 H)West Navigator (6507-3-4)Page21
  22. 22. Stena Don (6608/10-B-4BH)Borgland Dolphin (34/10-F-2 Y1H & 3-1/11-A11 (Gullfaks sør))Gullfaks Sør is located just south of Gullfaks in the northern part of the North Sea. The field is developedwith a total of 12 subsea templates tied back to the Gullfaks A and Gullfaks C Gullfaks Sør is developed intwo phases. PDO for Phase 1 included the extraction of oil and condensate from the 34/10-2 Gullfaks South,34/10-17 and 34/10-37 Rimfaks Gullveig. PDO for Phase 2 was approved in June 1998 and includedproduction of gas from the Brent Group in the Gullfaks Sør deposit.West Alpha (6506/11-P-3 H) Kristin fieldKristin platform was installed in the field in March 2005, and production from the field started on 3.11.2005.Today, 12 wells in production. Full production was reached in 2007 with a daily production rate of approx. 18million Sm3 gas and condensate daily rate of approx. 17000 Sm3Sleipner A (15/9-A-23 A, 15/9-A-19 & 15/9-A19T2)The Sleipner gas field is a natural gas field in the North Sea, about 250 kilometres (160 mi) west ofStavanger, Norway. Two parts of the field are in production, Sleipner West (proven in 1974), and SleipnerEast (1981).The field produces natural gas and light oil condensates from sandstone structures about 2,500metres (8,200 ft) below sea level. It is operated by Statoil. The field is named after the steed Sleipnir in Norsemythology.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at StatoilApril 2003 - September 2005 (2 years 6 months)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells: Snorre B (34/4-1-1H & 34/4-K-7 H)Snorre is an oil platform in Block 34/4 on the Snorre field in the North Sea. The platform was built by AkerStord and started production in June 2001.Snorre B is an integral semisubmersible drilling, production and accommodation platform, located aboutseven kilometers north of Snorre A. The produced oil is transported by pipeline to Statfjord B for storage andexport. Some of the gas is reinjected into the reservoir, while the rest is piped to the Prime Pipe system viaSnorre A.The platform was originally operated by the Norwegian Hydro and now operated by Statoil.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at Talisman Energy2004 - 2004 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Gyda oil and gas field (2/1-A16 AY1 & 2/1-A16 AY1/T2)Gyda is an offshore oil field located in the southern Norwegian section of North Sea along with Ula, Tambarand Tambar East fields making up the UGT area, usually attributed to DONG Energys main areas ofexploration and production activity.[2] The Gyda field was discovered in 1980 and started producing on June21, 1990. The field contains confirmed 39.6 million m3 of oil and 6.6 billion cubic meter of natural gas.Page22
  23. 23. Ownership:Talisman Energy is the operator of the field with 61% of interest in the project. The full share was bought byTalisman Energy in 2003 from the previous operator, BP for $82 million.[3] Partners of Talisman Energy,DONG Energy and Norske AEDC AS (NAEDC),owned by Arabian Oil Company (AOC), hold 34% and 5%interest in the project, respectively. holds 34%. Capital spending on Gyda was expected to be $131 million.Production:Gyda is located in approximately 66 m (217 ft) of water. The main reservoir stands at 4,000 m (13,000 ft) inthe Upper Jurassic Ula Formation. The field has one conventional steel facility with production, drilling,living quarters. Gyda currently produces an average of 10,000 bbl/d (1,600 m3/d). The field also producesexcessive amount of water making the oil production stable. Due to the difficulties, the production licensewas extended to 2018. Several new wells are currently being drilled. The produced oil is transported by apipeline to Ekofisk oil field and on to Teesside for refining.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at ENI2004 - 2004 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the well:Ocean Vanguard (6406/1-3 (Erlend))The drilling rig Ocean Vanguard had to spend almost the entire winter Vestbase. After of runs ofan anchor chain last December had the rig immediate needs for repairs. Mishap occurred during drilling forEni well 6406/1-3 in Norwegian Sea. But never so bad that it is not good for anything.The immediate improvements gave the local industry projects for 12 -NOK 15 million, according Vestbase.Ocean Vanguard went to the field to pick up BOP and riser in end of February andreturned for further improvements. The total turnover on Vestbase for bothsojourns estimated at 20 - NOK 25 million. The rig will shortly publish on behalf of the group.Drilling HSE evaluation: The rig experienced a gain in the active pit. The mudlogger and data engineersuspected a kick and warned drill floor.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at Total E&P2003 - 2003 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Scarabeo 6 (25/5-C-1H)Total S.A. is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company and one of the six "Supermajor" oilcompanies in the world. Its businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, from crude oil and natural gasexploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, andinternational crude oil and product trading. Total is also a large-scale chemicals manufacturer. The companyhas its head office in the Tour Total in the La Défense district in Courbevoie, West of Paris.ML geologist consultant from Geoservices at ShellPage23
  24. 24. 2003 - 2003 (less than a year)Geology evaluation and supervision when drilling the wells:Deep Sea Trym (6407/9-E-2H) Draugen oil producerDraugen has the most produced approx. 225,000 barrels of oil a day. When the field was developed, therewas a planned average production of approx. 90,000 barrels a day, but the oil reservoir and the platformproved to be able to produce more.Oil is produced from a total of 11 wells, of which 6 are platform wells and 5 subsea wells. The produced oil isstored in the seven storage cells in the bottom of the concrete shaft. Crude oil is loaded via a floating loadingbuoy, about 3 kilometers east of the platform.Facts:Location: West of KristiansundBlock Number: 6407/9Operator: Norwegian ShellLicenses: Shell (26.2%), Chevron Norway (7.56%), BP Norway (18.36%), Petoro (47.88%)Discovered date: 07/09/1984Reservoir Depth 1650Produsjonsstart: October 1993Draugen gas exportsThe 10th October 2000 started exports of gas from Draugenfield. Draugenfield exports about. 1.5 Sm3 gasper day via a dedicated 78 km pipeline of 16 "(inch) attached to Asgard Transport pipeline.Ever since the start of oil production on Draugen there have been efforts to increase and prolong theproduction. Yarn West is a site entirely west of the Draugenfield containing approx. 7.5 million Sm3 ofrecoverable oil reserves. To map the area was made extensive use of 4D seismic (4-dimensional). This hasgiven very valuable information about the field and how the oil moves in the field. At the same time 4Dsesmikk information on where new wells should be placed.A / S Norwegian Shell is continuously working to create the most value of the reserves in Draugen. Thisbenefits both the owners and the community. Therefore, considering one continuous drilling of new wells toaccess the pockets of hydrocarbons that can be produced by the existing wells.Teacher at Aspervika barneskoleJanuary 2003 - January 2003 (1 month)Teaching 4. th grade children in following subjects:Page24
  25. 25. - Religion- History- Mathematics- English- Norwegian- WoodworkLaboratory Engineer (Petroleum engineer) at Reslab2002 - 2002 (less than a year)Special Core Analysis:Measurement of petrophysical data: Permeability, porosity and capillary pressure/resistivity curvesProject leader: Technical contact with customersReslab is a provider of fluid and core analysis to Oil & Gas-companies, sold to Weatherford, Inc.Geoscientist consultant (Petroleum engineer) at RoxarSeptember 2001 - 2002 (1 year)Reservoir Modelling:System helpdesk (RMS 6.2) at Oslo office/ Technical contact with customersSoftware error localization: Importing Eclipse grid files for inspection in RMS 7.0 and general bug hunting innew applications in the software at Stavanger officeRoxar ASA is an international technology company in the oil and gas sector. The companys technology helpsto improve the extraction of petroleum resources and reduced field development expenses. Owner is currentlyEmerson Electric Company.1 recommendation available upon requestSubstitute at MI Drilling fluidsAugust 2001 - August 2001 (1 month)Summer job: Mixing drilling fluids.Sven A. Iversen was my employer. Sven write following about me: Sigve Aspelund performed his workimpeccable, he has our best recommendations.Security guard at Falck Securitas2000 - 2000 (less than a year)Summer job: Security guard at Offshore Northern SeaStudents assistant at University of StavangerJuly 2000 - November 2000 (5 months)Students assistent: Mathematics 1 (Calculus/General mathematics)Summer job: Post officePage25
  26. 26. Summer job: Information workStock work at IKM laboratoriumJune 1998 - September 1998 (4 months)Summer job: Logistics: Handeling oil field equipement (Manometers, down hole temperature measurement...)My leader was Tor Audun Rusdal. He write the following about me:Sigve has been dutiful in his work at our company and solved his tasks in a satisfactory way.Security guard from Royal Norwegian Navy at NATOOctober 1997 - June 1998 (9 months)Security guard at Royal Norwegian Navy base Nato Forax at Hundvåg StavangerMenig at Royal Norwegian NavyJuly 1997 - June 1998 (1 year)Security guard @ NATO base RSD Ulsnes, Hundvåg- My leader Roger Hesjedal wrote the following words about me: The soldier is an particularly positiveperson, very cooperative, dutiful, and have performed his tasks in a very satisfactory way, and I wouldstrongly recommend Sigve Aspelund to future employers.Naval diving school Håkonsvern @ Bergen- The best candidate @ admission and my leader told me that I was one of the toughest of the divers.Menig at Harald Hårfagre navy base @ StavangerHelp works workshop at WeatherfordJune 1997 - July 1997 (2 months)Summer job: Cleaning oil drilling pipes, moving pipes with fork lift and craneI was working for Egil Hetland. The personal consultant Liv Helen Høiby wrote following: Sigve wasmanaging his work to our satisfaction and we will give him our best recommendations to future employers.1 recommendation available upon requestCoursesReservoir Engineer (Increased petroleumproduction engineer)IOR ChemcoWater shut off – Randy Seright, SPE IOR06 TulsaOklahomaPage26
  27. 27. Petroleum engineer advisor (Reservoir productiongeoscientist, drilling QHSE & risk) project managerAspelund Consulting Energy Offshore DevelopmentInternational & NationalNetworking & Introduction and advanced businessdevelopment & The economy gameSeminar: Bringing businesses from east and westtogetherHSE seminar: A safer working daySales and service & Business presentation strategySeminar: People, Planet, ProfitThe future of innovationHow to become a successful entrepreneurGet an Unfair Advantage! How to Predict the Futureand Benefit from the Current Economic SituationFacebook Changes and Social Media MarketingIntegrated Operations & Maintenance: Step Change toImprove Productivity & Mitigate Operational RiskIn the case for smarter oil & gas / Oil and Gas 2030 &BeyondBest practices on the road to smart panel discussionOptimizing Risk Management Systems and SafetyCulturePolitics: Industry course, speech and debate, Health,SamhandlingsreformenPolitics: Campaigning course and transportGeoscientist consultant (Petroleum engineer)RoxarRMS, reservoir modelling system, introductionRMS, reservoir modelling system, streamlinesRMS, reservoir modelling system, simulation gridRMS, reservoir modelling system, heterogeneityPresentation TechniqueProject risk advisorIDEA Consultants ASIntroduction to subsea technology: System overview inproductionSubsea technology: Production control systemsSubsea Technology: Processing IntroductionIntroduction to subsea technology:Page27
  28. 28. Completion/WorkoverStandardization courseSubsea: Front End EngineeringTeamcenter: Review and approveAutocad/TCESubsea technology: Introduction to MPSIntroduction to subsea technology: Connection systemIntroduction to subsea technology: Control systemsDocument review: Introduction to NDT & MRBCreate and maintain SAP project BOMSAP basic navigationCorporate compliance program & PLAN - TraincasterTutorial for Eastern Region UsersField development: Subsea technology productionsystemsIntroduction to Subsea technology: Foundations &structuresQuality, Health, Safety & Environment engineer(Petroleum engineer)Ocean RigOffshore safety course 2011 (Refresh from coursestaken in 2007 & 2003)Production Engineer (Petroleum engineer)Talisman EnergyMbal, Prosper & GAP & Gas lift coursePI process book & PI excelOil Field ManagerF.A.S.T. Fekete RTAMudlogger geologist (Petroleum engineer)GeoservicesMud logging training courseHelicopter evacuation and Statoil internal courseOffshore work permit and safe job analysis coursePrimary & secondary well control and kick sheet courseHSE training course and Basic safety and emergencyand evacuation course for Ula/ValhallData engineerPage28
  29. 29. Security guard from Royal Norwegian NavyNATOFiber optics & Excel spreadsheet & Electronics courseLanguagesEnglish (Native or bilingual proficiency)Norwegian (Native or bilingual proficiency)German (Professional working proficiency)Danish (Full professional proficiency)Swedish (Full professional proficiency)Skills & ExpertiseEclipseProsperGAPReservoir EngineeringExcelTechnical PresentationsPetroleum GeologyWell controlWater shut offOil&GasNew Business DevelopmentSales ManagementTeachingProduction engineeringDrillingPetrophysicsTechnical Project LeadershipProduction OptimizationOilPetroleum EngineeringPetroleumOnshoreSubseaReservoir ManagementFPSOSeismicFormation EvaluationPipelinesReservoir SimulationPage29
  30. 30. Well TestingReservoir CharacterizationGeophysicsGeologyPetrochemicalEnergyEngineeringLoggingEarth ScienceStimulationHAZOPSedimentologyField DevelopmentBusiness DevelopmentManagementLeadershipRisk ManagementTrusted AdvisorSubsea engineeringUpstreamGasEducationUniversitetet i Stavanger (UiS)Post-qualifying education, Reservoir engineering, 2003 - 2003Universitetet i StavangerM.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum engineering with applied science programme. Master of science(Lorenz strange attractors), 1997 - 2001FalkenSequrity guard, Sequrity, 2000 - 2000University of Bergen (UiB)Examen philosophicum (2.6) (Grades in paranthesis 1.0 is the best), 1998 - 1998Håkonsvern dykker og froskemanskoleNaval diving, 1997 - 1997Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU)Candidatus Magisterii(B. Sc.), Mathematics Physics, 1995 - 1997Bryne videregående skoleAllmennfag med fordypning i matematikk og fysikk, 1992 - 1995Activities and Societies: Tillitsvalgt 1992-1995Page30
  31. 31. InterestsHead-hunting (Generating opportunities for people), strategic simulators (football managing and Sid Meier`sCivilization), listening to music: Van der Graaf Generator, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin (topquartet). Reading: Lord of the Rings (Return of the king is my favourite part), Dan Brown, Lars S.Christensen..., Movies: Lord of the rings, matrix, thrillers, action, epic movies, historical movies...., politics.Sports: Soccer (Bryne FK)Before: Swimming in Bryne swimming club (Norwegian championship, Youth championship, areachampionship) (Was among the best swimmers born in 1976 from Norway), playing soccer, karate,tae-kwondo, jui-jutsu, land-hockey.Page31
  32. 32. Sigve Hamilton AspelundFreelancer: President, subsea petroleum engineer, exploration and reservoir production geoscientistadvisor # ACE ODIN #sigve.aspelund@lyse.net25 people have recommended Sigve Hamilton"Sigve gave an excellent talk at our conference people and the digital oilfield in Stavanger on October 20th2011, about how systems can best be designed for safety. The talk is online at"— Karl Jeffery, Conference producer, Finding Petroleum, was with another company when working withSigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International National"I have had the pleasure of knowing Sigve Hamilton for the past 5 years Sigve Hamilton is not only a smartand ambitious person but also an inspiring employee. Hard working, customer-service oriented, multi -skilledand well educated expert. Wise, loyal, intelligent and open minded Quality, Health, Safety & Environmentengineer engineer always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. For Sigve Hamilton thejob is always the most important thing to do."— Anantha Narayanan, was Sigve Hamiltons client"“I have known Sigve for more one years now and from what I have experienced & through seeing his work,his behavior toward fellow colleagues and professional way he presents himself, I can only recommend himto the highest degree. Hard working with a thirst for success but not at any price. Anyone wishing to workwith Sigve can rest assured that ... he is one of the good guys. Good luck to him in All he does. I wouldwelcome him on my team anytime."— Jvtur Tur, Worldwide Products Distribution Network - Consumer Discount Purchasing - Retail andWholesale, Global Consumer Network, worked with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & EnergyOffshore Development International National"Sigve is a detailed and incisive manager with great entrepreneurial talents. An engineer with extensiveexperience in the petroleum industry it is always instructive to work with him."— William Downey, Founder & Director of Consulting, W J Downey & Associates, was with anothercompany when working with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore DevelopmentInternational National"I highly recommend Sigve for his expertise. My words are not enough but your own experience speaks a lotto boost your heart. so hire him, work with him and be part of success."Page32
  33. 33. — Tarak Dave, was Sigve Hamiltons client"Sigve is a truly self motivated high performer who can bring a wide ranging skillset to virtually anycompany in the oil and gas industry. Ive relied multiple times on his knowledge and insights of theNorwegian sector in particular. Ive seen Sigve use his spare time to pass his knowledge along to up andcoming energy industry professionals. Sigve has the skills to make a fast transition into many positions, andany learning curve will be minimized due to his experience and academic background. Regards, John Savage"— John Savage, Account Manager, Halliburton, was with another company when working with SigveHamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International National"I enjoyed very much to meet Sigve. I believe he will represent a great value to almost any business."— Geir Ullenes, Bedriftsrådgiver Rekruttering & Omstilling, Proffice AS, was a consultant or contractor toSigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International National"Sigve is one of my favorite followers and friends in Lkdn. He understands that I try to supply valuableinformation no matter that it is unsolicited from him. But, if we are connected and I can not send him someselected by me content, and I do not get any information from him, then why we should be connected? Heacts on the contrary to others that never send anything, further refuse to say thanks for info signals and asknot getting anything from me, but they do not want to break the connection with me at the same time.. hard tounderstand! Undoubtelly, Sigve get the key to issues very fast and he will be a good partner to work!"— Jorge C. Palma, CEO, Founder, Port Engineering Consulting Group, worked directly with SigveHamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development International National"Sigve is a visionary, a true patriarch of progress. In the time Ive known him and worked with him, hisexemplary actions towards helping others is a testament to his person. I highly recommend him for anyendeavor, he is truly a one of a kind and an asset to any organization he represents. There is no cant in Sigve,he always seems to find a way to make things happen. Cheers and kudos to you Sigve!"— Junior Sanchez {LION}, CEO/President of New York Chapter, All Of Us Or None, was with anothercompany when working with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore DevelopmentInternational National"SIGVE is having lots of contacts world wide and has very good Man- Management. skills.He is multitalented person with fair knowledge of Oil industry, Software Industry & HR Recruitment industry.It is goodto know him. Venkatesh"— Venkatesh Annadevara, BDM Domestic & International Business, SIRGRACE Technologies, was withanother company when working with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy OffshoreDevelopment International National"Sigve is a person par excellence with a perfect blend of HIGH EQ AND IQ,with exceptional leadershipskills and great sensitivity.He has high business acumen and a meticulous approach,a combination whichPage33
  34. 34. enables a person to achieve good results in a short span of time with Accuracy and precision both.It was apleasure to know him personally and professionally-A Golden treasure for any company."— Shankarnarayan Ramakrishnan, Management Consultant, I-Point Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, waswith another company when working with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy OffshoreDevelopment International National"If I see linkedin benefits, sigve appears to be one of them. He is very vibrant & proactive ;always available. Ibenefitted myself with his advising, consulting & teaching & he also helped me in uderstanding Linkedin &its usage. He is very creative person & it seems to me that his brain machine is meant to generat ideas. what atalented & knowledgeable person is he. When I met him I was working at NTSA Saudi Arabia as Consultant.You name a thing & the next moment it is done...Thanks Sigve to be my partner & friend."— Farasat Saeed, Regional Project Reporting Executive, Telenor Pakistan, was with another company whenworking with Sigve Hamilton at Aspelund Consulting & Energy Offshore Development InternationalNational"Creative and intelligent with an excellent scientific bent, Sigve is also totally focused in his approach towork and pleasant to deal with."— Nirmal Sachdeva, was Sigve Hamiltons client"Sigve is a multi experienced engineer with very solid experience in many aspects related to oil and gasindustry. He really likes to socialize with other people and also has eagerness to learn new things. I wouldappreciate the chance to work with Sigve now and in the future."— Agung Ertanto, Reservoir Engineer, StatoilHydro, was with another company when working with SigveHamilton at Aspelund Petroleum Consulting"Sigve has the capabilities of a business giant. He is steadfast and dedicated to whatever he chooses todo...he strives for excellence..."— Nadira Haniff, Worldwide Independent Distributor, Xango LLC, worked with Sigve Hamilton at Xango"I had the pleasure of having Sigve as one of my engineers in OTG. Sometimes simply endorsing peoplegives not the full picture of their skills. As of beeing Sigves project manager, having a personallity like him inthe team is of incredible value. One of the projects where a new technological development from scratch, andhaving Sigve`s analytical mindset, and systematically work in the team made a huge contribution to thedevelopment. If i should do such a project again, Sigve would be one of the first i would take to the team tomake sure it is realized on time and quality."— Johannes Waarseth-Junge, project manager/ consultant, Oilfield Technology Group, managed SigveHamilton at Oilfield Technology Group"Experienced PI user at the time (2008). Fast learner who knew how to, and was not afraid to, use modern ITtools in his trade as a petroleum engineer"Page34
  35. 35. — Børre Heggernes, CTO, Amitec, was a consultant or contractor to Sigve Hamilton at Talisman-Energy"Sigve Hamilton is a hard worker, proactive and eager to learn. He can solve the problem at under pressure"— David Tobing, PE Team Leader, BP Indonesia, was with another company when working with SigveHamilton at Talisman-Energy"I worked with Sigve Hamilton in enhancing the production of oil wells through gas lift. He was veryacommendating and knowledgeable of this subject area. He is very focused and knows his reservoirs. Hisfriendly attitude made him really easy to work with. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in thefuture."— Lloyd Ragnar Burnett, Sr. Sales and Operations Adv., Petroleum Technology Company, worked directlywith Sigve Hamilton at Talisman-Energy"Sigve has a very aproachable personality and pays great attention to details in work. Always prompt to assistcolleagues and willing to put in the extra milel to get things done. I wish him well in his new undertakings."— Lee Chih Chiang, Snr Completion / Integrity Engineer, Talisman Energy, worked with Sigve Hamilton atTalisman-Energy"Sigve is a very dedicated production engineer with very high focus on optimisation to increase productionfrom our oilfields. Within our Integrated Operations initiative Sigve is a key member."— Kjell Gaute Risa, Project Lead, Talisman Energy Norge, worked directly with Sigve Hamilton atTalisman-Energy"I enjoyed interacting with Sigve when he had his office at IRIS while working for IOR Chemco."— Sigmund Stokka, Research Director, IRIS, was with another company when working with SigveHamilton at IOR Chemco"Sigve Hamilton is very enthusiastic, and creative about how to improve work results."— Lars Johan Skjold, Staff Geologist, Statoil, managed Sigve Hamilton indirectly at Geoservices"Sigve and I worked together at Roxar within the Software Solutions Business Unit, where he formed part ofthe Geoconsultancy Team that I was responsible for placing out on Consultancy Tasks with Clients. He wasalways a hard worker, who was keen to learn. I wish him all the best for his future career development."— Neil Quentin Smith, Software Sales Manager Scandinavia, Roxar, managed Sigve Hamilton indirectly atRoxar"I recommended Sigve he is clever brave smiling man easy co-operate with Regards Egil Hetland"— Egil Hetland, Coordinator, Weatherford, managed Sigve Hamilton at WeatherfordPage35
  36. 36. Contact Sigve Hamilton on LinkedInPage36