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Pitch improvment


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Pitch improvment

  2. 2. FILM OUTLINEA student teen has recently into the a new house, where a wife had past away a fewyears ago . The husband of wife that passed away still makes unknown visits to thehouse to re-visit the memories he had with is wife. He doesnt like any one movinginto the house and therefore does various things to keep the tenants away. What he does in unknown and does very secretly. Because the girl has moved in to the house, the man the waits for the right time and tries to get rid of her with out anyone suspecting anything. This girl is unaware of the things that happens.
  3. 3. FILM OPENING•The girl has moved into a house recently•The man finds out that someone new has moved, he tracks her every move• He eventually gets into the house with out her knowing while she is upstairsputting on her make up•He take a look around the house•The girl is still un aware of the man in her house•Girl gets a text, and goes to check it•She hears a noise coming from down stairs and goes to check out what it is•The man hides behind door waiting for the right moment•The man then grabs the girl by the mouth and drags her out of the room(THROUGH OUT THE OPEING THE MAN FACE IS NOT SHOWN)
  6. 6. LOCATION& PROPSLOCATIONS-There are two main set scenes, one outside on a typical street in London andthe other setting a council flat. We will be filming in Rebecca’s flat in Hackney,and the street location will be Angel, IslingtonPROPS-As we will be filming indoors our props are already in place.Extra things needed will be basic things such as, mobiles, make-up, keys theseare props that we can easily get
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE • We believe that due to the storyline the most relatable age for our thriller is 15 – 21• 15 – 21 is a good target audience age as it is relatable to many teenagers living and growing up in London in council flats • With a unisex target audience we can create a wider range of viewers • Films alike our Action – Thriller are; Attack the block • Our film genre is a thriller. Sub-genres are Action-Thriller •
  8. 8. RISK ASSESSMENT Risk Assessment (Hazards, Health and safety) A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment. When filming on the street there are many hazards that can pose a threat to life and property for example the equipment that is given to us is at risk of being stolen or damaged so a lot of care and awareness must be used at all times, also another health hazard would be the roads which are dangerous as pedestrians are prone to accidents like being hit by a car or even causing a car crash. Now when filming in a home there are also hazard that pose a threat to life andproperty like stairs filming on the stairs maybe an important aspect of ones thriller opening so filming on the stairs can lead to equipment dropping down stairs and being damage or persons dropping down stairs causing injury so being careful must be assured at all times even when filming indoors.
  9. 9. SKILLS AUDIT * How to use a tripod * How to attach a camera to the tripod * How to use the camera e.g. zoom, focus, adding the memory cards etc.* How to use the still camera and add pictures to the blog•How to blog e.g. tagging names, adding photos and videos •How to edit videos using Final Cut Pro
  10. 10. PRELIMINARY IDEAS FOR SOUNDFor sound we have decided to use non diegetic sound such as the background music of intense fast beat music Also diegetic sound such as foot steps, the sound of a text alert etc