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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. Film Openings  A mood is set within the film opening, we used a red echo effect with a very low contrast to make the audience feel intrigued and wanting to understand whats going on. The black and red used represent blood and mystery, which relates to our thriller genre and spy sub-genre.
  2. 2. Pace   Our openingWe have a variety of paces within our opening, however, majority of it ismedium, this is so that at tense parts we are able to switch easily to fast pacedand slower paced for important scenes, this allows the audience to feel differentemotions throughout the film.
  3. 3. Location & Character  We set the opening locations by showing shots of London. We shot big ben, the London eye, china town, Trafalgar square and many more. For the narrative we based it in kings cross St. Pancras so we showed the outside and inside so the audience was familiar with the surroundings. We filmed our characters in these places to show a journey and adventure which will be expanded on in the film.
  4. 4. Titles  We used the font Heroin 07, because its very bold and stands out, however it has a weathered effect which makes it slightly unclear and creates a creepy effect, this mirrors our theme by making it seem rough and well-rounded We made the colour of the text white against the red and black background so it will stand out more and people would be able to read it. However, the text goes by a little bit too fast which is something we’d change if we could go back to it.
  5. 5.  Conventionally the Idents come first and then the title of the film is displayed, we stuck to this as it fit what was going on in the film more, the title came up at a very effective place.We then moved on to the stars of the filmstarting with the most important on their ownscreen and others sharing a screen.
  6. 6. We looked into the smaller details of the titles making sure we got all theconventional jobs accounted for, we ended on the two main titles to make surethey’re remembered the most which are the writers and director.This is effective because it’s a well known layout and makes sure everyone islisted in a certain order.