MLS118 Session 1 July 2011


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Original presentation and scaffolding in Google Presentation. This is just a backup for curious individuals who might want to see how I facilitate a course on enabling change with ICT.

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MLS118 Session 1 July 2011

  1. 1. MLS118: Session 1Planning, Articulating, Leading and Sustaining Change with ICT
  2. 2. Outline1. Getting to know you2. Getting to know Edmodo, QR codes3. Setting expectations4. GBL as a means to an end
  3. 3. Whos who● Instructor information ○ Dr Ashley Tan ○ Head/CeL ○ NIE5-B2-24 ○ ○ Other contact information● MxL information● Participant information ○ Your name ○ Interesting tid-bit ○ Survey data
  4. 4. Edmodo ● Purpose: Social learning ● Interface and features
  5. 5. Change the notification settings (select all)
  6. 6. Edmodo mobile Mobile app version of Edmodo
  7. 7. Edmodo use1. Announcements/Notifications2. Sharing assorted resources3. Assignment submission
  8. 8. Edmodo hands-on1. Change settings2. Reply to my wall entry ○ Share an interesting tid-bit about yourself! ○ What are you hoping to gain from this course?1. Start your own wall entry, e.g., a note with URL, a poll2. Explore mobile app
  9. 9. QR codes1. Install i-nigma QR code reader on your smartphone2. Read this code3. Use in GBL stations later
  10. 10. Setting expectations1. Duration of each session2. Course philosophy ○ Teaching ≠ Learning ○ Serendipitous learning ○ Social learning1. Co-writing and presenting ○ Team A: Planning ○ Team B: Articulating ○ Team C: Leading ○ Team D: Sustaining2. Build on an initial reading3. Course outline4. Assignments5. Participation & absence Used under CC licence from
  11. 11. Game-based learning ● Rationale: Shared experience from which to extract principles of change ● Duration: Three sessions ● Strategies ○ Station-based learning (in MxL) ○ Mobile gaming (OTOT)
  12. 12. Game-based learning● Questions to answer 1. Why do you think you were asked to play these games? 2. What might students learn from such games? 3. How might teachers incorporate such games into teaching? 4. How might teachers integrate GBL into their teaching without playing games? 5. What do these games have to do with change?● Answer these question over the next few weeks (make your own copy of this Google Doc)
  13. 13. Whats next?● Form teams A-D for PALS● Play Angry Birds and Tiny Tower on your smartphone at your leisure Used under CC licence from
  14. 14. One-minute paper Used under CC licence from Reflect on what you learnt or thought about at todays session2. In Edmodo, share something on one or more of the following ○ What you think you learnt ○ What you are most excited about ○ What you are most concerned about